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Thursday, April 3, 2014

// this simple kitchen
// this article
// this cd
// this blog debut (i've missed her)
// this dreamy fair
// this beautiful post
// this snack tray, what fun
// this incredible diy
// these fun summer sandals
// these old italy posts (i'll be back for you again!) 


  1. great links, thanks for sharing! love that white kitchen!

  2. new Beck = YES, a million times yes. (Definitely not a pump you up type of mix but it'll do quite well with a glass, or two, of wine) Thanks for the links!

  3. Rachel Evans wrote a different article that was really witty and relateable a few months ago about why millennials are leaving the church. You should google it. It's a good read that may have you nodding your head in agreement. And that looks magical.


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