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Monday, January 28, 2013

{jeans: sevens}
{sweater: old}
{shirt: old navy}
{shoes: minnetonka}

It's a big day for this blog of mine.  My first linkup!  I couldn't turn down one centered around Mama Style because, well, the obvious--I'm both a Mom and someone who likes style--but more importantly, I remember those postpartum days all too well.  That strange gelatinous belly, swollen nether regions, and a foreign-to-me chest that sprung a leak every chance it got.  It was a strange time.  It didn't last forever (praise be!) but it certainly was awkward while it did.  The completely unimpressive outfit above is nearly accurate to what I might've put on, save the jeans.  Jeans come later.

A maxi skirt is so incredibly forgiving to a new Mom.  I lived in my various maxi skirts.  While everyone else thought, "Hey, look!  She's actually dressing up a bit!  Good for her, that new Mom!" I was thinking, "Stretchy waistband!  Loose fabric that doesn't grab my swollen crotch!"  Add to that, a blousey chambray shirt (closed by itself or open with a v-neck underneath) which makes for easy nursing, and a lipstick (one of my favorites colors below), and you're set.  And, really, don't underestimate the power of lipstick.  With it, I felt so much more put together, and, in turn, so much more motivated to get out of the house, make dinner, go for walks, etc.  You could say that the lipstick even cancels out the gelatinous belly.  Sure.  Does saying it make it true?

And now for the linkup part...

Today I am linking up with 9 (yes 9!) other stylish mamas to give you a little insight into what I wear and to hopefully inspire you in your own wardrobe choices! As if finding the time to get dressed and put effort into our look as mamas isn't hard enough, when this time of year comes around and the weather is cold and the mornings are frosty, it seems like it's always a little harder to get dressed for the day. Each of the hostesses will be sharing her favorite outfit and 3 items she believes must be in every mama's style arsenal and we want you to play along!

Isobel of Holdenonbaby
Casey Leigh of The Wiegands
Nicole, Emily, and Jenna of The Small Fry Blog
Cara of Cara Loren
Laura of Ascot Friday
Jen of Deep in the Hart
Anna of In Honor of Design
Bridget of Tales of Me and the Husband

1// First, head to each of the hostess' sites beginning Monday, January 28th, check out their mama style post, and follow their blog!
2// You will then link up on any ONE of the hostess' sites. Our links will be interlinked which means that your post will be displayed on all of our sites.
3// Share your own mama style outfits and tell us how your style has changed since becoming a mama. The link up will run through Friday, February 1st.
4// At the end of the link-up, we will be choosing our 3 favorite mama styles to be posted on each of our sites.

Remember: you must follow all 8 hostesses in order to participate!!




  1. you look so gorg. these might be some of my fav photos of you and parker.

  2. oh I love the look! Exactly something I would be wearing... perfect for a day with kids...

    PS you are adorable and I know I am going to love love your blog!! Just found you through the mama style link up!


  3. Hope your husband doesnt forget to treat you to whole punch of flowers on Valentine's day!

  4. PS... I love that you are from South Jersey... definitely from there as well!!

  5. helloooo hot mama! I live in tees and jeans, and love the way you styled yours. And geez your little guy is just the cutest. x

  6. You said swollen crotch. You win.

    Love these pictures. You are so pretty.

  7. i think i can officially say that parker is going through a new phase of looking all growned up these days. i can't believe how big he's getting!! starting to really look like his dad!

    and you look incredible :) i'm not a momma, but i certainly can appreciate momma's look damn good!

  8. @emily baker, i know. i say through teary eyes :(

    @e, swollen crotch ftw!

    @anna, thanks lady! tee and jeans always and forever. and thanks for the parker love.

    @dawnelle, what part of south jersey are you from?!

  9. you look fab! such a yummy mummy!

  10. Love this look! Love your headband!! Where is it from? You're a Jersey girl?! I live in Monmouth County!

  11. gorgeous little hippie momma. I love it.

  12. Hi you're the cutest. Gimme yo legs and those sweet Minnetonkas plz.

  13. @michelle, not in NJ anymore (boston area now!) but once a jersey girl always a jersey girl??? headband's from urban outfitters but years ago!

  14. You are one stylish mama!
    Your lil' boy is handsome!

    Hope you can visit my blog.

  15. P.S. I just read your reply above, I'm from MA, too, living in the South Shore.

  16. So cute! I received a pair of Minnetonkas for Christmas from my mom when I was like 13 and thought they were ugly and returned them. Oh if only I had seen their future potential and realized my style would drastically change over the next 13 years!

    P.S. Can mamas to-be join the link-up too?

  17. Love this look! I am also in love with my Minnetonka's, is there anything more comfortable? Found you on the linkup and can't wait to dig into your archives:)

  18. I was over at Casey's blog and saw you were one of the hostesses....I was SO excited! You look fabulous as always...and now I want those shoes. Can you tell me what your favorite red lipstick is???

  19. you guys look so cute! I love the headband and ripped jeans look.

  20. you are SO FUNNY. I laughed out loud at the crotch grabbing line... it is so true - no onnnnne prepares you for the awfulness of that post-partum season! Ugh.
    thanks for keepin it real, as usual! :)

  21. My friend has been raving about your blog for it's about time I visited...and by accident too! Link-ups are cool.

    I am looking forward to coming back now!

    Cheers :).

  22. @the life of poole, i say why not!

    @mary beth, can't say i have a tried and true favorite but i do know that ruby woo (mac) and heat wave (nars) are universally loved ones! good luck!

    @kallah oakes, you're welcome :)

    @camille, glad to have you!

  23. I love your headscarf. Very cool outfit!

  24. I absolutely adore the headband that you are wearing!! And your little one is so cute!!! You are one stylish mama!! xx

  25. Super cute! You and the babe(or should I say: teenager!) :)


  26. LOVE it.

    I can ONLY imagine how ridic I would look in a headwrap (band? scarf? 1/2 turban?) but I want to TRY.

    and ... your photos are the best ... makes me want to get photoshop just to copcat (and if these are unedited ... shoot me dead ... so jealous)

  27. agreed with megs comment. you are such a babe. and i love parkers jacket. did i buy it? i feel like that's something i would buy.

  28. you look pretty hot in these pictures. i want mama style like this... hell, ill just take woman style like this.

    awesome pics.


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