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Thursday, September 22, 2011

+ I'm liking this song lately.  And the title... could it be more appropriate?  Stay young, go dancing.  Hear hear Death Cab!
+ I watched a video yesterday that I took in the hospital.  Parker was being swaddled by the nurse and crying.  His cry sounds altogether different.  Two months, people, two months!  How the hell do they change so fast?!
+ Have you all seen Punchfork already?  You probably have.  I for one tweeted it as soon as I discovered it.  I love recipes that have a picture to go along with it--so the site is perfect for me.  Does the food look pretty?  Nah?  Forget about it.
+ I made these peach crumbles last night.  So good.  I suggest you do the same.
+ Did ya'll watch Modern Family last night??  Cam is my favorite.  Phil is a close second.  Actually, he ties with Gloria.
+ This is Boston's 5-day forecast at the moment.  Sad face.
+ I miss going on dates with my husband.  We need to get back on that.  
+ Why is it that every time Titanic is on TV I can't entirely pass over it?  "What scene are they playing right now?  Did they hit the iceberg?  Did Jack draw her nekkid yet?"
+ It was sunny yesterday however so Parker and I went for a walk.  Little man likes being outside.
+ Moms, I'm trying to figure out what foods Parker might not be liking in mah breastmilk.  I don't see a whole lot of rhyme or reason yet except one day when I OD'd on eggs and he had a fussy night.  Coincidence or not, I'm not sure.  What were your experiences?
+ The vlog is coming, but gimme another week or so.  We don't do deadlines.  


  1. It's about 100 degrees here and horrible. I want Fall!

    Love that photo of Parker. Adorable!

  2. Unfortunetly, dairy was always the culprit for us. And eliminating dairy when they were weaned in their own diets tended to take care of any colds/ear infections. We miss butter.

  3. Oh I loove websites like that. Have you used tastespotting before? It's basically the same thing. So many drool-worthy food pictures. Food porn!
    And I hear ya on Titanic. It's like a drug.

  4. Yuck, I'm with you on the sad face. The little guy and I are stuck inside all day because of this :( Sometimes we venture out in the Bjorn with a big umbrella, but it's always a war over who is holding the umbrella handle (one of us holds it so the umbrella is sideways...).

    And Punchfork?? Holy moly.

    Striped pants are awesome.

  5. Oh girl, Mike and I have back to back date nights in our future next week. Everett goes down at 6 for the night and Dad's there to babysit...yessss!

    Smashed red potatoes and doughnut freaking pudding. Get in my belly. Or in my bookmarks. Whatev.

    Also, Boston better get its act together.

  6. look at that kid, getting more handsome every friggen day.

    we love modern family too, except our dumb bunny ears kept losing the signal so we are going to have to catch it on hulu.

    I think I like phil the best.

  7. I do love that song. P-man is too cutes and needs to stop it on growing up so fast.

    Cam. Yes.

  8. Parker is so cute! And...I love your blog.

    As for sensitivities...Dairy, dairy, dairy for us. Cheese, milk, sour cream. All of it. And cantaloupe---random, but made him projectile every time. Peanut Butter made him itchy- eczema. Caffine- tea, cokes, etc- was bad too. Oh...and red sauce, like on Pasta. Bad news bears! But, it's worth it to have a happy happy baby! and mine was SOOOOO happy once I figured all those things out. Good luck! Breastfeeding is amazing!

  9. Just came across your blog a few days ago. Love your randomness! :-)

  10. We had a problem with Mexican food. Now, this may also be a Texas problem. I could eat it everyday. When I was preg's I DID eat it almost everyday. Little boy seemed to not like the spice. I have heard of other mom's talking about how eating spicy (like salsa and jalapenos or habaneros) is a no go as well.

  11. I've heard from a couple of mothers that dairy bothered their babies.

  12. My son had a hard time with beans, and tomatoe products.

  13. OMG the part where Mitchell blows up the bird house and goes running frantically to Cam to tell him. Hilarious...I die, LOVE that show!

    Those pumpkin cinnamon roll pancakes will be in my pregnant bellys future!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. My daughter had a hard time with a lot of different stuff. I tried to cut back on some things but not all.
    Dairy, onions, cabbage, spicy foods, and caffeine.
    I ate it in moderation and made sure to drink LOTS of water before, during, and after eating.

  15. love this post of "nothingness" and had to comment on modern family-- watched it on hulu this morning before work-- love them all!

  16. love that song... so does bonz!

    and dude. seriously with the cuteness? the beanie! the stripes! i'm swooning over here.


  17. Ever has that same star blanket. I love it! It's gorgeous and thick and soft and the perfect size for life.

    Parker is adorable.

  18. Super cute blog! New follower :)

  19. Cam is my favorite too! And I'm the same way with Titanic... And Mr. Parker looks just fantastic in his little hat!

  20. I love all the thoughts from your head...plus a pic of Parker all chilled out in the stroller...amazing!

    ps. Gloria and Phil tie for my favorite and Cam comes in second.

  21. date night this weekend. make it happen. you have a thousand kids, one of them can watch the babe. do ittttt

  22. Aren't walks outside with the little guys the best. Cohen absolutely loves lookin around at all the scenery. But the guy HATES getting buckled into his seat. And I'm afraid to leave him unbuckled, just in case there's an earthquake...

  23. Hi Bridget, I'm a new follower. I found your blog through Ahnika. Grant is my BFFs cousin, so I've been reading Ahn's blog for a while. I just had to tell you that when I found your blog, I first read your love story, and was sooo hooked and fascinated, that I proceeded to read your entire blog start to finish. I love everything you write, but mostly your pretend posts. :) If you're ever looking for something new to read, here's my blog... 101 Things in 1001 days: http://lauramagdalen.blogspot.com/

  24. with no. 2 i eliminated all dairy, soy and eggs from my diet. it was hard but so worth it. though my babe was never fussy he had the strangest poop i'd ever seen and i knew something was up. soooo many babies have dairy + egg sensitivities in breast milk. i think people and doctors are afraid to suggest it to mothers for fear they will stop nursing. i know you won't. good luck. a bit of a guessing game, but you'll figure it out!

  25. I wish we had rain in the forecast...please!!! I LOVE Cam on Modern Family. He and Phil totally make the show and I LOL every time I watch it!!! And I am a sucker for Titanic "i'll never let go Jack!". Your little one is so beyond adorable1! Just found your blog and I am loving! A new follower. Cannot wait to look around more :) I'm having a jewelry giveaway!! :)


  26. Yes, it's been gray and rainy where I live too. All week! I'm ready for the sun.
    And I love Death Cab for Cutie! And love that song.
    And I've never heard of Punchfork. But the site looks awesome. I definitely need some recipe ideas! So I'll be checking that out!

  27. He is such a cutie!
    I didn't experience any reactions from my babe/s as it related to what I ate/nursed. That said...I did avoid the known offenders - broccoli, onions, spinach...
    Who knows though, it might have been fine! (I just really don't like broccoli, onions, spinach...)

  28. I tripped over your blog a few months ago and had to chime in re the food question.
    My kids have, variously, (despite being guided by a naturopath, being on probiotics, fish oil, and about a hundred other supplements pre and post pregnancy!!) egg, peanut, dairy & soy allergies, which I discovered while breastfeeding. Unsettled, screaming, mucus in poo, runny nose, rash on face, eczema can all be symptoms.
    Anyway, only way to know for sure is to eliminate the suspect item for at least a few weeks (read all ingredients labels!), then have some (eg, have an egg), and see the reaction. Then wait a few weeks if no reaction, then have more (say, two eggs). if you separately get the same reaction at least a few times you can bet there's an allergy.
    You can get skin prick tests, but for something like dairy they aren't conclusive.
    The good news is that it doesn't have to impact on breastfeeding - despite the allergies I was still able to breastfeed my first for 16months, and am still breastfeeding my second. I've had no trace of dairy, soy and peanut for over 2 yrs now but it's worth it!
    Sorry for the ramble, good luck with it. Parker's a cutie, and looks like he has an old soul :)

  29. Unless he's having serious issues, don't worry about it. I was always so concerned with my first about if what I was eating was going to make her fussy. After the 2nd and 3rd child, somewhere I realized they get fussy no matter what, and the phase ends too quickly (just a few months until they move around more) for me to worry about if it's from what I'm eating. Again, unless it's causing him serious problems (like blood in pee or stool, projectile vomiting, crying all night, etc.) Just my opinion- good luck!

  30. my hubs and I are super into that whole death cab CD. great taste! ;)

  31. My baby kept getting hives during breastfeeding and finally at 5 months, I suspected eggs. She is 11 months now and we just had her blood tested as a result of a severe reaction at daycare. She is EXTREMELEY allergic to eggs and it took me this long to figure it out. Good luck!!
    Sweet Serendipity

  32. I can't pass up Titanic either. Something about Jack in that movie that makes me cry every time:)

  33. And before you know it you'll be planning his first birthday party. Sigh. Anyway, Levi definitely had an aversion to dairy (that was difficult to cut out!) and tomatoes (the acidity, I guess). However, he was totally fine with coffee. Hope you figure it out...and soon! :)


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