the 80s on the jersey shore.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this was 1987.  when my mom sent them around my first question was, "WHERE AM I?!"  since i was three at the time, and nowhere to be found (though my mom is suspect that i'm one of the little ones on the dock) then who knows if i was busy climbing on the counters in the kitchen, playing with matches and knives while my parents listened to johnny cash and drank cocktails on the dock.  nice one, mom and dad.  but, even so, these videos are fun.  skip ahead to 2:00 to see my gangly father sashay (because that's all that it can be called) in with a cigar and then my mother at 3:00 put on a little dance.  

if you want more, and i can't imagine you do, there's some more dancing in this one.
and now you should be able to spot my parents.
again, where's three year old bridget you ask?  might she be floating down the bay gasping for air?  

altogether possible.


  1. i kind of want to live in those videos.

  2. New to your blog and love it! I grew up going to Cape May. Now I love in Central Jersey and I must say the beaches aren't the same up here. Really great video and nice to meet you!

  3. I can't handle it. These videos make me so happy! I can't even handle it. Your parents are a hooooot :)

  4. Just know that video is blocked at school, otherwise I'd be comment vomitting all over this. Later.

  5. and that would be bridget's dear sister clasping her dad's leg while dancing. so skip to that part, blog readers! so wish i was there on the bay again right now!

  6. where was i in this video? being born.

    (well....not anywhere near the docks or anything....but you know, same year.)

  7. Now I guess I have to believe that you are related to your mom...check out that shake!

    And I love the narrating..."oh come on, you're messing up the focus!"

  8. Your mom has some AWESOME dance moves! ; )

  9. This is classic. The hair, the shades, the socks with sneakers at the beach.

    I think that was a pretzel rod that your dad had, and he was pretending it was a cigar, because I'm pretty sure he took a bit out of it. ?
    Also, I guess I just figured out where you get your longgg limbs from. Nice moves by your parents!

    Quite the rowdy crowd you have here.
    hahah I love how the parents are laughing, drinking, having a ball, and the kids are off stuck on a floating dock, drinking oversized cans of soda, and waiding through the polluted water. Reminds me of my childhood.

    The 80's was so big on VHS tapes.

  10. your dad dancing in that video is the best thing i've seen all day.

  11. i just cried through these! you guys were the cutest little cousins EVER and your parents were the coolest aunt and uncle (ok - tied with aunt alice and uncle ted:). listen bridget, i am sure you were safely tucked away with a big sister...i really want to be there NOW!!!

  12. hahahaha.
    hahahaha. my friend.... this is priceless.... PRICELESS. No wonder you're YOU!!!!

  13. I love your video! It was like taking a step back in time.


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