Stocking your natural first aid kit, volume 3.

Monday, October 22, 2012

volume 3.

oil of oregano!

ok, oil of oregano pretty much blew my mind so prepared to get your mind blown.  also, it's like half price here at this link and source naturals is a good brand soooo basically get it.

oil of oregano was another tip from my crunchy friend rita.  he got croup.  parker!  he got croup!  and i was all, "OMGWHATTODO."  well folks, it was like seriously not that bad.  i'm a spaz!  and i'm saying it was not bad!  and maybe it was a mild case or maybe oil of oregano is a friggin' miracle oil.  yes, the latter.  it is an antibiotic, antiseptic, and antiviral.  all three.

so this oil, as with like all of them, is like an iceberg.  i'll tell you the basics but holy heck!  there is so much under the surface when it comes to their multitude of uses.  so here's the deets on this one.

at its very baaaasic boiled down use it's for: bronchitis, viral infections, rheumatism, respiratory problems, muscular pain, and digestive problems.  nature's antibiotic, if you will!  (literally... this article is a good one!  check it!)

with parker and his croup (or any cold, cough, anything), i put it on the soles of his feet and between his toes.  he smelled like a delicious italian restaurant (oregano!  pizza!) and then i made him laugh by bopping his feet around and singing, "pizza feet!"  then, on go the socks, and they sleep while all the essential oil goodness gets in their bodies by way of the feet.  at a certain age, you can actually ingest some oils (not all!) but he was too young at the time.  

and while you're at it, if you feel like essential oils are gonna be your thing, this book is amazing.  it's got remedies for everything from dandruff to colic to colds to depression to arthritis to allergies.  it has the exact recipe, how much is appropriate for what age, etc.  and i'm telling you, it'll blow your mind.  i really think there's something to the power of essential oils.  the real ones are expensive, but a small bottle will last forrreeverrrr.

and, and, and... as with all of the bits and pieces i'll share along the way with this series, you'll find articles that say something like, "blasphemy!  oregano oil does nothing!  no science!  stupid!"  or something like that...

but, for me and mine, parker's croup was like two days long and seeeriously not a big deal.

thanks oregano oil!  you da bomb!

*eta: i've done more research on oil of oregano and while i still use it and would recommend it for all for all of the above, it shouldn't be used long-term as it can interfere with iron absorption and can impact blood flow.  i've never used it for more than about a week's time (twice a day or so) before, and all's been well.

if you missed the first two...
volume 1.  and volume 1 has my whole "i am not a doctor" routine and that's always a good idea to refresh ourselves on in case ya'll are like, "we're gonna burn her house down!  who does she think she is!  pass me the advil!"
volume 2. this one's got a great garlic/oil paste.  also for the feet!


  1. For real? That is amazing stuff. Okay, when this series is done, a book needs to be made! I'd buy it!

  2. Any tips on how to make it taste better? Can adults put it on their feet.....the taste makes me gag.

  3. diggin' this series. I haven't read the comments on other posts, so perhaps this tip has already been contributed, but I'd recommend apple cider vinegar (raw/organic with "the mother") to help with acne and allergies. Maybe acne doesn't count as a first aid emergency, but boy is it annoying!

  4. I finally caught up! Loving this series, we came home from boston and I have been using cold snap to fight a cold but I think stinky feet might be the way to go.

  5. LOVE it. Way to get the word out, Bridget!! And for the commenter above, there is no reason an adult can't use it on their feet, but there are also capsules which are wayyyy more palatable than trying to ingest the oil! Yuck! xoxo

  6. @teresa bug, did you see rita's comment??

    @luisa, yess! ACV will have to make the list! thank you!

  7. we're big into essential oils over here...another great one for the bottoms of your kids feet to help build their immune system is clove oil. My son gets croup a lot. (once they get it it's very easy for them to get it watch out with Parker.) clove helps and I also make him cough syrup all natural that works wonders on his cough.

  8. Love this. Bookmarked. I get Dr. Mercola and Natural News delivered to me e-mail daily (and take some of it with a grain of salt), so I'm on the same wavelength as you.

  9. Love this post, so informative! I get totally overwhelmed when it comes to natural health stuff. I will use this as reference:)

  10. Bridget, how long can you use this? My son (5 months old) has been sick for like 2 months now. :( I've been using this for 3 days to no avail.

  11. @allison, what's he sick with??? i have only used it for a few days when cold/coughs are around... i don't know about long term. tell me more and i'll check it out. and sorry mama :(

  12. Cough, runny nose, green snot. It's pretty deep in his chest too. He's been on antibiotics twice and they didn't do anything. This all started on his third day in daycare and just won't seem to go away.

  13. @allison, oh man! i'm so sorry to hear this. so, i don't know whether 5 month olds are ok to do this but have you tried elderberry syrup? vitamin c? zinc? i would definitelyl take him to the chiropractor (i know it sounds kooky but if all the nerve endings/spine are adjusted correctly, it lets the whole body heal the way it's supposed to). and a naturopath if your town has one?


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