Sunday, September 11, 2011

i was watching one of the many 9/11 specials last night.  the stories were heartbreaking. 
there was one story i wanted to share because, while heartbreaking, it was also beautiful.
there was a woman working at the aftermath because she was a welder and her company asked her, after she first fled the city, to come back and use her skills to disassemble the wreckage, find bodies, and be a helping hand.  she worked there for a few weeks straight, and took home a souvenir.  she brought home some of the huge bolts that held together pieces of what was the world trade center buildings.  she brought them home because her father, since deceased, was also a welder.  and one of the projects he worked on was the building of the world trade centers.  she said, "i brought some home because, who knows, he might've touched them."

i'd like to say, "we will never forget."  because we won't.  
those who were alive on that day will never forget exactly where they were when they heard the crazy news.  but i can't say i think about it all the time.  or want to.  but, on this day i am, and my heart goes out to everyone, and there are so many, who were affected by what happened... large or small.


  1. I don't think I've ever actually commented on your blog before, although I am a long time reader. I had just posted my own 9-11 post, and when the page refreshed, this posting was at the top. Thank you for sharing this story, I think often we forget that though 9-11 as an event is certainly a cultural memory, for many people september 11, 2001 was the date that they lost their loved one. For them it is not a national day of remembrance, but a personal reminder of a day that changed their lives forever.

  2. that gave me chills. /made me want to cry. in a good way. /sad way. basically, just... thanks for sharing.

  3. chills had here, too, Jenni.

    this is stunning. <3

  4. That is a really sweet story. Thank you for sharing. And I'm the exact same way, I don't think about it all the time, and I don't want to, but I will absolutely never forget.

  5. Even though I am Europe and and from a little island, I will never forget that day! That is a really sweet, yet touching story!

  6. thanks for posting, i'm glad to see lots of other bloggers taking the time to talk about 9/11. it was a crazy day. i often think about how i will explain it to my future children, if they will understand it all.

  7. That's a great story. I love that part where the lady says 'Who knows, maybe he touched it'. That was really moving.
    Also, love your new header. Had to mention that!

  8. Tough Day! The world definitely changed and is not the same. I too posted. It's hard to put into words what today, ten years after means. I didn't lose anyone but I hurt for the people that did and how everything as we knew it changed including the families of those that lost loved ones.

  9. What a neat and sad story. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Never going to forget. Like you said, that's a given. But I'm with you, it's not something I think about too often because there is too much good in this world, and the beauty of the future that I choose to focus on. But today is, and always will be, a day to remember what happened: where we were when it happened and who we've become as a people since that day ten years ago.


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