your questions answered. part 1.

i got a lot of awesome questions so i'm going
to do a two-part post to answer them.  

here we go.

have you ever considered a pixie cut?
actually, yes.  well, not too seriously, but yes.  my mom and sister currently have ones (and have forever) and they rock it.  i have thought, "maybe one day" more than actually doing it because at the moment i don't think i'm brave enough.  i did get my hair cut pretty short in college though, trying desperately to achieve the mandy moore circa 2004.
it didn't really work cause i didn't really remind myself, "oh bridge, they have pro stylists making their hair look that banging.  your know-how will not suffice."  so it was ok, but not as cute as mandy's.  another short hair style i looove is katie holmes.  again, stylist.  damn.  
so to answer your question, sort of.  you think i should?

are you self conscious about your body? the reason i ask, is because i'm naturally pretty thin, but i do worry about it. and people think i'm crazy. and you are naturally thin, so i wonder if other naturally thin people worry too. this isn't something that i've been burning to know since i started reading your blog, but it's something that i'm always curious about with women?
i would say i have been self-concious in the past... particularly middle school before i had any curves to speak of and was pretty much a bony stick-figure.  my sisters and i all suffered through some anorexic/bullimic jokes in middle school but for the most part, were okay with our awkward late-blossoming bodies.  sad/funny story... in 7th grade spanish i picked the spanish name "belita" and a few boys called me "bullimic belita."  don't you sort of want to hug 7th-grade bridget right now?  so, yes, i don't like looking too thin and getting looked at suspiciously but overall am pretty grateful for my body (which i really owe to good genes, thanks mom & dad!).  oh yeah and my sister and i both pretty much never go to the bathroom right after a meal when we're out with people because we don't want people to suspect we are throwing up in the bathroom, isn't that ridiculous?  

does the age difference in your relationship ever bother you?
i will say it did in the beginning but i can almost 100% say it doesn't anymore.  not to be a debbie downer, but no one has any guarantees in this life.  take my husband for example.  he married a woman his own age, and she died.  so to pass up on the love of my life because he's a lot older than me didn't make any sense.  i could've married someone my own age who could get in a car accident and be taken from me the very next day... so, it really doesn't bother me anymore.  but yes, there were times, and once in awhile still are, where i wonder at what point i'll be a widow, but overall my hubs is a pretty young buck (he'll love that) and much of the time, i feel like i need to keep up with him and not vica versa!  

if you could live anywhere (all kids included until they are 18), where would it be (and you could be rich BTW)?
could i have a couple houses please???  i'd definitely live near a beach, but i need family close by too.  so, a house in the caribbean would suit us juuuuust fine and then another house that was close to where my parents/family live.  can i throw an italian coast house in too?  and maybe norway (for my hubs)?  i'm rich!  of course i can!

Oooh, this is fun. :) 1. Favorite song (of the moment - or of all time) to sing really, really loud when alone in the car? 2. Any guilty pleasures you'd like to admit (trashy reality tv, chocolate in large quanities, Robert Pattinson...)?
Favorite song of the moment... this is hard.  Really hard.  I'm really into Phoenix right now (oh I'm so unique) and Beirut, always Seal, James Taylor, Paul Simon, and Sting... U2 is great.  Ahhh, all time?!  Okay, up there is definitely Where the Streets Have No Name on full volume.  As well as Obvious Child by Paul Simon... as well as Baba O'Reilly by The Who... I'm obsessed with music, I can't narrow this one down... but I do love singing along super loud and obnoxiously to Indigo Girls--Closer to Fine or Galileo (with sister Kate).
I watch Bachelor and love it.  I also know far too much about celebrities and the goings-on of their lives. I have more girl-crushes than I do boy-crushes (think Angelina Jolie and Penelope Cruz) and I don't have a huge sweet-tooth but am much more of a salty-tooth person... except popsicles.  I have been known to eat popsicles like they're going out of style.

Wait a second Briget, you don't wear deodorant?!! Please don't tell me you're one of those au naturale chicas who go around smelling like ASS and don't even know it. You know I love you, but I am genuinely concerned! ;)
You are too kind!  I am just waiting for deodorant to arrive in the mail for me from a worried reader... okay, no.  I don't wear any.  Occasionally the crystal but when I say occasionally I mean like once a year?  I really don't sweat and if I do it's so little and doesn't really smell.  Again, genes.

Did you get a boob job?
Favorite question of the entire post.  No, I didn't.  But do I look like I did?  Is this a compliment or does it mean I look like I have an air-filled chest?  I'm not sure...  either way, this question was great.

What kind of reactions did you get from your friends after you married a (somewhat) older man, who used to be your professor? What was it like to take on four kids instantly? Do the kids call you "Mom"?
Friends were all great.  The most distasteful reactions have been from strangers, really, and we've unfortunately heard some of their opinions through the grapevine.  But those close to us were unanimously supportive and moreso once they saw us interact.  It was crazy to take four kids on instantly and I would not repeat my first year of marriage for all the money in the world (Husband knows this--don't worry)!!  I mean, I learned a lot and needed to go through it to be where I am now, but I wouldn't repeat it.  The younger two do call me Mom but not the older two, which has made the most sense for all of us.

Do you think being with an older man, a more experienced man, makes things sexier?
Why yes, yes I do.  
Haha - really, I am sure that things can be pretty spicy in any marriage, but I would say this is the sexiest relationship I've been in so, yes!

What kind of hair product do you use to make yo' hair look so fly? Or rather, what is your hair routine? Us girls with newly shorty-status hair are wondering how you always looks so put together :) Or, rather...me. I'm wondering.
My hair looks fly!?  Gosh, thanks.  I don't know.  I don't really use products when wet--sometimes I might use a straightening something or other but it's really whatever I find in my drawers... I'm not a dedicated user of any specific product be it makeup, lotion, face wash, or hair product.  But afterwards, I do like Sheer Blonde's Pomade (which I hear is no longer available!) to tame it a bit.  I don't wash my hair very often, I will say that.  I have pretty dry hair so it appreciates when I don't wash it a lot-- so I would say it gets cleaned 2-3x/week.  Then, I blowdry it with a good blow dryer (it's one of those fancy tourmaline/ion ones and I will say, I think it makes a difference and takes less time).  Then I will either straighten it with a flat iron, or use a 1 1/2 inch curling iron to give it some wave.  My hair is naturally fairly wavy but unless it's humid out, I don't usually let it do its own thing (summertime, I let it go much more than I do winter and then I use a curling product like the BedHead Curls Rock).  That's about it.
what are some of your favorite body products? face or body lotion. moisturizer. fragrance. what are a few of your favorite books?
favorite body products... i like shea butters and lotions like that but i like them to be au natural so those from whole foods and places like that are great.  but, like i said, i really am not a true devotee of any one product so i change it up a lot.  right now i'm using burt's bees face wash with royal jelly (only at night) and i love it.
then i use organic coconut oil on my face and i like it but i will say that my forehead is a bit dry right now so i can't promise it's the greatest thing ever but i do like it (i have dry skin).  fragrance... loooove burberry brit.  love it.  for shampoo right now i'm using jason lavendar shampoo/conditioner.  i like it as well!  see, i'm pretty boring in this category.
as for books, prince of tides, other boleyn girl, water for elephants, o pioneers, anything on middle east (beirut to jerusalem, kite runner, etc) and then health-related books like omnivore's dilemma fascinate me.  there you have it.

alright, that's it for part 1!  
thanks for tuning in.


  1. wooohoo, spicy. by the way, i think you'd look great with that katie holmes 'do. so cute + classy!

  2. i just got way too into this. loved the Qs and As. and that katie holmes bob is the cutest. normally i don't love short hair but if you're looking for an opinion about it, i think you should do it!

  3. someone asked if you had a boob job!? I've never noticed you looking like a housewife of orange county...your boobs seem proportional to me from the photos I've seen here in the blogworld.

    hahah, if I did this someone would probably ask if I got butt implants.

    Great questions though!

    I only wear deodorant in the summer really. It scares me and I don't sweat much in the winter.

  4. you're freaking awesome.

  5. I love that you're doing this!
    Can we be friends in real life please??

  6. Great questions, and answers!
    It's great that you're willing to be open and honest with your readers! I mean, admitting the first year of your marriage was really hard...not a lot of people would admit that. Kudos to you!

  7. it's getting to know you better! :) my boyfriend is 13 years older than I am so its great to hear your story and reaction on the "older man" questions :). I can say that I'd agree with you on most points... the difference used to be a big issue in my ind but it's almost totally gone by now! :D


  8. You honestly crack me up! I love your honesty and candid answers.

    I've used the same example when explaining to people why I'm comfortable dating a 31 year old. You are 100% correct, you can plan as well as you can, but you just never know!

  9. Great questions and answers. You're really honest, it's refreshing. I adore the Indigo Girls too. You have great taste in music lady!

  10. Thankyou for your comment! I think a pixie hair cut would actually look very good on you, maybe you should try it?! xxxx bloggingsophie

  11. soo cool!
    Don't forget to enter my giveaway, it's tomorrow on sketchbook six

  12. You have fabulous boobs...it must have been a compliment.

  13. agreed with above. great boobs. now i feel creepier than normal.

    story time: one time, jbs friends, whom i had just met, all cornered him and asked if my boobs were fake. i took it as a compliment (:

  14. Hey there! I'm the one who asked the boob job question. And I totally didn't mean it in a bad way. You usually don't find a skinny skinny girl with big boobs. I'm very jealous!

  15. Bridget, its time to de-lurkify myself. I found my way over here from Amanda's blog and I have to tell you...I love your blog!

    If you've never read it, I would recommend adding "The World to Come" by Dara Horn to your reading list. I read it that summer I lived in the mansion and its been my favorite book ever since. After seeing your list of favorite books, I think you'll like it. At the very least, you won't hate it!

    Anyway, thanks for cheering up my dreary winter!

  16. @emily, i really did chuckle at that question-- was not offended!! and yes, i got lucky in the boob department.
    @bekah, hi girl! i will add it! thanks for "showing yourself"!!

  17. bahaha I cracked up about the boob job question!

    And I loved this post! :) Can't wait to read part 2!

  18. So fun! Great questions and great answers!

  19. I am all for the pixie cut for you! You would totally rock it.

  20. This was so fun to read!!! But only because you're awesome. It wouldn't be as fun on a... LESS awesome blog. ;)

    I may have to do this myself one day! ;)

  21. hehe. i love these questions but i think i like your answers more. you're a brave lady. i like you.

  22. You had me at Where the Streets Have no Name and esp....Baba Reilly...most people don't even know the name of that song? Who? THat Song..Who??

    Great Post!!


  23. Thanks for sharing! Love getting to know you better ;)

  24. I have to admit - you caught me a little off guard with the whole 'no deodorant thing'. How did I not know this?! I'm going to work on mentally getting over it so that we can still be friends. What YOU probably didn't know is that I'm the opposite extreme when it comes to 'pit hygiene' . . . ;-)

  25. I get the whole deodorant thing ... although i usually just omit from conversation my lack of deodorant, otherwise people start asking me if i shave or just let my armpits grow and then braid it. Its great to not be smelly :)

  26. yay, I totally wanted to ask you the question about being married to an older, more experienced man, but I chickened out. I'm glad someone else asked. :)

    I totally use the crystal deodorant; nothing else.

    and I actually only "wash" my hair with conditioner most of the time, no shampoo. and occasionally clarify with apple cider vinegar. works for me! shampoo is too drying for my hair. conditioner actually cleanses it nicely and leaves it soft.

  27. oh hey... i like you. this was great.

  28. Older men are definitely better;) Who needs those young ones... you know, the 26-29 yr. olds... they're so immature. Great questions! and answers.

  29. I loved this! I can totally relate to number 1. Middle schoolers (and some high schoolers!) were quite cruel about my weight and people were constantly "concerned" that I had anorexia/bullimia. And just like you, to this day, I never go to the bathroom right after I eat. And you're right, it's a little ridiculous.

  30. haha, loved this post! great Q&A :)

  31. I totally think you would ROCK a pixie cut!! Your hair always looks amazing - so either way you are set.

    Love that Katie Holmes cut too!

    It was nice to get to know you better. :D

  32. Too funny - I used that pic of Mandy Moore when going dark a few years back and used the exact same one of Katie for that haircut about 2 years ago. I couldn't believe it when I saw. I agree though - it's impossible to ever make your own hair look as good as they do!

  33. I missed out on your questions post!! :( but I have one for you!

    Are you planning on having your own babies? And if so, in what time frame from now?

    Love reading your blog and love this q&a post:)

  34. I love Mandy Moore's hair. Hell, I just love Mandy Moore. I only wish I could rock her bob... Sighhh...

  35. Was this someone you knew that asked if you had a boob job?!

    I heart the katie holmes hair too...wish i was brave enough to do something shorter and sassier with my hair. But mine literally grows so slowly that if I cut it that short, I will be 82 years old before I have to make the decision to cut it again.

  36. Just reading this - baby is sleeping in Yiayia's arms so I am FREE to browse the blog world.

    Confession: I have wondered for YEARS whether I have been supportive enough. Life transitions for anyone need support and knowing the harsh words/letter/rumors that were flying at you, I longed to be supportive. But I found myself trying to selfishly wrap my head around your new relationship which I feared kept me from supporting you. Phew...glad I confessed that.

    Baby hormones might be making me cry right now. I just really love you. And I am SO GLAD you married Steve.

    Oh and my failure to assist in "surprises" has also haunted me. :-) Double whammy confession. Yikes!

  37. What a fun post! I love all of your honest answers... I think you could pull off that short haircut, even without a stylist. :)

    Better Than A Milk Mustache

  38. I love this Q&A idea...what fun! Rest assured that at some point in the future when I have readers who will be mildly interested enough to ask questions, I am going to steal it. I'll give you the appropriate shout-out when I do...though you certainly don't need it! Your blog has caught like wildfire!

  39. oh sheesh this was so fun to read! You are awesome to answer all of these questions....


  40. LOVED this! I was the skinny girl for years and was made fun of. Now that I am older I have a few curves, yay!

  41. Where do you buy the Jasons brand? Their lavendar bubble bath is my absolute fav and I cannot find it anywhere out here (in Boston)! At home (Ohio) I get it in health food stores.


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