how to stave off the witching hour: the magic of motown!

it's inevitable.  that dreaded hour arrives... in our house we bravely face it around six to seven at night... where your child cannot be made happy.  toys are frustrating, books are maddening, the floor is unbearable, and all that soothes are the loving arms of a mama or papa (and sometimes, not even those suffice!).  we also call this the witching hour (oh, you have one too?!?).  when we put parker down on the floor during this hour he looks up at us, tears in his eyes, arms held high:

pick me up!

he'd say it if he could.

it also happens to be the hour when i'm most often cooking dinner and need some help with the little guy.  steve!  i cannot focus when he is fussing!  pick him up!  or it is PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICHES FOR A WEEK!

sunday night i found the perfect activity to keep the witching hour at bay: motown classics, my friends.  we had a certifiable dance party at the hunt abode, parker on my hip as i bopped around to the beat (of course this doesn't work if you are cooking dinner, but we'd already eaten.  hurrah!).  he loved it.

this is way better than yesterday's witching hour, ma!

he'd have said that if he could, too.

lindsey did her crazy moves (i should get them on video at some point) and parker watched, laughed, and continued chilling on my hip, happy as a clam, while we danced to the music.  and then, at about the fourth song (quite loud, i might add), i looked down to his little face resting on my chest fast asleep.  i kid you not.  this boy! makes me melt!

you want your own stave-off-the-witching-hour-motown-classics-playlist?  why didn't you say so?!

press play, fools!


  1. we love a good dance party at our house too. get the blood flowing and good music always puts a smile on cranky faces.

  2. Everett pushed play.

    We'll report back when we're finished.

  3. You had us at Stevie Wonder and The Jackson 5. Good stuff, Bridget.

  4. elizabeth, i knew you'd like it. i mean, you had james brown on your own playlist. come on now. you'd dig stevie and old school mj any day!

  5. Waylon thanks you. He's moving his head to the beat. Thanks B.

  6. A family that dances together... well, I have no witty remark other than I think this is awesome.

  7. I pushed play...and what did I get...three kids came in to investigate what was going on, bopping their heads at the same time. This music is contagious!

  8. good to know, good to know:-) we haven't endured too many witching hours yet, but I do know that dance parties always help me feel better in life! xoxo

  9. I love your stories on motherhood! So honest but so sweet. Makes me excited to be a mom someday - and sometimes that excitement is a hard feat to achieve so props to you!


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