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Friday, March 25, 2011

lindsey turns 9 on monday.  i can hardly believe it.  9 years old!  she was 3 when i started babysitting and 4 when we got married so this means i've really been her mom for more than half of her life.  crazy.  she's funny as ever and this year her birthday list said literally this: "pilgrim clothes, gardening tools, seeds for garden."  um, what?
nathaniel is going off to college in the fall.  holy moly.  there used to be days that i hoped this day would come sooner than later (this would be no surprise to him).  now, he is a young man who is polite and kind and and has a really good head on his shoulders.  unlike a lot of teenage boys, he doesn't swear or act cool just to one-up the next guy (i know you might be thinking, "sure, not around you guys."  but seriously... the kids' moral conscience is better than mine... not that that's hard.).  i like that about him and i'm seriously going to miss him when he goes.  luckily, he's going close by so we'll still see a lot of him (and he'll need to get to know his baby brother, of course).  i'm going with him on his "tour the college" day and i am hoping i don't get mistaken as a) a knocked up student or b) his knocked up girlfriend.  neither would be preferable, thanks.  
i bought these for the baby and am slowly collecting cute little things.  i won't be buying him too much because a) money's tight in these times and b) with a nephew a few months older than him, the hand-me-downs are coming like mad but these were too cute to pass up.  got 'em at zulilly -- wanna join?
our dear friends are coming over tonight and we are making fully loaded nachos with guac and punch and hearing how life is as newlyweds (them, not us) and then watching darjeeling limited.  i can't wait.

oh AND i just became twitter friends with emily and brad.  i say twitter friends but really they'd have to follow me for that to be legit so i guess i'll just say i became a twitter-stalker and will continue trying to befriend emily and share her clothes.  her maxi dresses are the bomb and would really suit my prego belly.

what's on your list for the weekend?


  1. Your kids are darling! Pilgrim clothes? hmmm... she sounds very funny (or fishy?)

    I'm laughing at the thought of you being mistaken for a knocked up girlfriend... you won't, you won't. You'll just be a total milf and make all the other moms (and dads) a bit jealous!

    Have a great weekend, sounds fun!

  2. you're too funny.

    hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. lindsey is my fave ever since that one letter and poll she took.

    pilgrim clothes, gardening tools, and seeds? girl after my own heart.

  4. Lindsey's birthday list is hilarious.
    Nathaniel seems like a really nice, handsome kid.
    I want those booties for myself.
    I heart you Bridget.
    You make me smile.
    Thank you.
    The end. :)

  5. oh, em is not following you? she is following me.

    jk. she is not.

    "i am hoping i don't get mistaken as a) a knocked up student or b) his knocked up girlfriend. "

    i laughed SO hard at that. and if i were a betting gal I would put my cards on B. hands down.

  6. I tried to think of all the possibilities of that tour going awkward...I definitely caught myself laughing not soon after. You'll be a celeb, I'm sure. I love that picture of Lindsey, a leather chair - dog on one side and HP on the other (yes, I spotted it)...she already knows how to live well.

  7. Give me those baby shoes! I'm a member already, but avoid reading the emails because everything on there is so darn gender specific. But these I need. What brand are they?

    Also, I wish you had been my stepmom. That is all.

  8. i love darjeeling limited. my fav wes anderson movie.

    and pilgrim clothes?! that is hysterical.

  9. haha, did you hear that they were broken up and then promptly go looking to twitter for denial of the fact too?

    The Bachelor should make some kind of "leave our couple along to work things out for at least a few months after the final episode" contract with the tabloids.

    And truly, what's gardening without pilgrim clothing?

  10. nine! my goodness, such a little lady now. her birthday wish list gave me a good laugh. too cute! have a great weekend! xo

  11. Ha! I love your daughter's list! So cute.

    And your boy is going to college? What?!

  12. At first I thought your friends WERE the guys from darjeeling limited. Oh hey, no big deal:-) xoxo

  13. Seems like yesterday that we had our little sleepover with Lindsey. Gardening tools & Seeds? Awesome...put that girl to work...who needs appleton farms anyway? Love the knit booties.

  14. pilgrim clothes & gardening tools & seeds for the garden?! i love her! happy early bday lindsey!

  15. Lindsey's list is so cute...guess she is really into gardening right now! That's adorable.

    Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

  16. Bahahaha! I just created a twitter account - crazy I know - but I found Brad and Emily last night and started following them.

    I sat there going back and forth, trying to decide if this was pathetic or not. I LOVE that I am not the only one. I really wanted to tweet something at them to see if they would respond. Still might.

  17. Kids grow up so fast don't they?!
    Seriously. They do. A girl I used to Nanny for, her birthday was yesterday and she turned 13. And I watched her when she was 7. Granted, I'm not watching her now, but still.
    Aww, you son seems like a great kid. I say kid, but he's really only a couple years younger than me! I'm glad he's got a good head on his shoulders. The ladies of his age need a guy like that!
    Loved what you said about hoping to not be mistaken for his knocked up gfriend! Funny.

  18. love the darjeeling limited. LOVE.

    those little crocheted booties are SO DANG CUTE OHMYWORD. do they make them in adult sizes? ;)

  19. Those boots are adorable! And your #1 son looks very handsome in that hat. I hear the "thinking I'm the girlfriend" plight... I've gone out with my 16 year old brother (I'm 23) and had people ask us if we were dating! ugggggh.

    Pilgrim clothes and seeds? Has she been reading a lot of Little House on the Prairie or something? :)

  20. Happy birthday Lindsey! :)

  21. oh dear, I really hope no one mistakes you for his girlfriend or someone he knocked up. maybe you should introduce yourself right away.

  22. I loved the Darjeeling Limited - especially Adrien Brody! Have you seen him in The Pianist? It's a must watch. Also love those adorable, little booties. Maybe, just maybe, I'll buy them for my future baby..

  23. I was JUST reading something about that movie.. oddly enough I've never seen it and hadn't heard about it either. How can this be? I have no idea. Must have my head in a hole.

  24. you are such a hip mom.
    p.s. i LOVE darjeeling. it's fantastic.


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