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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the weather has turned here in boston.  we've had days of 80's and sun for about a week now.  we're all pinching ourselves making sure it's really happening.  it is, it is!  so, i'm compiling a little list of the things i'm looking forward to this summer.  cause why not?

+ days at the pool (we joined one for the first time and i think the kids are going to LOVE it)
+ days at the beach with coolers filled with snacks and big, cold bottles of water
+ going to concerts... we've got at least one on the agenda and one more would be fun
+ meeting my son!  woah, that's funny to say
+ camping
+ eating corn on the cob, black bean salad, and bbq pork burgers
+ getting to the jersey shore at least once (hopefully) and having, oh, 5 slices of mack n' mancos pizza
+ driving with the sunroof open and blasting music.  the baby WILL come out with a distinct like for all things james taylor, fleet foxes, paul simon, and the like (and maybe some george strait and kenny chesney thrown in there for his dad).  no eminem babies here.
+ finding and wearing the perfect summer hat... something like this
+ a margarita after the little one makes his appearance.  and maybe a few sips before.
+ not having to bundle up
+ berries & farmer's markets
+ fetching with gracie
+ going on dates with my husband since, let's be honest, they'll be a little harder when #5 comes



  1. Beach beach beach beach. And more beach. And lazy days on the porch. That's what I'm looking forward to. Aaaaaand seeing pictures of your beeb. Word.

  2. Aw your Summer sounds so exciting! Especially with the new baby.

  3. excellent list! i have a hat just like the one you linked to. i call it my "vacation hat". i should call it my "summer hat", eh?

  4. Sounds like one exciting summer! I'm thinking you'll never have another exactly like it. :)

    Love this list. You've inspired me to post my own...

  5. will you be fist pumping at the shore? (sorry, i tried to resist.)

  6. oooh! I got strawberries from my CSA yesterday and they are so good! I love summer fruit.

    BONUS: my farm share doesn't spray and the grow organically! Woot!

  7. You're summer sounds so fun and relaxing! (well, I'm sure giving birth won't be relaxing...)

    I totally gave you a shout out on my blog and officially labeled you a cool kid. haha.

  8. died laughing over no eminem babies

    this summer sounds perfect. Bosotn is the best place for summertime...we have it all! the city, beaches, fun day trips.

    i like your floppy hat you want :)


  9. i LOVE mack n' manco pizza!! we have a house in ocean city, so i eat way too much of it in the summer!

  10. Holy eff I love summer. I'm daydreaming about the same things dudette. BBQ's by the lake after work, bare feet in the grass, hot pavement even after the sun goes down, fresh tomatoes from the garden. I swear, if the cold even thinks about making an appearance before November, I will dropkick it all fierce and ninja like.

  11. Glad you finally got some sun... In Mexico City its HOT. Hey I sent you an email with some pictures you might like

  12. a perfect summer list! i hope i get lots of pool time and bbq's. oh and i hope to find a cute summer hat too! as long as i don't look ridiculous!! :) which is very possible!

  13. I love this post - that sounds like the perfect summer list!

    You're going to have such an exciting summer with your son on the way!

    & I LOVE driving with the sunroof open and music blasting. I also LOVE summertime margaritas. MM! Sounds wonderful!

  14. i'm so excited for beach days. the kind of beach days where you get there early in the morning and stay well after dark and roast s'mores

  15. Sounds like the perfect summer to me! I've been dying to go to the beach. DYING.
    I'll think of you when I have margaritas :)

  16. What a fun summer you will have, especially when that new little one arrives!

    I'm looking forward to long days & nights when the sun stays out late, spending time on the river with great company, lots of laughs, and a golden tan!

    How I love summer time!

  17. sounds good to me!
    I'm still in search for the perfect summer hat.

    wow, it's #5!?


  18. MACK N' MANCOS IS THE BEST FOREVER! ah, the shore...

  19. oh an YES PLEASE for mack and mancos!

  20. Great list! And I LOVE the music choices--I remember that we often did have similar music playing from our rooms in the ol' Bromley apartment. Oh JT, how can anyone not love him!?

  21. Sounds like you are now "Summa Bridge" :)

  22. your summer sounds wonderful.

    I gave you a shoutout on my blog as well as made my own list of what I am looking foward to this summer!

  23. I am still pinching myself that it is summer here too, but with unbearable heat outside it must be so! The things I'm looking forward to:

    - THE BEACH. We are beach people. We wait for the weekend and wake up at the crack of dawn to check for any telltale signs of rain before packing quick bags and jetting to various beaches.

    - Mini Roadtrips. We also happen to be 'travel people' (apparently we are many different kinds of people haha).

    - Banana popsicles. No explanation needed.

  24. ahhh... meeting your son! that's so coool.

  25. sounds like everyone is ready for summer... bring it!

  26. Your list sounds amazing EXCEPT the few sips of margarita's before you have the little one. Seriously, you should know better. With what a health but you are you should know that that is the LAST thing you should do. Shame on the other momma's for not saying anything to you.

  27. perfection. especially the margaritas after the babes and husband time. also, the beach. summer is for fun, love, and tanning, amen?

  28. LOVE that your husband likes George Strait! He's my fav!


  29. sounds like perfect to me. yay for summer arriving!!

  30. Aw- I do hope you get down to the shore! I'll be down there with some of the "Sevens" just like the good old days. :)


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