Sunday, February 17, 2013

really (really, really!) trying to learn manual and the tulips were my subject.  
there are about a million more pictures like this one...
taking william out for ice cream when he made honor roll!  
go william!  we're really proud of him.
super parker?
we've had this chess set forever but william just brought it down from the third
floor so now it's been in regular rotation with these two...
daffodils to remind me that spring is on its way!!
(and a floating head)
these three made 'movie trailers' this weekend and i can't
wait to show some.  hilarious.
our v-day dinner spread.
we had sweet potato burritos.  soooo good, recipe to come.


  1. These are so cute! I especially love the one of you and Parker by the chalkboard!

  2. manual, good for you. and pretty flowers to boot. sounds like a win, win to me!

  3. I love these photos! What kind of camera do you use?

    Thanks so much for sharing! Love following your blog.


  4. your top is so cute in the sitting down one!! where is it from? & parker's sleepy hair...the cutest.

  5. Loved these pics. I love little snipits of peoples daily lives!! I also really want to learn manual on our camera.
    Loved your Vday spread. So cute with the balloons!

    Happy Sunday Bridget:)

  6. love your valentine's day spread! so festive! and that sleepy picture of parker in the crib is pretty precious.

    hope y'all have a good week!

  7. Parker is too damn old. And I'm envious of your house. It looks so homey, but still so beautiful.

  8. life lately looks fun and happy! nice v-day spread!

  9. What camera/lens do you have? I'm after 4 years trying to start shooting on manual, it's Hard!

  10. I love the way Parker is sitting in the second to last picture. So casual. Maybe it's the footie pajamas that make it so adorable :)

  11. Love your decor for Vday - so sweet...

  12. You take stellar photos. Just so you know.

  13. People always make fun of me and the thousands of pictures I take of the same thing, but that's the only way I got the hang of manual. It was tedious but oh so worth it. Rock on, sister!

  14. I'm still working on the whole manual effort... Baby steps, baby steps.

    And Parker, oh Parker, you keep getting cuter! Love how his big brother and sister love him so!

  15. From one photog to another I love your photos. What beautiful flowers too!

    Bonnie Rose
    The Compass Rose

  16. i want to be adopted into the fam

  17. Nice photography skills Bridget! You should see the beginning iPhoto files FULL of "tulip pictures" on my computer. Thank goodness for digital!

  18. @brandilyn, thank you! that's a sweater from h&m... but at this point it was prob 7 years ago when i bought it!

    @tales of a young mamma, after saving forever--canon 5dm2 and 24-70 lens... way more equipment then i know what to do w/ at this point but i'm incredibly excited about photography!

    @jackie, thanks lady!!

    @bonnie rose, thank you so much!

    @haley, ohhh he's such a casual little chap, that parker...

  19. Hi Bridget! What wonderful pictures, looks like you all are enjoying the winter!
    I am looking into highchairs for our baby thats due in April, and I really like the Keekaroo from what I have read, but what are your thoughts on it?

  20. @sonja, congratulations! so, i really like it, like the look of it, all that... my only complaint is that i wish it were a one-handed removal for the tray. weird, but true. so often you have a baby in your arms, and the tray is a two-handed removal which always bothers me... the stokke is similar lookswise but might be one handed removal in case that seems like a deal-breaker to you. these days though we just pull parker up to the table so it doesnt matter...

  21. You did a good job playing with that manual setting, it's so fun, huh? I love getting a glimpse inside you life through your blog, it is fascinating and fun and your health posts have BLOWN my mind. Love!

  22. Yah! Manual! It is so worth the time spent learning it. When we learned how to manually control the white balance, it blew my mind and totally changed our photos. Also, it just sounds way more awesome to say, 'I shoot manual'.

  23. P's face in the kiss picture...DEAD.

  24. Parker looks just like your husband. I'm curious what a sweet potato burrito is...

  25. @because of jackie, SO glad you like the health posts. they are some of my favorites too.

    @emily, agreed. right now though i can only say 'i shoot manual but am failing miserably most of the time' :)

    @krista, you're right, he does. and recipe will be up soon!

  26. I love that you tied pink and red balloons to the chairs. I'll have to do that next year with my little one.

  27. OH! The buttercups! (dafodils)! Whatever they are! I LOVE Buttercups! There's a stretch of interstate that has them randomly placed on the sides of the road...we've called it the Buttercup road. Easton will spot them and he's so excited to point them out to me. "mommy, buttercups your favorite?" Bless. GO on Manual girl! It's awesome! I can kill it with good lighting...indoor light...not so much! Tulips are lovely though! As is the dinner spread. Can't wait to hear the recipe!

  28. I looooove the Happy <3 Day pic of you and Parker. So cute.

    Really. All your pictures. Amazing.


  29. I love the photos of him in the crib! And that chalkboard wall is to die for!

    The Hartungs Blog

  30. I dig the daffodils pic! Nice work.

    Kurt caught my "learning manual" stint on our camera once...about 57pictures of an ibuprofen Hebrew.

  31. ahhh, the art of shooting manual. I am currently learning as well, mostly I go back to my semi-manual mode though, just too hard sometimes! :) Great shots!
    Kristina x

  32. Thanks, Bridget, for your input about the highchair!


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