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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

i remember when i first discovered jamali garden, it blew my mind.  so many awesome supplies, good aesthetic, and great prices in one place.  i bought three huge glass vases and some small silver bud vases.  they're awesome.  everything there is.  i never shared it when i first discovered it, but thought of it the other day as i was decorating for fall and checked it out again.  still awesome, duh.  so, i am sharing it with you in case you're in need of candle holders, baskets, vases, urns, pitchers, sea glass, stones, fabric, pillows, garden supplies, raffia, branches, fake birds (you didn't know, but yes!  you need a fake bird!)... you get the idea.  it's like container store but better (loose connection there).  i'm pretty sure some of your heads are gonna explode when you click over.  

note: i am writing this because i really like this site.  i'm not getting paid and i'm not affiliated with them.  so there!

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  1. I love the shout out for the simple fact that this joint makes a sweet product! Thanks for sharing...I'll have to check them out as I actually am in need of such things...happy fall!


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