bachelorette, part 6.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

can we just take a moment to appreciate this picture?  that was hilarious.  and his whole, "if i'd had more time to practice..."  how about laughing at yourself, ice age???  (see last week's post if you don't get the ice age reference.)


i watched it this morning with two babies who were creeping dangerously close to nap time, toys being strewn about, etc. etc. soooo, it's not going to be my best work.  but i'll give it a go anyway.

+ nice guy, but boring.  
+ "i can see myself with her."  then gets sent home.  why are they so candid in the interviews?!?  how about, "we'll see how it goes."  always so sure of themselves and BOOM the gavel comes down.  gavel?  did that make sense?

highland games.
+ chris is a GOOBER.  such a goober.  the butt/archery thing was hilarious.  "i may have lost but i won emily's heart that day."  may have?  pretty sure you did.  
+ sean's a nice guy.  he's all, "nah, no biggie," about his win.  a little humblebrag but still, nice guy.
+ sister kate is NOT an arie fan.  kissing her against a wall?!  bow chicka bow wow!

+ "it says a lot that i was chosen."  OR, everyone eventually gets a turn for a one-on-one, ryan. -kate
+ he was definitely wearing a tank from the lululemon women's section.  
+ "ABC, please get lots of chesty naked shots of me getting ready." -ryan
+ his beard is just weird.  
+ he's putting his christian hat on again.  i just don't get it.  he's all, "hmm... what shall i be today?  macho-man-jock or jesus-lover?  ah!  i shall be jesus-lover today!"

+ i like his sense of humor.

+ GOOBER.  wait, i already said that.  
+ he's moving his head around like he's a bobblehead doll.  an ICE AGE BOBBLE HEAD DOLL.
+ he's getting a rose???  oh come on.

back to ryan.  one on one.
+ chesty, naked shots.  he's going to be happy when he watches this back.
+ 12 things about my future wife.  hopefully it's not seven pages with a guy waiting in the wings to talk to her.
+ she's sending him home.  he's thinking, "next bachelor??  can i talk to chris on my way out and set this thang up?"
+ trying to do his judo mind tricks / counseling session on her and get her to change her mind.  where's your quote now, eh ryan?!?!
+ turquoise shoes???  what the?
+ guys are celebrating when his bags are taken.  so funny.

+ throwing around the L-word.  what what!
+ then the bachelor-happy music plays (they usually reserve that for the final episode!).

other thoughts.  
+ has jon had a one on one yet?
+ why'd doug the dad start crying?  i think a toy was whizzing by in front of my face when that happened.
+ i don't think it's OMG-SO-AMAZING that he has his g-parents funeral cards in his wallet.  sweet, yeah.  but wow?  no.

next week.  arie's past with a producer.  awwww yeah!

my picks: still like jef but for her?  not sure.  sean is probably most likely.  a little boring but kate says, "still waters run deep."  such a wise one, that kate.

your picks???


  1. Perfect picture choice for the episode!

    Doesn't it feel like the entire group of em' are kinda goobery?

    Emily you have your choice of a goobery or a douchy. Wah wah.

    I pick Race Car Driver and Elizabeth has got me thinking about Strawberry Lemonaide too.

  2. I missed an episode with men in kilts?! Holy night I need to go back and watch that. I don't care, judge me... but I freakin love that.

  3. I was laughing so hard when Doug was crying. I just couldn't help myself. And when she had to talk some confidence into him. Oh man total turnoff! Send him home!

    I'm getting a little bored with this group of guys so hopefully next week's producer will be good.

  4. i'm still team arie, but i won't cry *too* much if it's sean. i just think she and arie have such major chemistry, whereas sean is a little safe/boring/eh.

    i know what you mean; jef is funny and seems nice (still concerned by his knowledge of designer handbags, though), but when he and emily are together, i just don't see sparks flying. seems a little awkward to me.

    my favorite line of yours? "he was definitely wearing a tank from the lululemon women's section." what WAS that, bridget?!?

  5. SO agree with you on the Ice Age Bobble Head. My husband gets annoyed with me because almost every show, I blurt out with "What's wrong with that guys face??!!". I just can't figure out what it is. And Emily always gushes on about how handsome he is. Not to mention his voice...

    Can't wait until things get dramatic with Arie. Next week!


  6. I thought it rather odd that of ALL the places for her and Arie to chill out at her place - her bed was choosen. Oh those ABC producers... they got the moves.

    Remember on after the final rose how she was so pissed that Brad "shared a room" with all the girls on the overnight dates... I wonder if she will let ABC throw that option out on the overnight dates this season.

    I'm thinking Sean takes the W this season. Hes just a good guy. Solid.

    That jef though... hes really growing on me.

    If Arie didnt go crazy with the hands when he kisses her he might still be a top 2

  7. my fav is still arie, but come onnnnnn with the face-grabbing-while-kissing her move!every single time? no. Jef seems cool, but I think they're a bit awkward together. They seem like a high school couple. And Sean? Boring.

    They are clearly setting up the arie/producer story for some drama. I read that the show told him that they told Emily about the producer, but they never did. Oh, ABC.

  8. Emrie (Emily+Arie...duh) forever and always.

    Wall kiss = HOT!

  9. Oh my gosh, can I TELL you how much I love this dish!! Your commentary had me laughing out loud... by myself, when my kids were sleeping. Yeah, this is the kind of productive stuff I get done when the boys are down.

    That Kate is wise- I am a huge fan of Sean. I kind of like safe, boring guys. They make the best husbands. But sheesh, that kiss against the wall was HOT!! Goober- such the perfect description for Chris. My sister and I were dying laughing at his dramatic head angle/bobble head too:)

  10. I'm so glad you made a comment about Ryan's woman tank.

  11. Ryan's tank top was DEF from Lulu Lemon!

    I giggled every time Chris came on camera, because of your Ice Age find! You just can't un-see it. All I can picture is Emily picking him, then Emily coming across your blog, seeing who he looks like, him walking in the room at the exact moment and her going "GAH!"

    The guys really call him "Humble Doug??"

    That kiss with Arie was HOT..come on!

    Also, this commentary made me laugh pretty hard...


  12. soooo glad ryan is gone. every scene with him gave me flashbacks to my first miserable relationship. so arrogant, thinks he's God's gift, but covers it with this fake humility "i can't help it that God made me this awesome" bull.

    doug is like her big brother. there's nothing long term there.

    i doubt arie will make it all the way, only because the editing has set him up to be the frontrunner. gotta have the twist ending, you know?

    my picks for the final three - jef, chris, sean.

  13. I LOVE the Ryan tank top comment. That thing was girly. My fav is definitely Arie. Otherwise Sean's okay, but I don't really see anyone else lasting with her.

  14. Wall kiss = weird. It was like he pounced on her, and there was side-eyeing of the camera involved. No, no, no, no.

    I think it's going to come down to Sean and Arie. If I were her, I'd go for Sean.

    'Cause he's super hot.

  15. I'm with Kate -- I REALLY don't like Arie. I find him creepy. I'm still rooting for Jef, but not sure if he'll be the one ...

  16. how come they never eat their food on the evening dinner dates?

  17. I'm so glad you thought Ryan was wearing a Lululemon tank because my hubby and I were all..what the? What IS that? I loved when Ryan said: "man the boys are going to shocked. We had a tight relationship they will be sad to see me gone." Forward to man picking up this luggage and the guys high-fiving each other = Awesome!

  18. I actually totally duh the hot kiss against the wall..but i like when i man sorta just gots balls to wall..pun intended. and i may or may not have personal experience with this...what whaaaat. i liked it.

    I team arie or sho. But now im all thrown with this arie producer scandal!

    ICE AGE PLEASE GO HOME. I just cant.

    SO relieved weird beard ryan is gone.

  19. Sean all the way. And I do not like Arie.

  20. Ryan-turquoise shoes and lulu lemon top from the women's dept. I am dying laughing!

  21. To me, Arie always looks like he's crying. He's so weepy and wet looking. And he's a sloppy kisser.

    I'm Team Sean all the way.


  23. Uh! I've been waiting to read this post until I could watch the episode.. Tnight. And I have to say I'm glad to see Ryan gone and I appreciate Emily taking this so seriously that she sent Travis home too. That being said, I don't understand why she kept Doug OR John. They're obv going to be eliminated soon so really she should've just eliminated the final rose and got rid of the two of them.

    I have always been a big fan of Jef. I do NOT like that he says "like" all the freaking time (as you said last week) but he's cute and seems like a sweetheart and someone who's real. Not to mention he owns a bottled water company that donates money to getting water to people somewhere they don't have a lot of it (I cannot remember where). That just screams caring to me. My husband always comments on how tight his pants are though, lol.

    My second choice is Sean, for obvious reasons.

    Love reading this every week!

  24. i neeeed to know if sister kate has any insider info about arie. i'm anxiously awaiting next week to hear about the producer thing... dun dun dun.

    sean is still super blah to me. i just want to fast forward sean moments. i just don't see any chemistry.

    also this is a retroactive comment, but homegirl doesn't need to kiss everyone. i mean don't get me wrong, i liked to kiss (still do) but you don't have to kiss someone to know there's nothing there. wish she'd be a bit sparing with her lips. and that's probably the only critical thing i could say about em. y

  25. i love jef, but agree with you...sean is probably more right for her.

  26. ugh...I thought Arie would be the one until Kaylan in an above comment said that it wouldn't be him because he is being set up as the frontrunner.

    Damn. I think she's right.
    But I heart him!

    I don't really like anyone else. Jef is okay...byt he seems so young! and unexperienced or something...
    And Sean is okay, just not a big fan. He's so damn happy all the time! Doesn't he ever have a bad day?!

  27. This is too good for words. It is like you are in my family room every week.
    I love Jef! So not my type but there is something about him. For her? Yeah, not so much. She seems to plastic for him.
    Arie. Hmmm. Things don't look good for him next week.


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