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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

if you've been reading then you know i loved the finale.  brad chose emily.  good choice, my man.  you'd be crazy to let that girl go.  of course, i have thoughts.  and entertain me, if you will...

she's adorable.  like sooo adorable.  i basically told steve it'd be okay if he had a crush on her cause she's perfect and so classy.  but he did say that he really liked me and is glad i'm the one he's got.  good answer.  whether he's saying it to ensure he keeps gettin' some or not, good answer.  

her clothes are the best.  i want to swap closets with her.  and does she do her own hair?  she's good at it.

chantal, i felt really bad for you.  this is the first finale where i truly liked both girls (despite the fact that i so wanted emily to win).  it's gotta be hard going up against who america is describing as mother teresa.  i mean, nothing bad can be said about emily (though tabloids will try to) and that's gotta suck!  but glad you have someone now chantal.  

i thought it was odd how emily said she seemed uptight and boring throughout her bachelor stint.  how she wishes she'd be taken on more fun dates.  i get what she means.  she didn't seem super spunky and that she would really hold her own in a marriage until the after the final rose.  why?  how she jumped up when brad asked for water like "let me get it for you!" and then we see her on the finale with brad all in the doghouse every monday night.  it was a little confusing.  maybe it was abc's editing or that she was pretty reserved in reality but whichever the case, i am glad she's got a little more spunk to her.  do you think she'll ever fart in front of him though?  prob not.  

the silly hollywood part of me wanted them to be all blissfully happy when we saw them in after the final rose but it's better that they are real and i think it was smart of her to say she wanted to live beyond the after the final rose and the monday nights and just live and learn how to communicate.  and he is SMITTEN with her so i think if anyone ends this, it'll be her.  though i hope not.

they have a 14-year age difference.  a woman after my own heart!  go em go!

i think that's it.  i do think they'll make it.  or i really hope so anyway.

OH, one more thought.  didn't like how brad said he was getting shot down and "mad" at their last date when she was telling him about the reality of being a father.  I TOTALLY GET THAT.  she wanted no surprises and for him to, months down the road, be like "this SUCKS, why didn't you tell me?"  then she and ricky lose him.  so she should make NO apologies for that.  and i'm done.


i got an email from a blog reader living in japan right now.  she is safe (alleluia!) and wanted me to share this site which allows you to easily donate through facebook, itunes, texting, etc.  check it out unless you've already got your own favorite charity.  

have you heard the rob bell hoopla over the past day or so?  maybe not.  check it out.  i think religious discussions are some of the coolest there are.  as long as each person is willing to agree to disagree nicely.  otherwise, they suck.  well, i want to read this book really badly.  i like love a lot.  and i soooooooooooooooooooo hope the title of the book is true.  that love wins.

i love my husband so much.  he's hilarious and has been making me smile a lot these days.

i woke up at 6 this morning to pee and then could hardly go back to sleep because i was dreaming of nurseries.  an exciting thing to dream about but i'd like it if my head could wait until the more normal hours of the day to do so.

my chest is large and in charge like it's never been before.  in fact, when i walk around i think babies begin to clutch at their own mom's chest desperate to nurse.  did your chest double in size when/if you got pregnant?

fyi: sponsors can start any day of the month.  the whole only-starting-the-first-of-the-month biznaz didn't make much sense to me.  email me if you'd like more info?

i'm going to learn to meditate at a class with this lovely lady today.  i've been wanting to learn to meditate for forever now and she's the greatest so i think it'll be a good day.  and the sun is out too!

how are you?


  1. I knew Emily was going to win, and I didn't even watch the show. But I'm good like that (or else, I got all my information from you).

    Apparently my boobs are larger now, because I measured. 2 inches! But it's probably back fat, non?

  2. I am so glad you commented on my blog I have been trying to search for yours as I forgot to bookmark it (note to self do RIGHT NOW) I jsut read back to where I left off and your preggers (CONGRATSSS) so exciting!

  3. I read your post, and then read this one in my reader, and thought you might be interested!

  4. Oh, I know! I watched every minute of it - and I am soooo glad Emily won his heart! :)

  5. I agree that he is totally head over heels for the girl, but I didn't want him to pick her. There's not a chance in hell they're going to make it to the alter, in my opinion! Gosh I sound negative haha

  6. wait what is the rob bell hoopla over the past day or so? what happened? i don't these things, bridget! germans don't care about rob bell!

  7. I thought the black dress on Chantal and the white on Emily was somewhat ironic...Emily's wardrobe wins again! Felt bed for Chantel - until she mentioned she was seeing someone (who I then felt bad for when she kept crying over Brad, guess their Monday night was awk. too). I thought it was interesting it was all about little Ricki...but they never really talked about her in the after-show? And I totally agree- if it ends, it's gonna be Emily who does it.

  8. @eva, thanks girl!
    @bree, whyyyyyyy?
    @jenni, here's an article!
    @maggy- hahaha i thought the same w/ the black and white... and chantal's current boyfriend!

  9. Mmmmm meditating is uh-mazing. It's like my favorite part of yoga. I just feel at peace and my mind is very quiet once I'm done. Stress just meltsss away.

  10. I thought they were both nice ladies.
    Emily doesn't seem to want to let him in though, and that seems to be causing a lot of problems. :( boo! But I get where she is coming from, she's a realist which I can relate to.


  11. Ahhhh the Bachelor! I do love Emily but I honestly thought Chantal was better for him during the show. However, you're SO right. ABC did some serious editing during the show to make Emily look like kind of a bore, a sweet one, but a bore. It was evident during ATFR that she is super spunky & I loved that. Maybe she is cut out for him after all.

    Ps. I agree with you on him getting mad when she was asking about Ricky. I would've been like ummm ok? see ya then. ha!

  12. Bigger boobs- no doubt! It's how I know I'm pregnant even before the pee test. They'll probably triple and then quadruple again before you have him:)

    Loved the finale- of course. Was surprised at the realness Brad and Emily were showing at the After the Final Rose. I like it, then I don't, then I do. At least it's real, but the cynic in me thinks they won't make it now.

    Rob Bell- LOVE! In Dominica I had a weekly religion/bible study type group and we'd watch a new Rob Bell movie each week. He's really great. I wouldn't mind reading that book too!

  13. Yes, I was happy that Emily won! I really hope that it works out for them!

  14. I am so interested in hearing about you meditation. That is definitely something I need to be doing.

  15. I've followed the rob bell hoopla to some small extent - interesting because I read a book a whole ago called "the inescapable love of God" that made all my [Christian] friends worry I was going to hell by becoming a universalist. [Trinitarian, not unitarian!] But I'm really intrigued by the concept, and really the concept of eternal torment for those "unsaved" is relatively a newer idea in the realm of Christianity. like you said, I like love and really like the idea of it winning.

  16. Hahaha, YES to bigger boobs! Wait'll they start leaking a little, if they haven't already. It took a few months with the first kiddo for them to get bigger and it wasn't till eight months or so that the teeny leaks started, but this second time around it was instant enlargement (let's see if I get bigger this time--I went from a B to a D first time around!) and the leaking started by month 5 or 6. Thank the Lord it's not much leakage, but it's nice to know all is functional. :) Enjoy! They do deflate as your kiddo stops nursing as frequently and as long each time, alas. :-P

  17. I'm so glad it was Emily too! She is such a sweetheart! And I agree. I think this was the first time that I really liked the final two girls. My heart was breaking a little bit for Chantal. You could tell she really loved him.

  18. i watched the entire 3 hour event last night .. i dont know if it was worth that much of my time .. :/ lol i was so glad that emily won but as you said i liked chantal too .. however i was confused when all of the sudden she was like yea im dating someone and we're so happy .. really chantal bc you still look pretty darn upset .. i felt bad for her .. but didnt want her to give brad that satisfaction.
    emily is a doll and she is looking out for her daugther more than anything .. which is an incredibly smart decision for her. it annoyed me to no end when the crowd kept gasping and whispering when emily said that she wanted to wait to get married . if they last they will last bc they waited .. not bc they rushed into an unready marriage .
    loved this post .. it made me laugh and smile .. thanks ! :)

  19. i knew the outcome but my heart was still racing the entire time. i WAS drinking champagne (we have a tradition that we eat cupcakes and drink champagne every finale) buttttt i'm sure that wasn't it. i feel so nervous that they're not gonna make it - i feel like they have become america's sweethearts and i will be personally hurt if they break up.

    my boobs did grow when i was pregnant - wait until you're nursing. i went from an a to a c. then i stopped nursing and my boobs are smaller than they were before. flat. gone. don't know why that happens.

  20. you are so cute waking up in the wee hours of the morning unable to go back to sleep cause you're thinking about nurseries! i was so like that!

    yes my boobs went from double Ds to Hs! :O

  21. SO glad he chose Emily. ABC had me believing it was going to be Chantal. But I bet on Emily from the premiere so a friend of mine now owes me a gift certificate to a local spa! And as far as Em's drama after watching the Monday nights--I would be the same way. My husband said I wouldn't have made it that far, that I would have left the second he started paying more attention to someone else. Most likely.

  22. Totally agree with you on everything about Emily - Agree that I'm glad she has more spunk - so glad! And agree that Brad was weird when he got all mad - that was so not her fault! And agree that it's totally fine for them to work things out in the normal world before getting married! And agree that she's perfect. Watching it with my husband, in my pjs, with my hair looking FAR from perfect, I alternated between "i'm sorry that i'm not as pretty as emily." and "i really wish i was emily." Hahaha!! Oh man.

  23. goodness i love you and your bachelor recaps. so funny. so dead on.

    you're the best and i agree with everything you said.

  24. I'm glad he chose Emily, but it sure seems like he's more into her than she is him!

    And that book looks really interesting, think I might have to check it out!

  25. I have to admit that I generally don't like The Bachelor, but I watched a few episodes here and there this season and got hooked. Emily is so sweet, and I appreciate that she was acting like a normal person - recognizing that life will be a little rough at times, and not rushing into some crazy wedding sponsored by ABC. I think Brad isn't that great, but hey...if he chose Emily, at least he has that going for him!

  26. i'm so intrigued by this whole rob bell thing. i used to watch his videos in high school & college a lot for classes and during chapel, and i always liked what he had to say. i like how he approaches topics, it's like your sitting down having a conversation with him. he's never preaching at you or shoving things down your throat, he's simply talking - in a super down to earth way - which i've always liked about him. i don't really have an opinion about this whole heaven/hell thing, yet, and i'm trying to keep an open mind until i read the book - but i'm so FASCINATED by the controversy it has stirred up. i think it's totally interesting.

  27. Rob Bell is wonderful.
    YOU are wonderful.
    And girls day out with meditation class, lunch, coffee, shopping, and even parking ticket.... WONDERFUL.
    And... I promise... gonna watch the finale.

  28. I had to head right over because I knew I could count on you to have a great Bachelor recap, and also knew we would feel the same way! I totally agree with everything you said. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Emily, however at the After the FInal Rose, I was really taken aback a little by what seemed to be going on with Brad and Emily, like, does he have a temper we don't know about? Interesting to see if they stay together but I SOOO hope they do!

    ALSO CONGRATS on being pregnant! If you aren't the most cute and beautiful pregnant gal, then I don't know who is!!

  29. We don't get the bachelor here but I feel i've watched it vicariously through you! As for the farting in front of her husband ... i admit I still dont... call me anal retentive.

    And I think everyones boobs take on a life of their own when they get pregnant :)

  30. Aww, you are so cheerful and in love! I love it. Re: chestage - yep with the boobs, boobs, boobs. Sadly it all changes back again. Can't wait to see your nursery ideas!

  31. oh my... did i write this? you took the words right out of my mouth. i love that they aren't perfect. i really hope they can work through it. they are perrrrfect!

  32. i love the ending of bach too, emily is rad.
    i thought emily was doing brad a service by warning him about ricky changing his life, he was waayyyy over the top and mad.... it was BIZARRE. i hope they work out but that after the final rose was a train wreck!

    my boobs got way bigger when pregnant. it was totally a perk. lol

  33. Am I the only one who thinks Brad is DORKY?? I think Emily can do better. :)

  34. You are so funny. I love your sarcastic sense of humor. I am so glad that Brad picked Em. She's adorable. I definitely thought it was cool that they were honest and admitted that it's been hard. Relationships ARE hard...I bet living in secret while the show airs makes it even harder. I really hope they make it, too!!

  35. i am obsessed with your blog. you are so cute and i love the letters to your baby! i am a bachelor addict and was team Emily too! I found it sort of awkward when Emily was talking about Brads temper... anyways i have NO ideas what ill do with my monday nights from now on. ugh! until bachelor pad that is.. anyways, love your blog girly :)


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