it would appear...

...that parker sleeps a lot if you are an instagram follower of mine (itsahuntlife, ya'll!).  every other picture is pretty much... you guessed it, parker sleeping!  he's just so gosh dern edible (and quiet and still and peaceful) during those times.  so, sleeping pictures it is!

but, if you think, "man, that parker hunt sleeps a lot.  how she get him to do that?"

truth is, he ain't.

well, that's not totally true.  no.  i'll give him some credit.  the dude is getting more predictable with nap times and, we're trying a new bedtime routine that has him partying way less between the hours of 3 and 5 am.

anyway, i love me some instagram sleeping baby pictures.  and here may be my fave of all.
holy crap!  don't you want to just bite his nose?!  and the lashes!  why aren't mine so lustrous?!
 and he's mine?  mine?  gah!

this one!  don't even get me started! 
sunny day sleepin'.  enough said.
it's sooo exhausting being a sports-star.  
mom's got me runnin' laps in between naps!  i rhyme!  that's exhausting too!
he got tired of watching me vacuum.  
sometimes she sleeps with me.  my mama.
sleeping with his mouth open.  LIKE HIS FATHER.
don't even TRY to take my sophie.  
like i said, HANDS OFF.
just me and mah boy.
the lips!  i want to suck them right off his face!!  
(what?  i don't really want me a lipless baby, now do i?)

alright alright, that was more than enough.
but gah!  babies!  sleeping!  sleeping babies!


  1. Such a cutie! Love the pic of Parker and Sophie - gorgeous!

    Now following you on Instagram!

    Sal x

  2. so cute!!! love those sleeping pics of your little boy.

    i follow you in instagram!

    <3 xx

  3. All these pictures are the sweetest, but the third one has to be my all time favorite. Wayyy cute!

  4. Just adorable, what a cutie! And I totally relate with those sleeping baby pics. My daughter turns two in March and the sight of her sleeping still makes my heart swell with love. And you don't wanna know how much sleeping baby pics I have :-)

  5. Parker is cute as a little button! You are one blessed mama :)

  6. for some reason its always the little boys with the most gorgous eyelashes. very precious!

  7. So sweet! And yes, those eyelashes are TO DIE FOR! Lulu loves her Sophie too and is happy as a clam sleeping in the Ergo. Now if only I can convince her to sleep through the night... or at least wake up less than 5 times....
    Hannah at www.thrivingthirty.tumblr.com

  8. he has some seriously killer eyelashes

  9. Motherhood is such a wonderful thing!

  10. Parker is so adorable! And look at those lashes- oh my goodness, I'm jealous! Ha!


  11. So sweet. There really is nothing sweeter than babies sleeping on you. Love it.

  12. Bridget, we all just died.


  13. I love that he sleeps like his father. Adorable and so sweet.

  14. I get it now. The best feeling in the world is my babe asleep on me. Cant get enough.

    The second to last pic is my fave.

  15. I follow you on instagram but seeing all this goodness in one big ole post...be still my heart. He is such a cutie! Sleeping babies are the sweetest!!!!!

  16. He has the most amazing lashes--and I love the comment about Sophiie--hands off!

  17. i'll take sleeping baby pics anyday. especially of this one with the lashes we'd all kill for. i just wanna eat him up.

  18. Man, oh man, he is one CUTE sleeper.

  19. okay what is this plan of yours for the not playing in the way too early hours of the day cause we have isla sleeping 7 to 7 and then alice well she wakes at 4 am and does not go back down... like at all. ps sleeping parker is adorable.

  20. i'll be like the 12th person to comment on those eyelashes. freakin' boys and their long lashes. no fair.

  21. He is the cutest. I'm always jealous of kids' eyelashes. Why they gotta be so amazing??

  22. Those finger dimples are too cute.

  23. what is it about babies and sophie? every baby i know LOVES her! does she have magical powers?

  24. Parker snuggling on Steve.

    My ovaries just said, "Let's get preg."

    Blaming you.

  25. Look at those eyelashes!!!! I'm officially jeal. hehe.

    He's such a handsome little man.

  26. Those pictures are precious! Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!

  27. LMAO!! Oh Bridget. What what I do without you to brighten my day.

  28. you know how i love me a sleeping baby photo!! i cannot stop myself from taking them...

    these are beyond juicy. he's seriously scrumptious.

  29. Oh my, those eyelashes!! & he's so cute with Sophie- just precious!!

  30. Super adorable!
    My son is the same way, his eyelashes are so thick! It's like where did he get those, give me some!


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