Bridget's favorite things, no. 17.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Converse, chucks... whatever you call em, they're a great shoe.  When a pop of color is necessary (like today-- I'm in blah gray pants and a blah black sweater, and VOILA, my red converse!) these do the trick.  They are not warm and they have no arch support, but if those things aren't a problem, get yourself a pair of these.  They're fun.  And they're $45.


  1. europeans are obsessed with these. in austria, i had the following conversation with my friend eva.

    eva: so, how many chucks do you have?
    me: what?
    eva: how many chucks?
    me: huh?
    eva: many?
    me: how many pairs do i have? oh, um...i used to have a pair in high school.
    eva: oh, i have 4 pair. erika has 4 pair and ivana has 3. you really need to get a pair....

    yup, i guess i "really need to get a pair". i like the leopard ones, to be quite honest. especially the high-tops. bonus - they are much cheaper in america!

  2. Converse are one of my favorite things too! I've lost count on how many pairs I have and colors & styles. OBSESSED, really. :)

  3. I have teal ones. They're. Amazing. Also, you can sometimes find them for cheap-o at Marshall's or TJ Maxx. I'm talking 20 bean-os. Oh yeah.

  4. i agree! and they last forever. they're best really worn in, barely there canvas. and so many fun colors. and they make skipping really easy!

  5. i definitely have four pairs. they're the best! xo.

  6. i've had a pair of pink chucks for years and they are still like new! i love mine.

  7. I love Converse so much! I have 3 pairs I're so right; they add the perfect pop of color to outfits and are totally comfortable!

  8. My name is Charlotte and I approve of this message.

  9. I love Converse!
    So comfortable. I have some pairs :)

  10. converse are my fave....and I am sporting my red ones today :)


  11. I love converse though, they are classic! I have similar one but they are perry shoes and they very cute.

  12. my pair finally bit the dust and i'm dying for a new pair!

  13. definitely on my wish list :)

  14. Converse are everywhere in Peru! I never knew they came in sooo many colors.

    Teehee, I read "voila" as "Viola" at first and I was like, "Why would she name her shoes? And Viola of all things?"


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