11 months.

Monday, June 25, 2012

listen to the mustn'ts child.  listen to the don'ts.  
listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. 
listen to the never haves then listen close to me... 
anything can happen, child.
anything can be.
{shel silverstein}

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parker.  we need to do something about that hair.  if you were a girl, i'd stick a little felted flower clip in it (oh wait, i did!  but it was really brief!) so fast it'd make your head spin.  but!  you're not a girl.  i can't bring myself to trim it yet, but... never say never.  so, 11 months, here we are.  one month away from your FIRST BIRTHDAY.  it's shocking, truly shocking.  i feel like mamas of one year olds are wise mamas who know all the tricks in the book, who never leave the house without the proper amount of diapers and wipes in the diaper bag, who predict naptimes perfectly.  then i realize, i almost am one of those mamas and yet i am none of those things and just started being your mom like the other day.  it's a head-scratcher.  a head-scratcher, indeed.

you are sweet, you laugh all the time, and you are starting to play independently so nicely.  you will sit on the floor and flip the pages (almost flipping each one by itself... a tricky feet for chubby little new hands like yours are) back and forth for a good twenty minutes and sometimes longer.  by yourself!  you don't need entertainment all the time, but you do like it when we're in the room with you while you do your thing.  you're also discovering that books are not food and i can sit and read to you.  your attention span doesn't always last the entire book but it sure can come close.  this is exciting as that'll be one of my favorite pasttimes with you.

you love when william and lindsey come home from school.  you love when anyone looks at you.  at a restaurant, at the grocery store.  you are desperate for someone to make eye contact with you.  then you'll smile at them and tuck your head into my chest like a little flirt.  it's adorable.

you're nearly perfect but can sometimes be a spaz come bedtime--lurching your body all about (if you didn't fall asleep nursing)... like you have restless leg syndrome but of your entire body.  you throw your head around, swing your arms and whack me in the face, scratch, kick.  i've considered a strait jacket but that feels wrong (but so right... do they come in your size?).

you love being held by mama.  i think you'd happily be held all day long by me (or dad).  at over 20 lbs. this isn't easy to do, but you still get a whole lot of it.  it's one of my favorite places for you to be--right there on my hip!

you are starting to like foods!  we've tried sweet potato, avocado, carrot, egg yolk, zucchini, greek yogurt, apple sauce and the only one that i'm pretty sure you did not like was the zucchini.  you didn't eat a ton of everything but you had some.  that's progress, my little man!  nursing's still your favorite though.

you're so loved, parker.  i mean it.  everybody loves you and i imagine that that is a real secure feeling for a little person like yourself.

love, mama

ps. next month.  12.  i get a little tight in the throat when i think about it.


  1. cannot BELIEVE he is going to be ONE soon! that kills me

  2. It is amazing how quickly time flies especially when you are marking it with the progress of a little one......

    Congrats Parker.....and don't grow up tooooooooo quickly!!!

  3. i second megan. seems like yesterday you were just announcing you were preggers.

  4. One year is so close! I can't believe how quickly time flies! He's so sweet... I think if you invented a baby straight jacket you could be a millionaire.

  5. I can't get over his little face! You are so lucky to have such a sweet little boy :)

  6. really??!! 11 months??!! i do adore these posts. you capture motherhood and babyhood so well, it takes me back. now i'm going to break it to you. the real hard truth of the matter. are you ready?? this past year with parker? well, it was the slowest. from here on out time zooms faster than you will ever imagine. not sure why, but it picks up speed. i'm desperately trying to come to terms with the fact that one of my sons will be turning 10 in a couple months. 10. years. old. how? and that sweet baby of mine, that still likes to he held and cuddled and I swear would hop in a baby sling or carrier if they came in his size, well, that monkey is 3.5 years old. hold on tight. xo

  7. happy birthday Parker! was he born on the 25th?? I didn't know our babies were exactly a month apart!

  8. and by happy birthday I meant happy 11 months :)

  9. This is insane.

    I get to squeeze and kiss this little love muffin soon!

    Sea weighs 18lbs 9oz btw. Catching up a little too fast I think.

  10. i've considered a strait jacket but that feels wrong (but so right... do they come in your size?).

    LOL. Take these jokes on the road. I just died laughing (because I've been there...why must they kick and scratch and pinch during feedings too?)

    Happy 11, P.

  11. Bridgett oh your little man is adorable!! it's been much too long since I've dropped by your lovely blog...last I knew he was a baby. Now he's a sweet, big boy who turns books pages one by one. ADORABLE :)


  12. Bridget with ONE t! sorry :)

  13. I'm pretty sure he was just born yesterday. Maybe you got the math wrong?

    Big hugs to Mr. P & you, too.

  14. what a little sweetheart. i can totally tell that he is so loved by all of you wonderful people. he's one blessed little boy.

  15. Happy 11 months! I understand the hair thing so well...at 12 months, I am *this close* to trimming it as it's getting in his eyes now.

  16. He is growing up so quickly.

    And the strait jacket comment--hilarious!


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