a happy list.

Monday, March 24, 2014

a happy list:
// setting a table and serving dinner to my mom and dad; something so full circle and lovely about it
// talking to nathaniel about shows he and i are both watching that steve thinks are stupid (walking dead); and i do get what steve's saying and judge myself a little every time a zombie comes on but have gotten myself semi-hooked so...
// michael jackson.  i've been listening to him a lot lately?
// apple izzes
// having more sunlight through the day.  it's like we're all coming out of hibernation (but are supposed to get some snow on wednesday???).
// having a girls' lunch with lindsey on sunday.  it was just the two of us which is soooo rare.
// how parker and lindsey got in a little spat this week (parker's fault, i'm quite certain) and separated from each other, then a full thirty minutes later, parker turned to her and said sorry.  like, it was still on his mind and he wanted to apologize.  it was so sweet.
// clean sheets and a bed that's made
// concert tickets and summer plans
// old-fashioneds; i discovered, thanks to my friend laura, i sort of like bourbon?
// this sweet, somewhat melancholy video i took (but i missed the best moment--william totally slipping and falling on his butt right in the middle of the huge puddle!!) 
// chocolate haagen dazs ice cream
// gifts of oranges and chocolates from the sweetest reader from california to brighten our dreary never ending winter (thank you kat!!)
// good girl friends and diner lunches
// tangled.  i tweeted this, but in case you're not on twitter... i just think it beats frozen and i apologize to those who i've offended.  we watched it on friday night--first time since parker's been born i think?--and i had forgotten how good it is.
// my family.  oh how i love them.


  1. That picture of your mom and Parker on the couch with the light coming in the window is fab! And you have a wonderful happy list :)

  2. I have a hard time choosing between Tangled and Frozen. I like the storyline of Tangled better but the music in Frozen is amazing. But Flynn Ryder is my disney hunk of choice. Good thing we own both and watch them on a daily rotation so I will never have to really choose a favorite. : )

  3. love number one! great list ;)

  4. I really love that sweet and simple video and you always, always pick the best songs to accompany your videos....perfection! Parker telling Lindsey he's sorry a half hour later, sweet, sweet boy! And my girls and I are Frozen addicts like I think we may need help soon before my husband sends us all to the loony bin, ha.....I have to say though I have never watched the full movie, Tangled!

  5. I wanted to shout "Amen!" when I got to your comment about "Tangled." I thoroughly enjoyed "Frozen" but I think the supporting characters were better in "Tanged" and I just love the music too.

  6. Your photos belong in magazines.

  7. How cute is that last pictures?!!! And I am with you on the walking dead...I can't turn away. Totally addicted to watching it now, which I never thought I'd say because I have never been a huge fan of zombies. But sure enough I will be glued to the TV on sunday night!

  8. Reading this list made me happy. Also, please frame that last photo of your mom and Parker :) xo

  9. Your little guy is so hip. I want to take lessons from him on how to be effortlessly cool.

    Happy happy list!


  10. Your mom and Parker....boy those are strong genes. You look so much like her. She's a beauty. Her skin & features flawless...LUCKY YOU!!!!! And...Lance is hooked on the Walking Dead too. I watched the first few seasons, but I just can't do it anymore. We live IN THE BOONIES and when I have to take the dog out in the middle of the night I picture those zombies coming at me! I CAN"T TAKE IT!!!!!

  11. hi bridget,
    i love your list and your video. i am a recent follower - come from chelsea at yours truly. i used to blog long ago but haven't been capable of returning since the birth of my second child. i'm an avid instagrammer though - and am following you there too. i'm nunubot123 in case you wondered. anyways, i thought i'd drop you a line. love your blog and thoughts. your parker is a cutie and i love your love story. i made your bolognese the other day and it was delicious! i'll be back for more recipes. i noticed you were wearing a sling in the video and wondered which one it is. my boy is 2 and still loves to be held but grew out of my serenity sling long ago. if you have the time, would love to know... and, did you edit your video on vimeo? it's awesome. love the reflections. xo - anushka


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