the hunt happenings... in polaroid.

Monday, December 12, 2011

a jumpin' parker // tis the season for pointsettias! // and glittery santas, of course 
//  a sleepin' parker // the most delicious (+ easiest) creamy tomato soup // a leg-resting gracie 
// some front door swag // cutie // william trying his hand at some trapeze // lindsey doing the same 
// the beginnings of a gingerbread house // william eating some breakfast

and how was your weekend?

(and polaroid is totally my instagram.  now you're not so impressed
with your snazzy instagram, are you?  mm hmm.)


  1. polaroid vs. instagram - hilarious.

    Love your picture round up. I feel like I just had coffee with you and caught up on life. Thanks!

  2. Wow, that gingerbread house looks legit.

  3. nice pic roundup.
    i must know more about the gingerbread house as i am attempting to make these ahead of time and let 2,3 & 4 year olds "decorate" them for my babes bday party.

  4. Parker has the best hat collection ever. I am convinced.

  5. I call blogger top knot on Lindsey!

    Just kidding. It's super cute on her of course. Tell her she rocks it.

  6. @kendra and nessa, it's from trader joes! easy as can be.

    @jamie, what can i say? we like our hats.

    @elizabeth, lindsey... called out! guilty as charged.

  7. cheers to cute kids, creamy tomato soup (totally making that today to enjoy with a grilled cheese cheddar & havarti sandwich!), and Christmas goodness :) And i love the little polaroids! now if only instagram could have the option of framing their photos in a polaroid-frame ;)

  8. So fun! I'm not an instagrammar (is that correct?) but i do love how they filter out bad lighting. Love how you did this collage! You get the real Hunt vibe from these.

  9. Love the pix...How do you scan your polaroids in so straight?

  10. @maggie... mm, this post is gonna lose any cool creds that it had. its poladroid--a download that turns your pics into polaroids. damn.

    @cassie, thanks!

  11. i thought this said "hunt happenings in poland", to which i thought, "what??? she was in poland and didn't tell me?" as well as, "whaaaat? she managed to get all those kids/baby over to poland?".

  12. I love your pics, but first, did you see they announced the bachelorettes? Get out your typing hands my friend. It’s game time and your audience is waiting. Maybe a pre show assessment? Do I have to beg? I’m willing. Bachelorette

    I want a glittery Santa. Jared has attempted to ban the stuff from our house which just makes my desire to have it that much greater. Glitter stars are going up later today. Very, very glittery stars. They rain glitter.

    Did you trapeze? I want to. But only if I get to wear a unitard. (A glittery one, duh)

    I want soup right now. Thanks for that.

  13. you win. your polaroids are cooler than my instagram. you win the hipster battle. are you happy?!?!?

  14. @mellyb, did not know that!!! aaaand... i just may do mah lil bach recap!

    @brissa, sooo happy, you have no idea.

  15. What a cute gingerbread house...I just love cataloguing life via instagram, looks like a fab-o weekend :)

  16. so adorable! your little boy is my favorite of all the babies on the internets.

  17. i love it. and thanks for the tomato soup recipe! i've been looking for something more delicious than watery campbells from a can. you da bomb

  18. @kylie, parker (+i) could not be more pleased.. thanks :)

    @wildchild, it is sooooo good.


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