10 months.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

 let him sleep for when he wakes, he will move mountains.

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my sweet little man.  whether or not you move mountains is really of no consequence to me.  besides, to someone, you'll move mountains.  even if no one else notices.  but now i want to just tell you a little about your ten-month-old self.  you stand!  you stand a lot, in fact.  and you use a little push walker to cross the room making eye contact with everyone in the room.  CHECK ME OUT is what your face is saying.  and you have the most enormous, proud smile on your face too.  what's it like to learn everything for the first time???  of course, i can't remember, but it sure is fun to watch you do it.  you are 20 lbs. of smooshiness.  you got your first cold and cough and mama worried.  that's what we (i) do.  but, miracle of all miracles (!!), you got well.  you are happy and content and a perfect little baby.  you still nurse at least 2 or 3 times a night, and i don't see you giving it up anytime soon.  you go to bed at 7 and wake around 6 (sometimes earlier) and have 7 teeth!!  you don't really eat food yet, but we've had a little success with avocado and a bit of banana!

well, that's it my sweet one.  you are loved.

oh, and that spot on your left cheek??  a bruise!  yep.  we're getting those these days too.  sad face.


  1. This means that you are responsible for all 20 pounds of health and growth of this sweet boy!

    Bridget - that is amazing. You should be proud.


    I'm glad he survived his first little cold! And glad you survived it too!

  2. Sigh... so loved indeed. Love those beautiful sparkling eyes! I bet he was so happy to see you when you took that photo.

  3. He's such a cutie! And I love that he looks just like your husband. x

  4. How cute! I have a 9 month old daughter. Anyway, wanted to say thank you for letting me advertise on your page :) I am getting alot of traffic! Thanks!
    Julie @ Naptime Review


    Have a great holiday weekend!

  5. What a cute little man he is!


  6. good gosh he is cute. and who knows, he might move mountains for svea.

  7. double digits! I swear month 10 and 11 are made to prepare mamas for 12 (gasp, I said it!)

    he is such a cutie Bridget!

  8. Parker! How are you already 10 months old?!

  9. I love that he walks across the room and looks at everyone. They way they get so pleased with themselves for learning something new is my favorite part.

    I told Mike last night (when I first read this) about all your night nursings...we had a moment of silence for you. You are an amazing mama!

    Good song too.

    Happy ten, Parker!

  10. Slow it down. I'm not okay with all these babies growing up because it just means the clock hasn't stopped ticking in my house either.

    What a happy looking little man you have! I remember last year missing the lake post and now you are less than two months away from enjoying it with your expanded fam. Beach countdown!

  11. Man alive this kid is cute!!! Such a happy little baby!:)

  12. such a happy little baby! i love that he's so proud of himself for all of the new things. that's adorable. and poor bruises :( that's what happens when you're an adventurous little boy, i guess!

  13. I'm just so crazy about your precious baby boy!


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