so delish they'll make yo head spin.

seriously, try these.  
i've had the guava and now the passion fruit 
and i like the passion fruit better.

we got a package from our amazing minnesota friends
of like four boxes of this heaven-in-a-frozen-cardboard-thing.

isn't that the sweetest?

so, while i'm not actually giving you any of mine, 
you should really try them.

you can get your own at whole foods.
dairy free for those lactose intolerant people!
made with coconut milk, fruit, and cane sugar basically...

thanks jeff & jes :)


  1. loving all the food posts lately! you must be hungry or something ; )

  2. I'm sitting here bloggin and noticed your new post, so you must be at it too. Just thought I'd pop by and say hey, so... "Hey!"

  3. I"m obsessed with these too! Great (healthy) treats to have all the time!

  4. I'm hungry. Really really hungry. This isn't helping! :)

  5. I love the idea of this, and especially a great summer treat for kids. Lucky for me, there IS a Whole Foods in me neighborhood in Slc where we're moving, so I can finally stock up on all these goods:)

  6. well just add this to the list of things i miss from america.

    expect not really because i've never had these.

    but....it kinda makes sense to me.

  7. We have the cheapo, mass-produced version of these in our lunch room at school...and I love them.

  8. headed to whole foods..

    thanks for the tip lady!

  9. Loving your blog Bridget. The pic of you at 22 weeks is just gorgeous. Jade x

  10. I am a new follower of yours. I think you are adorable! And your "love story" is the greatest story I have ever heard! And congratulations on your pregnancy! :o)

  11. I will have to try! I am dairy free while nursing my daughter and you know sometimes you just want something cold and sweet!


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