5 months.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

people will forget what you said
they will forget what you did
but people will never forget how you made them feel

{maya angelou}

11- A Baby Changes Everything by Faith Hill .::© Www.JiGhil.Com ::. on Grooveshark

{the song... perfect for the season.  
plus, it makes me all weepy}

parker's latest and greatest:
rollin' over like a champ and we cheer and cheer!
bit me!  we don't cheer for that!
smiling at anyone who looks at ya!
and just being altogether a sweetheart.


  1. That song gets me every time.

    Happy 5 Months, P.

  2. he is so precious! and that quote... my favorite! used it as my quote for my senior yr yearbook ha :)

  3. how'd he get to be so big and cute?!
    (dylan would say: "all those nursies!")

    he's the sweetest...
    and his expression in the chair? that guy's got it DOWN!


  4. Yikes, my daughter is 3mo. and I am not looking forward to the biting!

  5. So sweet! And I love that Maya Angelou quote. Makes me feel better about myself when I say stupid things but hug them later.

  6. yay for smiling, sweet boys!!! happy 5-months parker :) and seriously, the eyes make me melt :)

  7. He gets cuter and cuter!! So stinkin' precious!

  8. Aw, happy 5 months! He is just a little adorable peanut!! :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  9. Those eyes are seriously killing me. He's such a little heartbreaker.

  10. oh goodness, where did that chub come from? what happened to his skinny newborn legs? and that gaze, its a total mix of you and steve. too precious.

  11. Eyelashes! A little baby boy with eyelashes like that...it's the best.

    And now I'm all weepy from that song. Tell me not to go wake Everett up for cuddles.

  12. Why is your baby growing up so damn fast? Did you tell him to do that? Stop it. That last picture, dudette, you may be in trouble.

  13. i had previously posted that song on my blog... very meaningful when you have a new baby! :)

  14. i LOVE watching him grow. i love it.

  15. eh, the biting problem happens to the best of us... (i'm told i bit everyone in the sunday school nursery circa 1988).

  16. he's so gorgeous!!
    5 months already??soon he's gonna running all over the house...haha

  17. He's the cutest. The last black and white just got me. Happy five months, Parker!

  18. look at those eyelashes! you lucky lady.

  19. Parker! You little looker, you.

    Happy No. 5! Keep doing what you do.

  20. Five months! STOP IT! He'll be sitting up and crawling, like, tomorrow. Wow.


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