Monday, September 3, 2012

we've been soaking up the last summer bits over here.  i know there's still some time left... but with kids strapping backpacks on, tying the laces of new shoes, and going off to school, it sure feels like it's ending.  we've been celebrating with popsicles and burgers on the grill, bike rides and walks through town.  i got to see dear old friends who i haven't seen in awhile.  friends that have become moms in the interim!  ahnika and ashley and their babes svea and cadence respectively.  parker was quite the ladies man... flanked by those pretty ladies in red!  

psst!  my red shades are thanks to the sunglasses shop.  not gonna lie, they make me feel a little foxy.  i'm digging their cat-eye shape and the red frames give them an extra something special.  they're nice, real nice.  a little fancy, a little casual (yes!  both!)... they do mine eyes good.  i'm ringin' in the last days of summer with them on my face.  thanks sunglasses shop!

it's been a good one.  hurrah for summer 2012.
and happy labor day!  do nothing, eat well, and be merry!


  1. i'm only paying attention to the part of this post that doesnt involve you hanging out with Ahn.

    we need to pull this threesome together asap.

  2. I do like the red sunglasses. Very cute!


  3. LOVE the shades! And the little kiddies are too precious!

  4. love your sunglasses especially the red.

    and i think parker has eyes for svea--i think an arranged blogger marriage should be in the works :)

  5. @megan, YES.

    @lottie, you're right. he does.

  6. No luck getting Ahnika to reopen her blog, huh? Love the pictures, as always!

  7. your little boy is becoming quite the wee man!

  8. Happy Labor day!
    Enjoy the last moments of summer :)

  9. those sunglasses are HOT. i may just get myself a pair. ;)

  10. you + that sweater(shirt? tee?) + those glasses = amazing.

    You hotty mchotterson you.

  11. Parker is just so adorable!

    Happy end to your summer! Hope your fall is fabulous! I am so looking forward to autumn!!!

  12. great pics. Love the glasses!

  13. I'm not going to lie...I do not love those pics of me. Not my best work. You and Ash on the other hand are slammin.

  14. Glad you posted these photos! You with your friends is so pretty. You can tell you guys go way back.


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