damn you, photobucket.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

until photobucket registers the fact that i did just upgrade to pro, it looks like we'll all have the pleasure of these little 'exceeded bandwidth' notices.  fun fun.


and i was told it could actually take a few days!  anyone know from experience?

happy sunday.


  1. I had a similar issue with blogger/picasa... they said that I had exceeded my image hosting capacity, which I thought was impossible. I tried going through and deleting pictures I wasn't using but it made everything wonky on my blog. I eventually bit the bullet and upgraded. Don't worry, I'll still read your blog :) I think most others will too.

  2. Can you get a refund?

    Because I'm about to obnoxiously tell you why Flickr is better. So the cheapo account (which is what I have, because I'm a cheapo) will let you keep 200 pictures up and showing. But once you get past 200, it files them for you, so that they still appear on your blog and you don't get that annoying out-to-lunch message.

    If for whatever reason you want to become a non-cheapo and upgrade, the benefit is only that others can browse through more than the most recent 200 of your pictures.

    But if you can't get a refund, I understand. Life's hard.

  3. the same thing happened to me and I was so so upset! I found that I like to just stick to blogger uploading and then resizing the photos to make them bigger on the html.
    Also small question... or maybe it's rather complicated... how do you make your buttons go straight to a different website, like twitter/etsy?
    My buttons worked when they were on the side of my blog, but since I've moved mine to the top, it's just not working!! thanks!

  4. yup, I got to that point a couple months ago...I wish they'd give us a heads up before we're in the middle of a post! It took blogger/picasa 24 hours to upgrade me...

  5. yes! frustrating!

    @e- at this point, i'll prob just let it go, but after this year i will check out flickr! boo to photobucket... but looks like they fixed the problem.

    @brittany--each of the ones at the top (travel, ask, bloglovin' etc) are actually an html so they link to whatever address i tell them to. i had a lot of help figuring out how to do it so email me and i can forward you some of the help i was given!!

  6. damn damn damn. that photobucket is a PAIN. I use it for hosting my design work, and it can be a real stinker.

    For everything else I use flickr. It's the best. Definitely look into it, maybe when your photobucket pro expires?


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