happy valentine's day.

well, it's valentine's day.  as you already know, our day will be low-key, it's still a good a day as any to talk about love and how awesome it is.  SO LET'S DO THAT.

i love mrs. meyers' products.  love it all.  makes doing dishes a little spa-like.  that was a stretch.  whatever.

i love this song lately.  i'm kinda sappy since giving birth.  tears come easier than they used to.  and when i hear this song and think of steve and how knowing him has been the hugest blessing, well, it gets me emo!  and this song accompanies it perfectly.

i love nathaniel.  that boy!  man!  man-boy!  (i mean, he's 18... so...) he was home this weekend and it was really nice to have him.  he's just becoming more caring, more intentional... leaving the teenage years behind (hurrah!).  he'll even go in for a hug these days without me prompting.  gah.  makes me weepy.  and i just want to share one of the sweetest moments ever with you.  after last week's post, nathaniel called my cell phone and said thanks and that he's grateful for me.  i don't think he'll mind that i shared it.  it was just too sweet not to.  

i love gracie.  i mean, she can drive me crazy at times (like every time i pass the front door she'll to it expectantly like i'm about to fetch with her.  it's NOT ALL ABOUT YOU GRACIE.).  but nevertheless, she's a lover.  and parker can't get enough of her.  if he starts to fuss while i put him in his carseat i just say, "where's gracie?!" and he's all, "FORGET FUSSING, WHERE IS SHE?"

i love taking pictures.  recording memories.  journaling.  blogging.

i love indoor house plants.  they really do a lot for a home.  i'm just learning this?

i love my friend shannon's stationary.  it's sweet and simple.  i think the light pink be mine might be my favorite (and it's her handwriting.  shut the front door.).

i love pandora.  every morning i've been putting a classical music station on while the kids get ready for school, while the kitchen gets straightened up, while parker rolls around, while i drink my coffee.  it's really quite lovely.  you think i'm pretentious?!  bring it!

i love watching the bachelor.  I LOVE IT.  and live tweeting during it???  it's hilarious.  a veritable party happening, people!  #winning (that was a #courtneyism for you).

i love my family.  my husband, the kids.  my sisters, parents.  i feel like a lucky girl having all these loved ones around me.  

i love being a baby-mama.  it's really agreed with me (it sounds like i'm talking about a food: "cucumbers really agree with me.).  but, really!  it does.  and it helps that parker is a seriously sweet guy.

so, today is a good a day as any to write down the things that we love in our life.  cause, i think that quote is really true: happy people aren't thankful.  thankful people are happy.

happy valentine's day everybody!


  1. Gracie and Parker sound so cute together! "forget fussing, where is she?" haha.

  2. Sweet idea for a low key post! Might need to hijack it for my own blog :-0 We are taking Lulu out at 5 on a family date-- a wine and cheese platter at my favorite bakery. Of course she won't have wine or cheese, so I'm not sure what's in it for her. But ya know, I'm just not into leaving the babe.
    Hannah at www.thrivingthirty.tumblr.com

  3. i love pandora also!
    so many great things in one place

  4. The Bachelor always leaves me sad cause so many people end up hurting. But it is entertaining. (the show, not the pain. :D) and Happy Valentine's to you too!

  5. Pandora's Adele station always gets me!
    I wish I was a twitterer in times like that...Bachelor talk live?! I would be SO in to that.

    To a low-key V-day here, too.


  6. I love this post. It's so genuine and natural. I love that Nathan called you and I love how you described how he's leaving boyhood behind. That's so sweet.

  7. I ADORE "God Gave Me You" - I, too, tear up every time it comes on. It was actually originally done by Dave Barnes, and as much as I love my country music, I like the first version better. I highly recommend checking it out!

  8. Sweet, Bridget. I really loved this post! And the quote at the end especially. I really truly believe that.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  9. well said. i agree that thankful people are happy!

  10. I too love that song. And seem to cry more and more as each year passes. I know once I am a baby-mama I will shed tears like no other. Happy Valentine's Day, Bridget! This is very well written.

  11. I just have to say that I was just thinking to myself how Valentine's Day sort of feels like Thanksgiving without the pie and turkey! Your quote in closing only reinforces what I am feeling and made me feel like maybe I'm not so weird afterall. =) Ha. Well, maybe I still feel weird, but not because of this day being one where I am able to really pause and think about the people I love and why they are so near and dear to me and just how amazing this thing called love is in our world. I think that's what makes your "love story" with Steve so attractive to people out here in blogland too. It's about overcoming and transending and looking past what might be practical or responsible or considered "acceptable" and throwing that all out the window to follow your heart and what you can't deny you feel inside. I think we all get so caught up in the busyness of life and how easy it is to just be comfortable around the people we love so much that we forget how much we love them and we even take their love for granted too many times. I happen to think it's awesome that you point out things like older brothers loving their new baby brother and how no matter how much love you and Steve feel for each other you still mess that up at times. I blogged about my thoughts on true love yesterday and just how challenging and hard it has been in my own marriage and all the trials we have had dealt to us through the years. Life has tested us and shaken us more times than I care to count or remember. But I am learning that the struggles are what make us even more unique and they sort of act as drops of glue each time we go through one. Rather than tear us apart we have been lucky that they have drawn us together. I give all the credit for that to my husband and to God. And it makes me so humble and grateful for the love I have been shown. I hope Valentine's Day sort of sticks in my heart a little longer than just Feb. 14th this year. In fact, it would be nice if it hung on til Thanksgiving. Then I could find myself grateful...and then joy-filled with the holiday season too.
    Whew! I didn't mean to write a whole chapter here. Your post just struck a nice chord with me and I wanted to let you know. Have a happy, happy and thankful Valentine's Day. I hope you feel loved, get the chance to share your love, and maybe even dig into one of those classics you've been trying to read your way through. =) Love and best to all the Hunts...xoxo.

  12. @jody, thanks for the comment :) it's true that it's like thanksgiving minus all the food! another day to be grateful... though, you're right, we should be doing it all year long. anyway, glad you stopped by!

  13. Your blog is so uplifting! Thanks for that.

  14. happy vday hunts! such a sweet post.

  15. Loved this post today! I'm a frequent reader but rarely leave comments but today I really loved how you take valentine's day as more than just loving Steve but as a day to look at everything making you happy! I followed suit a bit on my blog today! Thanks for the inspiration

  16. This is so sweet Bridget... and made me chuckle and smile on several occasions. Happy Day of Love to you and your wonderful family. :)

  17. this is all so sweet and cute...
    especially the bits about the kids.
    just makes my heart burst a bit, you know?

    and dude. the bach.
    i mean... where to start?!
    who's your pick?

  18. Great things to love :) happy v day!

  19. You have a wonderful blog!!!!it's full of joy and life!!!
    Happy Valentine's day!!!


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