2010 in review.

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 was a good year to us hunts.  i felt, for the first year ever, like i seriously owned my role as mother and wife.  it took me three years to get to that point.  too long, you say?  maybe, but i am so glad to be comfortable in my position for the first year ever.  it's a really good feeling.  so, looking back, here are some memories of 2010 (inspired by naomi, and you don't even need a link cause ya'll know exactly who i'm talking about): i decided to redo the computer room, which i haven't yet shown a picture of on my blog (it's still waiting for pictures on the wall!), gracie got a uti which i was certain would kill her (she's alive and healthy), i started an etsy shop which i have done almost nothing with, and my parents came to town, one of many times, and we had an impromptu dance party in my sister's kitchen.
in february, i wrote chapter three of our story--including a video!--and it felt good.  lindsey turned eight and got a taylor swift cd and freaked out, and i wrote chapter four, the final chapter of our story.  phew!
in april, gracie turned one (despite how many times i diagnosed her with something that would kill her), william turned ten, and i took some spring pictures of beautiful boston.  then nathaniel turned seventeen (between the end of march and the middle of april, there are three hunt children birthdays.  all that this demonstrates is that steve is professor, with summers off, at peak-libido in the summer months).

in may, nathaniel went to prom, husband edited a book, and i saw lots of good friends at graduation.  we also had a summer feast because it reached 90 degrees in MAY in massachusetts (massachusetts got major points in my book with this weather).
in june, and not without your help, i started planning our trip to italy, went camping with the family and my mom and dad in ricketts glen, and took some pictures of my sister with her growing baby-in-the-belly.  
in july we went to italy.  i could go on and on about this but i won't.  just suffice it to say that it was a trip from heaven for both of us.  perfection in every single way.  we loved it.  we went to orvieto, florence, cinque terre, rome, and positano and had a blast stuffing our faces, drinking wine, taking pictures, talking, and loving.  we can't wait to go back.
we were extra spoiled that summer because we came home and went straight to lake winnipesaukee with my family.  in august, we had dear friends from minnesota stay, we went sailing, and the blog turned one year old!  we saw the blue angels and ate ice cream on possibly the hottest day ever.

our summer was certainly grand.  and onto the school year!  we went to my friend's fabulous wedding, my nephew quinn was born!!!, we decorated for halloween, and husband worked and worked and worked all while on sabbatical.  in october, fall started to creep in too and we went and picked pumpkins and ate apple cider donuts.  i did my first fashion post--a sad attempt, really--and we celebrated halloween.
in november, lindsey got glasses, i celebrated my birthday, jordan's birthday, and i started thankful lists.  i professed that i am a bad mom (but so did you guys!), and i posted some family pictures on the blog. 
in december, i rolled out favorite things, and wrote a post about faith (i think it won't be the last because it opened up some awesome conversation).  we celebrated an anniversary and christmas.  and finally, are currently celebrating a second christmas with steve's parents who've ventured out from colorado.  complete with a trip to our favorite family restaurant.
i don't know about you, but i'm looking forward to 2011.  here's to a 2010 that was full of laughter, good health, god's grace, and a lot of love.  and a 2011 that brings more of the same... but with some new adventures.  cheers to that!


  1. hi. lovely. just lovely. i love your blog and you. and is it weird that i like to think about you and your husband making out? i mean not like a lot, but a little. your story is sexy. here's to a sexy new year.

  2. Gorgeous photos and family! Happy New Year!

  3. What a great year in review! Happy new year!

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  5. happy new year dear bridget!
    you are MAGICAL!!

    ps. we're all sick in paris and i'm stuffing everyone full of lemon,ginger,honey tea and bottles of water.


  6. Thanks for sharing your year with us!

    To a great 2011!

  7. great year! heres to another and even better 2011!

  8. And I feel accomplished that I didn't really need this review post because I read it all first hand. Man, I've been stalking you for a while!

    Also, that last picture warms my heart...it's like the little house that could.

  9. @kera- hilarious.

    cheers to 2011 everyone!

  10. Sounds like a great year you've had!
    It was great to read about your year, and 'meet' you and read about your beautiful family! Seriously though, your love story? TV movie come to life people!...And a good TV movie!
    Cheers to you having a fabulous new year!

  11. You have such a fulfilled life and you prove that the reason is because you are so dedicated to your family. I admire your loyalty and love so much. Happy New Year!

  12. Such a beautiful year and what a beautiful family!!!! Happy New Year! Can't wait to read more of your posts in 2011~ Bisous!

  13. i think you are forgetting september...hello...quinn arrived!

  14. I loved reading this, Bridget. Your blog is easily one of my favorites and I'm so glad I found it! Have a Happy New Year, and I can't wait to see what you write in 2011! :)

  15. Ok, I lied...I see Quinn's honorable mention! I'm that crazy mom! Happy New Year sister. I love you so much and I miss you.

  16. Happy New Year, Bridget! Many blessings to you and your bunch in 2011 : )

  17. dumb that your two favorite west coast bloggers VISITING YOU IN BOSTON didn't make the cut.

    but forgiven...cause it's a new year.

    and also...Italy...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  18. of course we all know who naomi is! :) and i was in cinque terre in july, too! we probably ran into each other (not really, but i feel like i ALWAYS see the same people every time i go there...the little villages are so tiny!). ps - your bride friend is so adorable!!

  19. Absolutely beautiful pictures!
    It seems like you had an amazing year.

    I am a new follower (honestly I can't remember how I found your blog:)). I look forward to reading what the New Year has instore for you!

    Happy New Year!

  20. I could read this post a million times! what a great year you guys had. looking forward to catch up on some stories missed. and wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful 2011!

  21. a) thank you for the sweet comment
    b) YOU are beautiful
    c) I am down to switch lives. Lets do it now, and you can take my neuroscience exams in a week.. But hey...you'll be in england..

    ;) following you now.

    xx from Across The Pond,

  22. ps i may have jumped the gun by commenting too quickly because I just read your entire four part love story and LOVED LOVED LOVED it. It was like watching a movie..in my head..

    and i too have stayed up MANY a night convinced my pup Bear was not going to make it...stupid google.

    He is almost 2..and alive..and well. and in the care of some wonderful fosters until we return home. I miss him..and his near death experiences.


  23. so cute!!!



  24. looks like a wonderful year!
    Happy New Year Bridget!

  25. Great photos for what appears to be a pretty perfect year! I'm just happy I *met* you in 2010. :) May you be just as blessed this year! xo

  26. What an amazing year you had!

    P.S. It's really not fair how beautiful you are ;-)

  27. this is THE perfect blog post for someone to read who is brand spankin shiny new to ur blog. thank you! ur family is fantasticaly adorable :)

  28. a wonderful year, and post. :)

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