happy valentine's day!

Friday, February 14, 2014

happy valentine's day, friends!

i know, i know, some people have downright animosity aimed at this day stuck in the middle of february and i get it but hear me out.  at the very least, it's a day to be reminded that we love one another, that we are loved.  surely by someone, to someone.  and, at least in this part of the world, mid-february need something.  february through march are one big gray and slushy mess here in massachusetts.  the days just run into one another and outside is a steady white and you're not sure up from down.  a couple chocolates, a handful of conversation hearts, and some red balloons are a little gift to shake things up.  oh, and girl scout cookies.  they arrive right on time.

a few things i love right now:
// samoas, of course.  and has anyone ever tried their hand at the homemade samoas that i've seen pop up on pinterest at least two dozen times?  are they worth the trouble or are they just a poor, pathetic attempt at the real thing?
// this post by my friend kate which is, in a way, apt on a day such as today.  i was going to share my favorite line but then realized that would be the entire post so just go read it.
// this book.  we got it out at the library the other day, it was a childhood favorite, and i remember why. the best.
// watching the kids sled down a small hill we have in our backyard.  you can see it from the kitchen window, right above the sink, and it's a sweet scene.
// my newest playlist.  it's good!
// strawberries.  they feel especially decadent in the dead of winter (and a nice mix-up from the normal potatoes and carrots and parsnips and other booooring winter produce)
// this cool diy from my friend sara's blog.  i haven't tried it yet but i am all about the painting-on-clothes.
// this 'friday i'm in love' shirt.  fun shirt, fun song.  i love a good cure line.
// the way steve and i sometimes look at each other and say, half a statement, half a question, mostly joking, "i think we have a good marriage, don't you think we have a good marriage?"
// an impromptu family movie (captain phillips!  and i still stand by my oscar nominations!) yesterday afternoon with william and lindsey.  they had a snow day, and parker was napping, so steve grabbed it at the red box and i made popcorn.

you got any fun valentine's day plans?  i'm hosting a playdate today.  the kids are making valentine's crafts, and yogurt parfaits, and things are gonna get craaaazy.

have a nice weekend!


  1. so nice that someone isn't poo pooing valentine's day. there are so many things that i love and i appreciate about my life and my family, thanks for reminding us:)


  2. Mmmm strawberries. My ultimate favorite. Tonight is for cooking dinner and baking pie. Tomorrow is for the movies. I'm. So. Excited.

  3. I've been listening to your playlist all morning. You were right, it is a good one! Thanks! :)

  4. I *LOVED* the Jolly Postman books as a kid, especially around Christmas time (I think there was a special Christmas one at one point?). I was super bummed a few years ago when I came home during a break from college to find out they had been thrown out after somehow getting water damaged in the attic. Guess I need to buy them again!

  5. Abbie Cyr and I have been talking about those pinterest samoas. I too want to know if someone has tried them.

  6. Happy Valentine's Day to you! I tend to look the same. Love is such a nice thing to recognize and celebrate... preferably with strawberries. I spent this past week loving the heck out of them, too.

  7. I've done the homemade Samoas and it is NOT WORTH IT. Seriously, they took me hours to finish and the caramel wouldn't drizzle over the cookies right and they ended looking like crap. They still tasted pretty good, but not worth it for all the trouble. Maybe you are better than me, though!

    1. i'm glad you told me. they look like a lot of work. i guess i can wait for the once-a-year girl scout cookies. they're probably especially delicious BECAUSE they're once a year!

  8. Oops! The Kate post link isn't working :)

    1. that is the weirdest thing. i've tried to fix it twice now and it's still acting funny - it's here though! http://www.motleymama.com/2014/02/11/when-love-is-like-a-river-and-other-terrible-cliches/

  9. Happy V-Day!!! We don't really do anything on this day of days...but I did go to Target with only one child instead of three, so that was kind of a treat :)

  10. i always make the "lazy samoas" from vegan cookies invade your cookie jar. they're not exactly the same as the real thing (there's no caramel or shortbread) but they aren't too fussy and they're still full of chocolately/coconutty deliciousness.

  11. Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you so much for posting that book. I had received those two books from Scholastic Book Club when I was little and I read them every day. When I moved, I somehow misplaced them or accidentally donated them and I couldn't for the life of me remember the name. They are now in my Amazon cart. Thank you for making my day!


  12. I love your playlists! Thanks for sharing!


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