Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries: Delight

Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm incredibly excited to be a part of the next volume of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries (thank you, Sakura Bloom!!)  Over the next six months, I will be (along with 14 other amazing women) posting an entry dedicated to babywearing once a month following a certain theme.  

Babywearing has been one of my greatest joys since having Parker.  As someone who seriously couldn't get enough of pregnancy, I was rather reticent, emotional, downright weepy to give birth and then let that relationship between Mom and babe go.  So... I wore him.  I wore him, and wore him, and wore him some more.  "What, you want to hold my baby?  Sorry, I'm wearing him!"  I wore him as I walked, as I shopped, as he slept, as he cried.  His ear against my chest, he was never far from my heartbeat.  

Now that he's a walkin' man who never stops, I don't get the chance to wear him as much.  When I put him in the sling, he started hugging me and touching my face.  He quickly remembered, "Ah, yes.  We've been here before."  I know we both like it a lot.

Up high by me, we delight in a post-rain walk in the woods.  A wet pumpkin, some damp leaves and dewey, fallen pine.  We discover fall together.

I wear Parker in the Sakura Bloom simple silk sling in midnight.

What we wear: my shirt // Parker's shoes

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  1. There is too much cuteness in one post.
    Babywearing is a beautiful thing! I wonder if its something you can get better at with practice? I was too antsy with the first two. Maybe next go round:)

  2. Love that this is a series! I mean sometimes I randomly think about things that I want to do one day as a mom, and wearing my baby is totally one of them. Can't wait to learn more through you!

  3. i love babywearing too and debated a sling but always kind of thought it would hurt my back. I'll be curious to see what you think of it comfort wise (especially in another six months)!

  4. i can totally see myself being that kind of mommy. you two are two peas in a pod :)

  5. Can you teach a photoshop class? Because this are beautiful, and beautifully edited. Love them all.

  6. love these photos you look so good!

    Babywearing is the best. i have about 12 babysitt kids and a few siblings. i always wear the babys while i play with the toddlers... or do anything else... it is just the best!

  7. @rachael, i used picmonkey for these ones... played around w/ the curves!

    @anna, wearing the third is a must! you'll need your hands free to chase the other two! :)

    @ashley, i love it so far! so does he...

  8. I always smile when I see your parenting and natural health posts, because our styles seem to be very similar. We even have matching age gaps in our marriages. ;)

    Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Hello there!
    Is that a peruvian hat your baby is wearing?
    My sister just came back from a trip to Peru and brought a baby rattle and little tradional shirt. No, she doesn't have a baby... She just bought them because they were too cute :)

    Have a good day!

  10. Cute cute cute! I hope I love pregnancy as much as you did.

  11. @camila, actually forever 21. way less cool than one from peru.

    @dancing branflake, me too :)

  12. you two are so stinkin cute. I can totally tell that he loves it too, just like you said. I'm totally looking forward to being a mom (someday far far away) for these reasons.

  13. These shots are so gorgeous, did Steve take them?

  14. @gaby, he did! he did a good job :)

  15. i must admit, i do hope i love pregnancy as much as you did! it is so refreshing (and delightful) to hear. :)


  16. this is the sweetest post, bridget.

  17. LOVE these pictures of you two. feel free to send me one framed. please and thank you.

  18. Your pictures are so adorable!

    This is probably something you've already covered in some previous posts, but could you tell us what camera you use? And what photoshop program do you have for your effects and filters?


  19. @mamie, i answer this in my FAQ section! and for this post, i used picmonkey!

  20. these are beautiful & i just read through your love story...precious.
    i'm a fellow sling diarist & look forrward to following along!

  21. Thanks so much! Love your blog btw.

    Your story is inspiring.

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