Friday, October 21, 2011

i'll leave you for the weekend with this: lindsey, looking for a pre-dinner snack, goes in the fridge and grabs this... a raw head of broccoli.  SHE DOES HER MAMA PROUD!

i may or may not be going to see + meet (like in person, ya'll) some of my long-time blog friends this weekend.  i mean, girls that i feel like i practically know and consider legit friends even though i haven't heard their voices.  woah.  hopefully we decide we like each other as much in person as we do over emails + blogs.  and if we do?  goodness, this weekend will be slammin', folks.  and hopefully they're really who they have been portraying themselves to be over their blogs for the last few years and not some 55-year old man with greasy hair.  eww, can you imagine?  that would take a lot of work to actually be someone else on a blog for 2+ years, don't you think?  unlikely.  so, if i'm not back on monday with a post of our happenings, call the authorities.

i'm pretty sure it's gonna go swimmingly.

and i'm out.

(oh, and that vlog i said i'd do?  i will do it.  before 2012.  promise.)


  1. Smart girl! I love broccoli too it makes a great snack and is healthy at the same time!


  2. Have so much fun lady!!!


  3. Haha! I always wonder that about blog meet ups. I'm like- we get along on Twitter but will we in actual convo?

  4. Thar broccoli does look delicious...

    And I hope you don't die this weekend. That would suck. Yay for blogger meet ups!

  5. Yay for a blog friend meetup! Have loads of fun :)

  6. I made a snack similar to that...its on my blog. not going to be at this meeting..

    so. nuff said.

  7. Sounds like so much fun! Especially if they aren't greasy old men...

  8. Mmmm....i love broccoli too...cute pic :)

  9. Are you at all worried one girl will have a Minnie Mouse voice?

  10. Have fun with your blog friends!! That sounds like an awesome time.

  11. What a healthy snack. I am eating veggies as much as possible for the last month of pregnancy :).

    Have a nice blate - I will be checking on you on Monday if not I will call the authorities, LOL :).

  12. Raw broccoli is so good! Have a great time meeting "new" people :) A blog meeting would be fun thing to attend!

  13. I agree broccoli raw or cooked or whatever is great, but she's how old?
    Impressed she doesn't go for crisps or... er... what do kids that age go for? sweets?
    Well done Lindsey!

    Oh and hope you are having fun!

  14. Hi! I found your blog from Story of My Life, and just wanted to say that I love it. I just read your love story and my heart melted. I shed a few tears. Haha. I know I don't know you and that it's been a few years since all that happened, but I'm happy everything worked out the way it did.

    I'm following your blog now. Hope you have a great weekend!


  15. healthy girl! Can't wait to hear about your fun weekend!


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