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+ noppies on zulily this morning.  yes please.  i'd like it all in adult sizes, as well.
+ it is a beautiful day in the boston area today.  not too hot, not too cold.  i think i might take a walk.
+ i want to get these matching shirts for steve & parker.
+ i really want to see the help.  i loved the book and i'm an emma stone fan so i think the movie is going to be good.  anyone seen it yet?
+ i had more than one of my guest bloggers tell me, after their post was published, that you guys are the nicest readers.  i agree.  so, thanks guys.
+ guest bloggers are officially done.  i thank them all!  they gave me some much needed chill time with parker-man and the rest of the hunt clan.
+ if you guys would be so kind, my friend has a survey for you to take to help her with her masters in publishing.  do it.
+ speaking of, everyone is doing well.  he's almost one month old and has joined the family pretty effortlessly, i must say.  
+ kelly ann's latest playlist is perfection.  especially check out dance card.  i'll stick it here for ya too.  it's my new fave (and if you are a music-fiend like me, you should probably continue perusing kelly ann's blog cause girlfriend's got a+ music taste in my book.).
+ my sister and family come tomorrow and i cannot wait to see them.  we need to get a jumpstart on quinn and parker's best friend relationship.  
+ i'm liking this whole having a newborn thing.  oh, and ahn came to visit and got some good parker pics if you wanna see more of the little dude.
+ i get this post on a whole new level.


  1. we are pretty friendly... haha :)


  2. The Help was fantastic! I'm a huge fan of the book and was afraid the movie just wouldn't do it justice...but I was wrong. So many things in it were just as I had imagined as I read the book. Definitely go see it when you can!!

  3. How fun to have a cousin so close in age! They WILL be best friends, I am sure of it. :)

  4. @alex, i will! i'm not sure when that will be. parker can be a bit of a party-kill (jk parker, love you) but we'll see.
    @jamie, they have no choice but to be!

  5. amen to everything in this post. i'm so glad everything's good for you and the fam and that you're feeling well enough to go for a nice long walk. that last link you posted is just so sweet. i alomst cried and i'm not even close to thinking about having babies yet. those shirts are pretty kick ass and kelly ann makes the raddest playlists. amen and amen.

  6. Take that baby to the movies ASAP. I've taken Everett twice with no problems (in the theater...the car was another story). Something about the loud sounds and dark theater puts them out like a light.

    I'm waiting to see The Help until the crowds thin out a little...that way if there is a meltdown, we piss off fewer people.

  7. I am dying to see The Help! Glad to hear that you are all doing well - it is beautiful out, take advantage of it :)

  8. Waiting for my mom's visit to NYC to take her on a movie date to see The Help. Loved the book, have heard great things about the movie.

    Ahn's pics rock. But you probs knew that already.

  9. I'm not far from Boston. Are you getting the load of rain later, like we are?!...I hope it doesn't spoil your walk!...And I loved the help too! I've heard really good things so far about the movie. I can't wait to see it!! :-) ... Have fun with your sister and family!

  10. 1. I had a cousin that was 13 days younger than me and it was the BEST thing ever growing up
    2. I want to see the help too but I'm determined to read the movie first so it looks like I'll have to watch it at home.
    3. You HAVE to get those shirts. Too much...I really did laugh out loud. I might have to put this on the wish list for the future babies.


  11. Zulily wants to steal all my money and keep me distracted with clothes that will only fit my kid for ten minutes. I hate them and I love them. The rollercoaster, it hurts.

    My co workers will soon all love that playlist and probably buy me gifts for bringing it to their lives. I doubt I'll have time to give proper credit with all the praise I'll be brushing off, so thanks to you and Kelly ann. You got our back.

    Saw The Help. I loved it and I didn't. A few things that they changed bummed me out, but I understood why they did it. Everyone else in the theatre clapped and cried so I think I was a lone soldier. You should see it. Still made me feel good and emotional. (Though I doubt you need any of that these days..)

    I loved your guest posters but I'm happy it's back to Bridget. Like back to school. Yay!

    Have fun with your sis. You know I'm all over the sister band wagon.

  12. Yay! You're back! And I hate to be adding to the list, but it looks like you have to change your header.

  13. Welcome back! Yay!

    I want to see the Help so bad. I'm a cheap college student though and just might wait til it comes out on Redbox or something. When you see it I want to hear what you have to say about it!

    Yeah her playlist is pretty much amazing. I'm listening to it at work as we speak. :)

    (PS, I'm also excited to see more cute pics of Parker! And I'd also love to hear how you picked his name!)


  14. Took the survey! :)

    Quit reminding me about Zuilly! I'm trying to practice restraint!


  15. oh my gosh. you have to get those shirts.

  16. you are lucky to have a good and easy going baby. i've had one and it is magical. i've also had a colicky one. you love them both with the same all consuming fervor, but the longing to keep them small and stop time is an emotion reserved for the more angelic babies. enjoy every moment. and if you think your heart breaks a bit now just wait until the last day you nurse him. mine are 9 and almost 3 now and i nursed them both till they were 18 months. i still miss that bond and seeing the pic of you nursing parker brings those emotions all back! now go see "the help". newborns are easy peasy in the movie theater.

  17. you have great taste! thanks for sharing this list. Loving the playlist to get me through the afternoon!

  18. so glad you are back! i am excited to see your new header, since {ahem} it is now officially "...plus 5 kids + a gracie", right??


  19. Loved the guest bloggers but I'm glad you're back :-)

  20. yay! Welcome back!!! woo who!

  21. Thanks a million, my friend! You are just the sweetest ever. <3

    I can't WAIT to see the help - Emma Stone is kind of the best.

  22. Loved the guest bloggers but so glad you're back and doing well! :)

  23. i've loved your guest blogs but i'm glad you're back now! can't wait to see more parker pics :)

  24. LOVED the book and the movie. You won't be disappointed if you go. Just bring Parker and nurse him thru it!

  25. I really loved The Help! It'd been a couple years since I read the book, so I'm not sure if they kept every single detail the same... but I thought they did a good job of keeping it was close to the book. Loved it! Aaaaand I might have a girl crush on Emma Stone. So that didn't hurt.

  26. Saw The Help and LOVED it! Different from the book (aren't all book/movie adaptations?), but in an interestingly good way. The eye candy that is Stewart and Johnny doesn't hurt either!

  27. The Help was so good. I cried 3 times. Such a sad, but feel-good movie.
    It is so crazy to me to think that just over 50 years ago that things were like that. My mom grew up in Clarksdale, MS and they had a maid. Her name was Innes. But my grandma never made her use a different bathroom or her own dishes or anything like that. It just really makes me sad to think of how people were treated because of the color of their skin.


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