for your saturday... my favorite scene from one of my favorite old movies.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

meet me in st. louis.  such a classic.


  1. Oh - I love it! I used to watch this movie during summer vacations with my grandmother. We wore out the vhs and had to buy another.

  2. no way, this is my favorite part too. love it.

  3. I need to start watching some old movies! I love Judy Garland!

  4. I love TCM. It is favorite channel. Ever. I adore Judy Garland...but Frank Sinatra is my fav. :) Meet Me In St. Louis is my favorite of Judy's. :) Glad someone else loves old movies too!

  5. I <3 <3 <3 <3 Judy Garland. Ahhhhh.
    <3 leigh

  6. Love it! I found the sheet music for this song (from the year the movie originally came out) at a flea market last year. I could not have been more excited! :)

  7. AHHH, I've always wanted to see this! However, I think i might have to hold out til next Christmas! xxxx xxx

  8. I'm obsessed with this movie!
    it cannot be contained!

    I found your blog off of Reagan's Blob, and I really like your style! Plus there is nothing like a good love story.


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