Wednesday, March 16, 2011

so i seriously feel like i GREW UP in the 80's.  like... a true 80's child.  granting, yes, i was born in '84 but most of my real formative years were more in the 90's.  still, having older sisters as some of your main idols, you learned from them.  so, tears for fears, OMD, pretty in pink, madonna, breakfast club, simple minds (seriously, don't you forget about me was one of my favorite songs when i was like 8 years old), the clash, cars, and a-ha were my growing-up culture.  my poor mom.  madonna wasn't such a good role model.  she couldn't have been thrilled by all of it (i mean, this was in the thick of madonna's pointy-bra phase).  nevertheless, i turned out ok.  i think.

i came across this video tonight and had to post it because it is so 80's and SO corny.  like gag corny.  but i have always liked this song.  just never knew this corny video went along with it.  oh wang chung.


  1. I caught this video on the all-music-video channel at my house last summer and immediately told my sister because it is basically AWESOME.

  2. we can relate over here at my house

    tears for fears are just grrrreat and sean loves the clash with all his manly heart :)

  3. seriously. my aunt bought me a walkman and a tape of madonna's like a virgin for my birthday...when i was six. my mother was ready to kill her. :)

  4. Embarrassing: My dad was in three or four bands when he and my mum first got married...and he sand lead on this song.


  5. i dont know bridge. i think the long, soulful, lingering looks at the camera are kind of nice.

    my additional thoughts: it is part home movie, part american festival.

    the lead singer goes into moments of extreme femininity.

    the sword-fighting between the violinist/background dancers never gets old.

    way to go, 8 year old you!

  6. LOVE THIS! :)


  7. Oh my gosh, his face, his movements. Why is he talking about babies so much? How did I never realize that about this song until seeing the creepy video?
    GAG central.

    haha great find. I kind of want his fisherman sweater though, and the high waisted pants. Wait. He's right on point with all blogging fashonista's today. Even his dance moves.

  8. Ok. So. Totally. Me. Thanks for taking me back :)

  9. Hi Bridget, Thanks for your comment on my blog Indigo. In regard to your question about this post (http://toindigo.blogspot.com/2011/02/look-book-grey-and-yellow.html) my dress is from Glassons, the belt is vintage, and the pearl bracelets are from Diva.
    I like your blog and the title image is beautiful.


  10. oh my! parts of this video are flat out frightening. basically any part where the violinist looks straight into the camera. especially at 0:37 and 0:50. Too funny!

  11. The shot of the guy with the violin in your face is so nastyyyyyy! Who would ever think they were attractive?!?!

    If you like the 80s though, Bridget, you may like my husbands music video for Topher Grace's new movie. Go here.. http://vimeo.com/19813401!!

  12. hahahah! Hilarious! And ridiculous! Your POOR mother!!!!

  13. i was born in '86. holla!
    i just DO NOT understand 80's clothing. i mean, REALLY?!? how did anyone look in the mirror and go, "YES! i look amazing!"

  14. Basically Neil Patrick Harris needs to re-make this immediately.

  15. It's always weird for me to see who actually sings these old songs! I'm like, 'HIM?!'
    I forget what 80s movie this song was in...
    I love seeing how cheesy old videos are! Pretty funny.

  16. That video is pretty much over the top ridiculous!!! hahahhaa! About 30 seconds in I was thinking, this is almost awkwardly ridiculous, haha. Thanks for the share :)

  17. All that I can say is WOW! LOL!


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