In the wintertime mornings, I look frightening without make-up on.

This morning, Steve made breakfast for me.  We were going to go out to breakfast but then decided not to, but since I thought we were going out for breakfast I had already planned the meal I would order (bacon, egg, & cheese sandwich with hashbrowns and a large apple juice).  Since we didn't have potatoes or apple juice but I already had them on my mind, forgoing them was impossible.  I went, in my pajamas and with Gracie in the passenger seat, through the McDonalds' drive-thru for apple juice boxes and two hashbrowns (both for me).  Then came home and enjoyed our breakfast together.  Embarassing?

For the past year, I have gone to Target about once a month or every other month.  It is a really special treat because, not only am I at Target, but I go to their hot food section, order a personal pan pizza and a small icee and I walk through the store while eating them.  I call my sister Kate every time and say, "Guess what I'm doing?" because she really gets a kick out of the whole thing.

I let our fridge get unbearably bare (yes, unbearably bare) before going to the grocery store again.  It's like a game to see how long we can go without milk until I replenish our supply.  We can go a few days.  No one's particularly happy about it, but I think it builds character.

I want another dog.  Gracie needs a buddy but husband needs to be convinced.

I just asked Steve for a few others and he said, "How about that you haven't ironed a shirt of mine since last spring?"  And I reminded him that I did iron some a few weeks ago.  So, this confession really is that my husband a) doesn't notice the good things I do and b) needs to iron his own shirts.  Boo-yah.

Disclaimer: It sounds like I'm a junkaholic from this post.  I'm not.  I just like to indulge... sometimes.


  1. Have you tried Wendy's new Artisan breakfast sandwiches and seasoned potatoes? Delish.

  2. wow i love this so much. best friend and i used to ditch first period and get BK breakfast (burger king), hashbrowns of course. but i think i like the target thing more. is it strange i can imagine you doing that even though i've never met you? ha.
    i love to indulge too. probably a little too often for my own good though.

  3. ha!! love this post. nothing wrong with the occassional hash brown. i have had a chipotle burrito bowl 3 times in the past 4 days. would love to have you join in my first thankful thursday linky party, if you're up for it:)

  4. I like hearing about your flaws...or anyone else's flaws too for that matter! Makes me feel better about myself.

    That's probably a flaw of mine.

  5. your blog is so lovely! I have been following since your guest post on Kat's blog not too long ago...i just love it! I agree, Target is a special treat for me as well..i tend to spend nothing less than $50 every time I'm in there.. so dangerous.

    i'm here:
    cupcakesareforlovers.blogspot.com would love if you checked it sometime :)

  6. I like to indulge all.of.the.time

    Ya, I said it.

    I don't iron at.all.ever.


  7. Mmmm.. There's nothing like McDonald's hashbrowns.

    But I have to say, if I'm going to be really bad, I like to get Hardee's breakfast. Hash rounds and a biscuit with butter. I think it's almost more calories than someone should have the whole day. (Seriously, I've look it up. It's ridiculous.) But it's just so dang tasty.

  8. Good for you, sweetie!!! Sometimes we all need to indulge.
    Are you thinking about getting the same type of dog as a buddy for Gracie? Im thinking about getting one more dog too (I have two small westies) and I really want to get a golden retrever. Kisses

  9. haha in our house it's normal to have a bare fridge! And it's totally weird when it's full of food. I need to figure out how to keep that thing stocked. Ah, I'm just too lazy...

  10. The drive through lady at Burger King knows me so well that the other day I ordered something besides my usual, and recognizing me by my VOICE she said "trying something different today, sweetie?". Embarrassing.

  11. McDonald's hashbrowns are like crack. So. Dang. Good.

    And if you saw our fridge and pantry before we did our last big shop, you might weep. Or give me a high five for being on your level. One or the other.

  12. My confession? Enjoyed reading your posts though I need to do a million other things at this hour... :)

  13. 1. ewww.
    2. steve, iron your own shirts.
    3. i like soda, so i guess we're even on indulging...except i'm pretty sure i drink soda more than you eat mcdonalds.

  14. confession: i baked an entire chocolate cake with homemade buttercream icing to bring to my office...and now we have been stuck at home for 2 days...and i think we will eat the entire cake.

    i like to indulge sometimes...although i believe my "sometimes" is turning into an "often"

  15. McDonalds's Hash Browns are the BEST! And that game you play with the milk? we do they same... with every single food product out there.

  16. all in moderation, right? i go through target with an icee too... i mean, how often are there icees around? never. conrad won't give in to the other dog thing either. i feel your pain.

  17. I wish I could move my car at all right now! It's stuck in the ice.
    I actually haven't been to the drive-thru, or had fast food at all, in a few months now. That's a big deal for me!
    That's actually good though, that you let your fridge go bare before you buy more food! Forces you to only buy food when you actually need it. But, if I wanted milk and there wasn't any...I'd be going to the store.

  18. Ha.
    1. You sound just like me.
    2. Embarassing? No. :)
    3. Me too. I used to go to the grocery store ALL the time. Like - twice a week. That got old. Fast.
    4. Now I wait until we are bare. Real bare.
    5. I agree. It truly builds character. You learn what you REALLY need and that we don't need to stuff ourselves, but only eat until we are satisfied. Not full.
    6. Ha. My hubby said that stuff all the time. He finally irons his own now. lol.
    7. Indulgence is good - sparingly. So good job sweetie! :)

  19. and now I want hashbrowns and a mcmuffin, my ultimate breakfast alongside Sonic and their Supersonic Burrito [which is served 24 hours a day!!!!!!!]

    I went to the gym earlier this week and ran into a woman who's husband works along side mine. She actually said,

    This is the conversation:

    HER: I almost didn't recognize you
    ME: yeah, I don't wear makeup to the gym
    HER: Yeah [and then she looked away]

    Really? I'm sorry that the circles under eyes scare you but I would like to work off that bottle of wine I drank last night, thanks.

  20. something happened in the past 2 years, and now whenever i eat mcdonald's, it visibly shows on my body. particularly around the midsection.


    the hashbrowns are tempting, but the fries are irresistible. which is why every time i'm in the southwest terminal at midway airport, something happens and then i end up with an empty box of fries in my lap and greasy, salty fingers.

  21. I am dying over your post and kate's experience at the gym.
    I'm pretty frightening in the morning, not just regulated to the wintertime. And I frequently go out of the house with no make up. But this is ok in a cow town like i'm living in right now.

    I've gotta try this personal pan pizza. I usually get there popcorn as i shop.

  22. The Target in my university town had a Starbucks inside. I'd have to get something to drink and snack on before I went shopping everytime. Target must know something that Wal-Mart does not.

  23. This is such a funny post. You are amazing and always make my day!

  24. Oh I love hearing that you can run a household and still wait as long as possible to do grocery runs! I procrastinate every. single. time.

    xx Melina
    .but i like it.

  25. great post! a little bit o' everything

    i'm with you on the wanting another dog part. my man doesn't agree either. yet. ;)

  26. oh you have me craving a salty crunchy hash brown now and it is past 10:30 am so I am out of luck!!

  27. i wish you lived in my neighborhood. that is so random but i wish you did. like next door. i feel like we would be pretty great friends. (obviously) also, i get random cravings for mcdonald's hashbrowns... and when that happens, I MUST HAVE. i don't feel bad about it, since i eat so healthy the rest of the time... they're just SO GOOD.

    moral of the story: i need a hashbrown eating buddy. so move to california. you love the sun and warmth anyway, it's perfect. ;)

  28. You can eat in traget? Amazing... now I have a craving for pan pizza!

  29. Ironing is one task I REFUSE to perform for my husband. I. hate. ironing. With a bloody violent passion. And his shirts are so enormous, and it takes me like 15 minutes PER SHIRT!!! Ridiculoso!!! Not happening.

    You make me smile. :)

  30. We've been married almost 5 years and to this day I have refused to iron Chad's shirts (and yes, he wears dress shirts 5/6 days out of the week). We have to draw a line somewhere. ;-)

  31. this made me laugh out loud. especially the target part.

  32. yes bridget does in-fact call me whenever she is at target and i feel like it is all.the.time! it is so funny. i indulged in a big mac and fries the other night at work. i cannot remember the last time i ate one of them. but it felt good. really good.

  33. haha i love your way of putting things. Straight to the point but with a twist xo.
    P.S. I soo would've done that Macca's trip. I get super stuck on an idea once it's in my head.


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