a letter to the bachelor girls, part 3.

you didn't think i'd forgotten didja?!  

so it's pretty anti-climactic having this over 24 hours after the episode but WHATEVER.

ashley, i liked you more this episode than usual.  you looked cute and i loved your black cuff boots.  also that fries with gravy thing looked delish and i don't think you have to live in the northernmost part of maine to think so.  i still don't think you'll be the last gal standing (in fact, i thiiiiink you'll be the next to go) but i do wish you well.  also, your fam was sweet.  and i am lovin' the whole honor system produce thing.

chantal, girlfriend's got money!  your house is big.  you already knew that.  your dad was real nice.  points there.  and i do think he likes you a lot but i seriously wish you'd asked me for wardrobe help before you left.  i think then you'd def be the last one standing.  not that i am the end all of style but i think i could've helped you play up those breasts better than you are now.  the whole mad men hair style/chest covered up/red-wanna-be-vixen-but-really-ends-up-looking-modest-dress just ain't working for ya.  buuuuut i think you might be the last girl.  and i'll be happy for ya.  promise.

emily, well, you already know i have a girl crush on you.  and if brad doesn't pick you, i will.  i'm totally into the whole step parent thing!  anyway, your daughter is cute and brad was wicked sweet with her (my boston wicked only comes out oooonce in awhile guys) so i think you've got yourself a winner.  and the man loooves kissing you.  i like that you said 'brad womack is not leaving this damn house till he gives me a kiss!' or whatever it was.  you go after your man!!  (finally.  it has taken you long enough.)  stop playing it cool and he might pick you but if he doesn't i hope you're the next bachelorette.  (oh, and why didn't we meet the rest of your fam?)

shawntel, sorry girlfriend.  did abc force you to play up the whole funeral home thing?  i think it was a little strange but i DID like your black dress/scarf/boots combo.  i think you're a winner and deserve someone great.  it just wasn't brad.  and chico seems cool buuuuut maybe break out?  much to your dad's dismay, all of america knows.  anyway, best of luck to you.

so, that's it.  what'd ya'll think of this week's bachelor?

oh, and brad is obsessed with saying "please" as in take this rose, please, "thank you soo much", "i soo appreciate it."  his manners are sweet and irksome all at the same time.


  1. OMG! Totally agree! I hope he picks Emily. All the way. :) And yes...I didn't like the whole funeral thing...my husband used to be in that line of work...and I was like NO WAY girl when I saw this! LOL. (my hubby was just a counselor though, not the actual embalmer dude. uggh. weird.)

  2. I decided I'd rather date Chantal's dad than Brad...just sayin':)I'm pretty confident she will be the last one standing, eventhough I still adore Emily and she was my pick from day one. Next up-South Africa. Can married people go on the bachelor, like for the travel??

  3. chantal looked SO bad at the rose ceremony. her hair was hideous. she looked really chubby. all around yuck. the unfortunate part it i think she's probably cute in real life. i agree with you- she needs some fashion consultation.

  4. I also liked Ashley more this episode. And I missed Chantal's home visit... I only watched Ashley's, Emily's, and the rose ceremony... but yeah. I thought she was going to go. And just because of the red dress. Judgmental much? Apparently. I just didn't have anything to go off of but her dress. Like you said, it wasn't working.

    It was totally weird that Brad didn't meet more of Emily's family. Whatev, I want her to win! :)

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  5. Living in Charlotte and the horrendous accident that happened to the Hendrick family it is just so hard to watch Emily and her daughter.

    I'm going to guess that Emily is the next Bachelorette. I hope she finds peace and love again in her life. I'm not sure it will be on a TV show but who knows.


  6. I have this problem where my mind changes rapidly about who I want him to pick. They're showing the Chantel clip and I'm like "Yeah, pick her!" And then they show the Emily clip and I'm like, "No, pick her!" And then...well you get it.

    And you're right. Poor Shawntel. No one else had to go to their place of work, no matter how passionate they were about it. But I don't think he was quite as creeped out as they played it up to be.

    Also brad is annoyingly polite. So much so that I always feel like he's a little politiciany even when alone with the girls. "I'm so solid in how I feel about you." What the heck does that mean? And did he talk to them a lot about marriage or what? Especially with Chantel. "We'd have to move.." Dude, you haven't picked her yet. Talk about playin' with her feelings there.

    I feel like I have too much to say about this show.

  7. I was so waiting for this post today. Hubs and I were watching it last night and I was thinking of what you would come up with!

    SO true on every point my dear!

  8. Every time I read your posts about the "Bach" (as we love to call it in my little circle of obsessive friends) I can't help but wonder if you're in my brain or if you can read minds. Honestly. I agree with every single thing here! Poor Chantal in that red dress (talk about unflattering). Anyway... Keep up the awesome critique and boy I can't wait for next week!

  9. Fabulous summary all around and I have to say agree with everything you said...well done!!!

    Liesl :)

  10. Bridget!! The Bachelor aside, I LOVE the new look of your blog! It's better, cleaner. Good job!! :)

  11. i'm crossing my fingers emily is not picked and is the next bachelorette!

  12. You just make me laugh!! Shantal looked pregnant last night, no? She's lost. But yes, holy rich girl. I didn't see that coming. I was shocked at Emily's house too- who are these youngins with mansions and where do I sign up? :)

    Still wasn't as entertaining with out Michelle though:( My money is on Emily, but that might just be wishful thinking.

  13. chantel is totally a horrible dresser. thank you for addressing that. i think that about her every week!

  14. dude. i have a horrible (but whatev) feeling that chantal will win. and holy bajeebus, that is one huge house.

    i didn't really care either way for shawntel before last night, but when she said that brad was the first guy to treat her that way and she hopes she finds another guy who will, my heart broke a little for her. so stinkin' sad. i wondered if perhaps she wanted to escape from her dad's dream for her and fall in love, but then maybe i read too far into an abc reality show.

    totally agreed about the red dress. not working for her. and i want all of emily's clothes. and i want to be her best friend.

    glad you did this post, cuz this would be have been a LOT of tweets-worth of chatting.

  15. lol this was so funny. i dont watch this show though, but it was so entertaining reading your thoughts and opinions hehehe! xoxo!

  16. haha, this is great!

    thank you for the sweet comment on my blog ;)


  17. I most definitely agree with your comment on Chantal's red dress "mad-men" thing. It definitely did NOT work for her. Its so hard for me to pick between her and Emily because I totally have a girl crush on Emily too but I don't think she's gonna be the last one standing unfortunately. Oh well, only time will tell!

  18. Emily has to win. She just does.

    Homegirl in the uuugggggly red dress has never done it for me.

    And Brad says "right" and "okaaay" waaaay too much as well.

  19. i haven't watched this season once and yet, i am still loving your commentary.

  20. I wish they had The Bachelor out here in Italy. Is it sad that this is one of the reasons I am excited about moving back to the states? Could be, but let's pretend it's not!


  21. Shawntel is actually from my hometown, Chico! I'm pretty sure they made her do that detailed tour and edited it to make it extra creepy. I don't know her personally, but her family was really amazing when my sister died a few years back. They are Christians and believe this work is their ministry to the community. Really compassionate, caring people.

  22. Also, can we ask Brad to please stop calling Emily's daughter Little Ricky?

  23. i pray he picks emily.

    i may cry if he doesnt.

    but i will be PUMPED if she is the next bachelorette...

    im probably going to dye my hair bleach blonde, laser whiten my teeth, and start talking with a southern accent.

    just sayin.

  24. I have a girl crush on emily too (we share a name, so duh.) But I honestly think she is TOO good for brad! Brad is a litle dry and boring to me...I hope she is picked so she is happy, but if she doesn't get picked...I bet there is someone better out there.

  25. I adore your Bachelor letters! Love your humor!

    Oh and Emily is defintiely my favorite too. Routing for her!

  26. Such a shame we don't have it in France!!

  27. hilarious!

    i just watched the episode and then came straight here for your commentary!

    i love Emily! her daughter has the PBkids playhouse bed and playroom of my dreams!

    how is she my age with that gorgeous house? It was so awesome! ABC I would like a house tour!! i hope that she is the winner!

  28. I agree! I hated to see Shawntel leave because I really liked her but that whole funeral home thing, yeah that would have creeped me out a bit too plus her dad was going to have a melt down if she left Chico!

    I HATED that red dress that Chantel had on at the Rose Ceremony. So not flattering for her. I did loved her dog Boca though! How incredibly cute was he?!

    I'm really really liking Ashley for Brad! She's so fun. I didn't like her at first but she's grown on me.

    And of course we all love Emily! How can you not? She's so sweet!

  29. just came across your blog! what a fabulous post :) i love it! so agree with your post! ahhh and dont even get me started on the bachelor haha sooo ridiculous!

  30. super cute blog! love it :)


  31. I've been wavering between Emily and Chantal O...but I think I'm going to choose Chantal as my fave, despite her downward spiral in style choices. (and yes, her majestic house may have upped her cool points just a tad. just sayin') What was that red dress?? And those jeans & top on the hometown date? That looked so 1998. I think Emily may be too perfect. Perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect personality. May be a bit much.

    & I like Brad, but I need more shirtless situations, please. :)

  32. Brad did not seem as into Emily as he was before. I think the reality of her life is starting to freak him out.

    BTW, I don't care how late your thoughts are! Still luv reading em'!

  33. This is a welcome surprise to me because I've been following THIS season with my husband religiously. (I got him hooked with the last Bachelorette)

    Not that many blogs talk about it so I'm here to put in my piece:

    1. Yep, he's overly polite persona is sometimes irksome.
    2. He's never truly comfortable.
    3. He's going to pick Emily.

    We'll see!

  34. You have a really cute blog!
    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!


  35. Chantal's house was AMAZING!! Had to Google her dad afterwords - looks like he used to play for the Seahawks - super cool! And def agree with you on the red dress. What was she thinking?? I wanted to see more of Emily's family, too - and do you think Brad called the little girl "Little Ricky" enough?? Hilarious. And Shawntel did look soooo cute at the funeral home - she's too cool for Chico! Great recap as always!! :)

  36. love it again! I tune in to your blog after every show (and most other days) to see your take on things. And I almost always agree word for word!

  37. I have been so busy with the bar I missed that you are having a baby. Mazal tov!

    I thought this episode was Brad's most redeeming episode...because sometimes he just comes across dumb as a bag of bricks. I think he has to pick Emily. He needs a southern girl.


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