true story.

it's 4:29 am.  i've been up since 1:40.  i can't complain a whole lot.  this is the first time i've had to do this and he's almost 5 weeks old.  don't be jealous cause, after all, i am awake now and you're probably sleeping.

he's sleeping now too.  why aren't i?  good question.

well, after faking us out sleep-wise for the 15th time, i decided to bag the attempts to put parker to sleep and just wear him around the house.  baby-wearing burns calories.  burning calories makes one hungry.  hungry people need to eat.

so i had a bowl of life.

that was, until i dropped that bowl of life, for no apparent reason, on the desk and it smashed in two.  milk.  soggy life.  all over the desk.  parker jumped for a second.  back to sleep he went.

oh, and i cut my finger too.

a paper towel and a rubber band do a fine job at a makeshift band-aid in the middle of the night.

and is there any point in going back to sleep if he will be wanting to eat in, oh, 1 hour?

p.s. i am going to start a moms-awake-at-all-hours-of-the-night-so-lets-just-use-the-time-to-blog thing.
p.p.s. probably a bad idea actually.
p.p.s.s. don't i have to actually sign off to necessitate not one, but three p.s.'s?  whatever.  here it is.



  1. sleep deprived blog posts are my favorite.

  2. ^ ditto. this made me smile. hope you got some rest :)

  3. Who needs sleep? I say go without, makes for awesome posts.

  4. Hi Bridget! This post made me think of a couple things:
    1. For the first good solid three months of her life, my second spent nearly every moment of her life being worn by myself or my husband. It was exhausting (sweet, too).
    2. Co-sleeping during those early months was the best thing I ever did (didn't do it with my first). I was literally not tired during those early months, as baby would nurse in bed with me and I'd hardly know it, just kept on sleeping.
    3. I love Life cereal too!
    blessings to you! xoxo

  5. oh wow...the adventures of a mom! hope you get some rest this weekend!

  6. Love you and your makeshift bandaid <3

  7. I was sooooooo exhausted the first weeks. I would fall asleep on the nursery floor.

    I saw this article somewhere back then when I was reading about being tired with a newborn and I'll never forget there was this forum that was like "Strangest thing you ever did because of newborn sleep exhaustion" and one lady said that she actually swaddled her dog instead of her baby on accident. I remember laughing out loud and thinking...okay I've not done that yet. But I was like one step away.

    Anyway, that is probably why you dropped the cereal bowl. I was dropping things and running into things all the time because I was so tired.

    p.s. nice makeshift bandaid.
    p.p.s. I hope you are sleeping now.
    p.p.p.s. I did this to be like you. And now that I explained myself without needing to it seems less funny but I am too lazy to delete. Now that is lazy.



  8. cutting yourself on the bowl of life. that's ironic. hope you're catching up on sleep now maybe :) p.s you're even funnier in the middle of the night. the awake-at-all-hours-so-just-blog thing could work out.

  9. Awwwww! Woo Woo Woo! I feel your pain...Of course, I don't have any children and I'm not even wearing a 'make-shift' baby. But still! LOL

  10. Oh Bridget, I can so relate to this post. I was up 6-7x nightly minimum w my little girl for the first year. Now it's down to once. Still not so good.
    Hang in there!

  11. First time in five weeks, eh? Awesome. Have you had Parker adjusted? Levi was a good sleeper but turned into an AWESOME sleeper once he started getting adjusted.

    P.S. Your robe. Target? If so, been wanting it...

  12. @ladylee,
    p.p.p.s.s.s.s. gracie might get swaddled tonight.

    @jamie, target, yes! and he is really a good sleeper for the most part--the night before last, i had a 6 hour stretch!

  13. My kids have never slept through the night until they are past 5...dont' really know what I did wrong ;) Our youngest is now 2 so we have 3 more years to go. In the meantime my body has totally switched to night mode and I'm left feeling like a vampire with all the time in the world to clean, organize, craft and blog at nights...and to complain about my dark circles under my eyes!

  14. You are officially part of the real mom's club. Welcome!!!!

  15. Holy craps.

    In the beginning I was totally going to start a late-night newborn twitter support group. But then I caught on (as you saw last night) that it's every man for himself with those things. If mine goes down, forget keeping you company...I'm off to bed!

    And that's how it's got to be.

  16. i was up at the same time last night...we should've skyped with our babies attached.

  17. @etellstales, psh, i say bring back the late night twitter. us all-hours-of-the-night-moms gots to stick together.

    @laurie, next time!


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