8 months.

but the next baby born was truly divine,
a sweet little child who was mine, all mine
and this little baby, as everyone knows,
has ten little fingers, ten little toes, 
and three little kisses on the tip of its nose

from the book ten little fingers and ten little toes
(one of our favorites)

Wadini by Touré Kunda on Grooveshark
(and one of my favorite good-weather songs...
destined to be a favorite of yours, too!)

parker, parker, parker.  i don't even know where to begin with you, kid!  i'm up to my elbows with pure love for you and everything you!  whooped!  totally whooped on you!  you are growing bigger by the day... you've got to be toppin' the scales around twenty pounds these days, i think... but so help me, you still fit in the carrier and get nestled in it frequently!  you have opinions these days (opinions!) and let us know what they are.  you play happily on the rug in the study with spoons, spatulas, colanders, pots, pans, magazines, blocks, books... your favorite toys really aren't toys.  lately we've been building a little tower of blocks and you crawl over to it, knock it down, and we all clap and cheer for you.  you sit back immediately, upon hearing our cheers, and look at each one of us with a big smile on your face and then (and then!!) you started clapping yourself.  the other morning, in my sleepy state, i looked at wide-awake-you sitting up in bed between daddy and i clapping happily.  it's your newest trick and it's totally delicious.  even in the wee hours of the morning.

we just started bike riding and you are silent as a mouse on the back of mama's bike... riding along holding the bar, thinking it's just about the coolest thing ever.  i wish i could watch you the whole time you're sitting there, but eyes on the road!

and crawling... oh my do you crawl.  getting better and faster by the day.  and you find every little speck of dust or dirt on the floor and touch it with your pointer finger, trying to get it in your hand.  you don't have the pincher grip down which is just as well--it shouldn't be in your mouth (or on the floor, i guess) anyway!

baby boy, i love you so much.  i whisper this in your ear on an hourly basis, but it's good to write it here too.  thanks for being my guy.  happy eight months!

{this time last year--crazy!}


  1. Drew Jones and I just went back and looked at all his photos from this series.

    He said "Wooooow. Sweet little Duder."

    How fun that you are riding bikes! Drew showed me the photo of Parker with the helmet on next to the fridge. We were dying. It was too cute.

    Your such a great Mom Bridget. Your kiddos are so blessed to have you.

  2. Oh my goodness gracious, he surely has gotten so freaking big. He is too cute though, Bridget! It's so cute how happy he is all the time.

  3. I saw you mentioned on twitter that you're doing some sleep training with Parker! You should write a post about it! I'm looking for ideas to do with my baby girl

  4. his little tongue hanging out....I die.

  5. I'm dying to know where you got the pillow!!

  6. that picture on the right where he looks sooo excited to see his friend "Owl Pillow" because he hasnt seen him in way too long
    has got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  7. We love that book too!! And that last phrase (the one you copied down) is one of my favorites ever to say to my baby girl.

    Parker is starting to look like you more and more!! So precious.

  8. he was like 2 weeks old yesterday. when did this happen?!

  9. his face in the last photo is downright wonderful.

    oh parker... you're the coolest.

  10. I love him to pieces. Look at how thrilled he is with that owl!

    You need to get a rear view mirror for your bike...sort of like the kind we have in the car for watching him in his car seat. Except you're right, I almost never watch the road.

  11. eeeeeeeeee, the photo of him grabbing the owl with such joy like he just found his best friend is AMAZING!

  12. What an absolute cutie-pie ... as a blogger who has been allowed to follow on this lil man's journey with y'all it is so sweet to see how far he has come. And such a happy one!

    Could eat him up!:)


  13. omg. that picture of parking laughing at the owl makes me want to cry a little.

    in a good way.

    hormomes talkin'... so stinkin' cute!

  14. what!? I can't believe Parker's 8 months already! Time is flyin.


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