the bachelor: my thoughts on the girls.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

so, i figured i'd do one of these recaps every few episodes as long as i'm caught up.  and caught up i am!  so let's go!  (also, i took no notes so i'm doing this from memory.  boooring.)

thoughts on sean so far.  i'm impressed.  i hate when the guys have these awful homogenous quotes that get repeated time and time and time again.  i was afraid we were heading into brad womack's "please" territory (remember??) when sean said "you look amazing" to every girl who got out of the limo.  i mean, i don't expect that he won't tell them they look good but, i don't know, something else?!?  thesaurus, sean!  anyway, i have liked him quite a bit so far, but when he pretty much called kacie b. out for meddling with this desiree and what's-her-name nonsense i was like YES.  FINALLY.  a bachelor guy who actually has an opinion and is not afraid to voice it.

the girls.

my favorite by far.  she's taking it seriously but not so seriously that she's crying through every interview and gnashing her teeth about him being stolen from her or kissing another girl.  she should win.  alright, it's a little early to be saying that but... i like her a lot.  she seems fun and cool.  and thus far she hasn't said crap about the other girls and the girls that stay quiet on that subject always end up my favorites.

i don't know about you girl.  i agreed with sean... she seemed super charming, great smile, etc. straight out of the limo.  but since... meh.

i like her.  looks like there'll be some drama between her and an ex or current boyfriend later on?!  sean's crazy about her.  she does seem cool but, sorry, lesley still has my vote.

soooo brooding and then all, "i bring light wherever i go!" in her conversation with sean.  weirdo.  got to go.

i like her for the most part.  i don't like how she said to tierra, "you got the first rose not the first impression rose."  dumb.  accept it.  tierra pretty much scored the rose of the night.  give credit where credit is due.  anyway, beyond that, she seems sweet.  was totally cool about sharing her date with those two best friends at six flags and just seems nice overall.

kacie b.!
annoying.  i'm just not a huge kacie b. fan.  i wasn't in ben's season either.  i don't know what it is.  she's just a hot mess.  i think she's like too serious?  not fun?  what is it?  and holy make up.  i want to scrub her down.

she seemed nice buuuut i'm not sorry to see her go.  too much crying over the volleyball loss and the whole "ford model!  huge teethy grin!" BOOM, you've been let go.

she seems down to earth and cool.  i like her and i like that she asked him about dating different races.  it was a good question and i think he handled it well too.

sweetheart.  i like her a lot.  her zipline story was sad too.

tone down the lipgloss.

oh, and side note.  lesley and sean may have won the longest kiss on screen but steve and i totally win for longest kiss off screen.  boom.

alright, who are your favorites?


  1. Lesley! BY FAAARRR! Nice to see someone who actually has a sense of humor and personality!

  2. i'm a HUGE lesley fan! i love her! other then that i also like sarah and desiree.

  3. Who is wearing the David's Bridal wedding dress all up in there? That's what I want to know.

  4. @E, yeah... that was a mistake. she was really flaky the first night but since then has been semi-cool. she thought she'd make a big entrance with the dress. it nearly cost her the rose. he likes her now.

  5. Howwwww do you keep track of all their names?!
    I'm impressed.
    I'm loving Sean... And I am w you - I'm still withholding judgment on Tierra (despite her stupid name) b/c I adored her so much right away.
    Lesley is too smart for this show bug she's funny and cool so she's my number one too :)

  6. @kallah oakes, ha, i don't! i was using as a guide!

  7. So glad you're doing these again!

    I would say Lesley is my favourite too (no brainer!), although the one (apart from Lesley) I'd most like to hang out with is Robyn.

    Kacie needs to stop talking about how she is there for Sean and not to make friends (same for Tierra). We. Get. The. Picture.

    I've also noticed (maybe because I've only ever watched the Bachelorette before and not the Bachelor) that the girls seem to talk about what they want in a man/relationship a lot and not leave much time for actually getting to know the person. It seems a little counterproductive.

    (Unfortunately Sarah seems to do this the most. She seems like such a sweetheart but the fact that getting a rose validated her so much and told her that she was interesting and attractive enough for someone to want to get to know her better??? She needs to get some self confidence. She may have no arm but she is pretty and sweet and seems to be fairly intelligent!)

  8. Team Lesley! Also, that Amanda girl came out of nowhere...I don't even remember her from the first episode. But, yes, super creepy in her ability to completely change personalities. One minute scowling in the corner and the next grinning from ear to ear and talking about how positive and full of light she is..huh?!?

  9. Lesley is so awkward to watch on screen! Endless cringing from me! I like AshLee and Desiree. Has anyone else succumbed to the Reality Steve spoiler site? I couldn't help myself. No self control.

  10. we are so on the same page about these girls! i've started back up my weekly re-caps. And for the record...Dave and I tried the three minute kiss... and we were able to kiss more than a peck without letting our lips part. i'll chalk it up to 19 years of kissing experience with the same man.

    boom {with ya}

  11. I like Lesley. I think she is classy and down to earth and drama free...and i dig that about her. But for some reason I personally dont feel a connection towards here..because its about me and not sean. obviously.

    Desiree is my favorite and im pissed off inside about this bf coming in business. NO. WHY!? She looks like katie holms.

    AshLee: I like her a lot. But I dont like her for sean. She seems too serious for him...almost TOO mature..and i think sean is mature, but there is something about her? A lot of life lived maybe? I dunno. But i think she is awesome personally. And i shed a couple tears during their date. WHAT? The bachelor makes me emotional.

    Kacie B- Girlfriend is oozing desperation and it bit her in the ass

    Sarah- Such a sweetheart.

    Tierra- I think we will really see her crazy come out in the next episode because so far everyone is saying she is crazy but i havent seen like real crazy from her yet. Jurys out on the stair debacle too..staged? for real? I dont know.

  12. @georgie, i didn't check the spoiler sites! don't tell me! :)

    @megan, agreed on ashlee. everything you said makes sense.

    @april kennedy, i love that you guys did your 3 minute kiss.

  13. I like Sean! He did some major butt grabbing during that 3 minute kiss. I am definitely going to find a guy to see how long I can kiss them for (with the TONGUE!). LOL!

    I like Lesley M. and Desiree so far.

    Glad you are doing these again!

  14. leslie is my favorite, too. no question!

  15. Desiree (and I seemed to miss the part about drama with a boyfriend!) and Lesley - you're spot on about most of the girls! This is one guilty pleasure I just can't seem to kick!

  16. I agree about Lesley... super cool chick. BUT, I think Selma is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I can't wait to see more of her.

    NeNe Monster


  17. desiree!!!!!! woot woot.

    I love Lesley too, but something has me voting for Desiree!

    I so badly wanted to write a Bachelor post on my blog, but I thought I was too late to join the party. You're post has me encouraged. Maybe, I'll just bite the bullet on join in on the reality talk! :)

  18. @c jackson, i totally thought i was late to join the party, but since this is a broad recap i thought it'd be ok. do your own too!

  19. I'm a huge fan of Desiree. She so sweet and charming... how could you not like her?

    Yeah, Sean has an amazing character so far. I hope it keeps up. He might be my favorite bachelor so far...

  20. Haha, love your recaps! Was totally thinking the same thing about Kacie B's makeup, less is more!

  21. All I know is, it's finally gotten to the point where I don't feel like I have to drink when I watch it. The first episode is soo nerve-racking, I'm always so embarrassed for most of the girls!

  22. Ok I bit the bullet! :)

    Keep your Bachelor posts coming... Who can resist freely judging reality TV? NOT. ME.

  23. I love that your posting on this show again! It's my guilty pleasure and not many of my friends even know I'm super into it, haha!

    I'm a fan of Catherine, the graphic designer from Seattle! She's super pretty but hasn't gotten enough face time with Sean yet. But every time she's on a group date she seems very laid back and has a good sense of humor about the whole process.

  24. lesley here too!!!

    i shared all your same thoughts : )

    tierra drives me INSANE.

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