Temp's rising.

Friday, April 11, 2014

{jeans: nordstrom}
{shoes: zappos}
{top: f21}
{hat: f21}
{necklace: haiti's jewels}

So yesterday, it got up to about 60° and in this state, that means flip flops and ice cream.  At least for a lot of people.  Let's be honest, 60° in July is not going to have us all racing to the nearest ice cream shoppe for a scoop of our favorite, but somehow when it's April, and we haven't seen a temperature that starts with a 6 in months, it makes us all pretend it's summer.  Then, we catch a chill due to our improper attire and get colds and curse our not-quite-spring-almost-summer weather.  Happens to me almost every single year without fail.

I skipped the flip flops but not the ice cream this time.

(An aside: Forever21 is killing it right now in the bohemian/peasant tops department.  Tons and tons of options, if those tops are your thing.)


  1. Great blog. Sorry, I've read it for awhile now but never really comment. I just put in an online F21 order though and got two little boho/peasant tops. I love that style and couldn't have been more pleased with the selection.

  2. those 7's. daaaamn girl. you wear them like you're doing them a favor.

  3. I'm just so ready for the warm weather. My ankles are just so ready to be unveiled. GIVE ME THE WARM!

  4. Love this outfit....I want the whole thing like yesterday! Yay for spring temps, it's been almost 60 all week here and I have been loooooving it....oh warm weather how I have missed you!!! Happy Friday!!!

  5. I love this! I am so jealous of your 60 degrees, my kids built a snowman in the front yard yesterday!! I am so over it, I was over it four months ago! But I agree, forever 21 is killing it in so many areas lately :)

  6. I am just dying laughing over this post. Here I sit in cropped jeans and a t-shirt in 60 degree Washington weather and am so incredibly sick. Maybe, just maybe, I got too excited for these clothes!

  7. You're adorable, you really are.

  8. You are the prettiest! I just realized I totally need red chucks.





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