even the site of the haul makes me a little anxious... this load was close to the end at our old house...
my seriously pinterest worthy fourth of july creation... it's what i do.
my favorite new pictures: my dad and parker in nj.  i'm so glad i brought my camera over.
and parker thought pool bands would be best around his legs.
birthday balloons for the big three-year old.
legos, legos, all the time legos.
william and his friend chillin' in parker's present while he naps.  
best $30 ever spent.  here at target.  we got him a few pool toys to go with and called it good.
he couldn't been happier.  big kids were in it all day too!
in lieu of birthday cake, we took a nighttime bike ride to parker's favorite popsicle place and got his favorite: strawberries and cream.  he was thrilled.

we're getting out of the fog of moving and it's good, really good.  we had the lowest key birthday for parker yesterday.  balloons in the morning, a pool before and after nap, burgers for dinner (his favorite), and a trip for a popsicle.  it was simple and he was so happy.  and i was oddly unemotional about it which was a seriously welcome break from my usual.  you know, making everything an emotional thing.  we also have internet as of yesterday afternoon... hooray!  and i'm actually making dinner in my kitchen and setting the table to usher in normalcy as quick as i can.  pesto pasta one night, burgers and caprese salad another.  it feels really good to sit around a table and eat together after all the upheaval recently.

now what?  hopefully we'll have some summertime relaxing.  we could use some of that.

hope you guys are having great summers wherever you are!


  1. Such sweet pictures and I still can't believe Parker is 3 already...I know, cliché thing to say but I just can't!!! Been thinking about you and hoping you are all settling in nice and it sounds like it so yay to a little summer relaxing and enjoying your new home! Plus those built ins and all those books....divine!!!

    1. i can't either liz!!

      and thank you!

  2. LOVING that first photo -- too sweet. Glad things are settling down!

  3. We moved right before Henry's first birthday and I seriously don't know how I managed to throw together (the lamest) birthday party for him. In a way, it was kind of nice because I think birthday parties can get REALLY out of hand (cake/ice cream and presents are really all a kid needs).

    Good job getting out of the moving fog! Moving is SO HARD.

    1. i agree! sometimes the pressure to have that perfect bday party (especially the first!!) is too much. it was nice to have a low key one with one present--he was the happiest!

      and moving is freaking haaaaaaard, amen.

  4. Can I move in please? ;) - the kitchen, the built ins, all those books - it looks really dreamy. I didn't write it for quite a long time, but I love your pictures (and still your writing of course ;) )
    Parkers birthday sounds really nice to me and I wish you all some relaxing summer days, august is yet to come!

  5. Love that pool! We go through about three a summer. My son and his friends put it through the ringer.

  6. Happy third birthday to Parker! I've been reading since before he's was even in your belly! I am really anticipating the post when you'll share whether your amazing crew is getting a little brother or a baby sister! Best wishes to all of you in this very exciting season!

  7. Happy belated birthday to Parker! Kudos to you all for gracefully celebrating in the midst of settling into your new home.

  8. That pool has been a lifesaver at our house this summer. All three of my girls ages 6-10, love it. They would play all day long if I let them.


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