I got nothing.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Unfortunately, my brain is fresh out of ideas right now.  Which is so unusual since there are times--lots of them--when I'm driving along and blog post ideas stream from my conciousness and fill the car.  Now is not one of those times.  But, does that happen to you too?

So, this will be a random one.  But, I don't think you guys mind those.  Do you?

Trader Joes Vanilla Cinnamon black tea is delicious.  I'm drinking it now.  Add some half and half and a little sweetener of your choice.  It's really good.  I wanted to try the Candy Cane green tea per this lady's recommendation but I realized I'm more of a black tea girl than a green tea girl.  So I didn't.

I walked through Anthropologie yesterday and left without one thing.  But, everything was gorgeous.  The displays, the dish towels (I love their dish towels), the Christmas decorations, the pajama pants, the clothes, the floors, everything.  I have a bit of a physical reaction there.  I lose that part of me that wants to feed the poor and save for kids' college and I just want to be rich, keep all the money, and buy everything.  Isn't that horrible?  Is it less horrible because I just admitted it?

Is it too early to start decorating for Christmas?  Do you all wait till after Thanksgiving?  How about Christmas music?  I have started listening to it already.  In small doses.  I put Josh Groban's Noel CD yesterday and my husband might've judged me a little.

We're staying home for Christmas this year which I'm actually psyched about.  We were away last year and I think there's nothing better for kids than the traditions that exist in your own home at Christmas time.  I hope to get to do some ice skating in Boston, watch It's a Wonderful Life (my husband's favorite), build fires, and do other Christmasy things.

You better believe I'm starting up Bridget's Favorite Things (like Oprah's, just bigger and better) on December 1st.  Most of you probably weren't with us (I act like this blog is more than a one-man production.  It's not.  It's really just me.) last year when "we" did it, but this year... just wait!  Round 2!

That's all for now.  Have a good Tuesday.



  1. Love your randoms....Few things..Love Trader Joes--will have to try the tea! Love Anthropologie although I never buy anything either....Love the bokeh in your photo!!! Lastly, it is OK to start listening to Christmas music. I did about a week ago--my husband may have cringed and judged me a little too.... :) ha!

  2. Ah, I know what you mean about being out of ideas. But your random posts are pretty great!! Can't wait for your favorite things! have a good one


  3. Totally adore your randoms and I have to say that you put me in such a Christmas mood now...We also are staying home this Christmas...and I love that..Its always so hectic to travel across the whole world during the Holiday season:)
    Im going to decorate my house on the 1st of December!
    Kisses and have a lovely day:)

  4. hi, that picture up top is amazing. it makes me want to kick thanksgiving to the curb and jump right into december.

    and i thoroughly enjoyed your random post. it doesn't really seem that random to me, it kind of has a holiday-ish theme to it. :)

  5. oh. you betta believe i am hijacking the "favorite things" idea. it will be glorious. bridget's vs emily's. i am so pumped to compare. Dec. 1st cannot get here fast enough.

    and fyi, the hubs and i will be decorating our shoebox of an abode the weekend before thanksgiving. this is a tradition we started last year, to decorate before his fam came into town for t-giving. they're coming again, so we're doing it again. i could tell you how we did it here, but that would make for an excessively long comment. so look for it here:



  6. I can't SET FOOT in Anthro without buying SOMETHING. Kudos to you, sista.

    I can't wait for the "season after Thanksgiving"!!! My dad and I have a pact that we can't discuss it until at least after Thanksgiving dinner. But each year it gets harder and harder. I wanna rock to all my "season after Thanksgiving" music and put all my "season after Thanksgiving" decorations up. I'm blogging about it tomorrow...

  7. i can't wait to see your favorite things!...and i think that is a normal reaction to have in anthro, so you are not judged :) i do think it's a little early for christmas tunes though, especially on the radio...one station here is already going all out and it was kinda annoying last night. i think i'll feel differently next week!

  8. We've already had our Thanksgiving here in Canada, so the only thing preventing me from decorating for Christmas is Remembrance day on the 11th. Some years I can hold out until December 1st, but I'm thinking November 12th has a nice Christmasy feel to it. Maybe it will even snow that day!
    Oh yea, and I'm looking forward to your favorite things as well!
    (A random girl you don't know, who found your blog through friends of friends...)

  9. thank you.

    for knowing i'm not the only one who loses all sensitivity to the dire poverty of others when I see beautiful things in stores.

    it's almost like you go into a trance. enter a forest filled with gumdrop lollipops, beautiful farbics, & shoe trees & beckoning you to generously partake without thought.

    but yea. now that I have admitted that, i feel better too!

    p.s. can't wait for favorite things.

  10. Anthropologie is awesome..seriously, I just want to walk up to the checkout counter and say I'm getting one of everything in here, please!

    Josh Groban's Noel cd is my favorite!! His voice+Christmas music=magic.

    you may have felt out of ideas, but this post was charming! :)

  11. on walking into anthropologie, feeling pains of envy because you want everything but can't really summon up the money to buy a shirt for $178, this was so me, last week...but I took it a step further and tried on a lot of thing, knowing full monty that i would leave without a thing. I said, "hello $200 skirt, let me borrow and love on you for a moment in time, if only in this dressing room, while the kind lady asks if we're doing ok."

    sometimes, i wish that place didn't exist at all, that way, my heart would be broken just a little, little bit less.

    and then i realize that i sound like a whiny brat, so i'll say, hi bridget you ahh so beautiful.

  12. I know how you feel - I could blow a lot of money in Anthro - it's dangerous.

    No, it's not too early to Christmasize your house! In Australia, my friends started in September, lol, but that's because Halloween isn't big there, and they don't have Thanksgiving out there, or even a real Fall.

  13. I will respond to your random thoughts in sequential order (because then we'll just be all sorts of random if I don't).

    1) That happens to me ALL. THE. TIME.
    2) I just added that tea to my TJ's list for this afternoon. I hope it's as magical for me as it is for you :)
    3) Once, I applied to be a visual intern at Anthro because I'm so obsessed with it.
    4) I'm anxiously awaiting the day after Thanksgiving so I can go look for my (mini) tree and put up decorations. But the boyfriend's Jewish, so we're celebrating/decorating for both.
    5) You're fabulous.

  14. It's never too early for Christmas anything. Seriously. Did I start listening to Christmas music three weeks ago? Yes, yes I did. Do I regret it? No, not at all.

  15. i cannot wait for your edition of Favorite Things! Do I get a car?

  16. Im so glad Im not the only one ready for Christmas...is it too early to listen to Christmas tunes ?!

  17. I feel fresh out of ideas, too. It doesn't help that I haven't taken out my camera since like last Thursday. We don't do anything Christmas related until the day after Thanksgiving, but it's tradition, so I don't feel like I can mess with it. And I think Anthro does that to everyone, which is awful, but 100% true.

  18. Oh don't worry, I've changed my last two preset stations in my car to Christmas music. I've been blasting them every time I'm in the car.

  19. I'm with you on the "got nothin"... shoot. Usually around this time I'm brimming with ideas. What is up?!

    I CAN'T wait for your favorite things this year... great idea! I might adopt that one in some way... cool?

    ps- we're moving to Michigan in January and they have a Trader Joe's near... can't wait! I've actually never been to one, and you might need to give me a little list of your trader joe favorites:)

  20. i feel ya... i haven't been posting/reading/commenting hardly at ALL the last few days. my brain is just blank and i needed to take a breather. i LOVE random posts, though. love 'em.

    i'm so excited for christmastime i could scream. if i could i would start decorating now! i listened to christmas much last night and it felt gooooood.

  21. This was a really hilarious and entertaining post for being about nothing. LOL!! I will probably decorate for Christmas very early this year, too. I also just bought a s*itload of wrapping paper a couple days ago. What? I got excited! This is my first Christmas out of college and I'm looking forward to actually ENJOYING it for once in my life, instead of freaking out about finals during that time. YAY!

  22. Even if ya got nothing, it's still a lovely post :) xo

  23. I can't wait to decorate for Christmas! I'm planning on starting the day after Thanksgiving but it's taking a lot of willpower not to do it right now!

  24. I second your thoughts on Anthro! And I'm already thinking about Christmas, too... :)

  25. My boyfriend laughs at me because when I'm in Anthro I always dance around (discreetly, don't judge!). I can't help it~ everything is so fantastic.

    Bridget's favorite things? I can't wait! haha.. are you going to give us a car?

  26. Thank you for bringing up Christmas. I am in need of a pick-me-up today and thinking of Christmas might have done the trick. I like the random post.

  27. Ha! Love this.
    "I have a bit of a physical reaction there. I lose that part of me that wants to feed the poor and save for kids' college and I just want to be rich, keep all the money, and buy everything."
    You said it. You just put my anthro-emotions into words and revealed one of my darker secrets. Gasp! Yes, isn't it horrible? At least it doesn't last once you walk out the door...

    And I'm already listening to Christmas music (via slow integration as well).
    And I want to ice skate in Boston.

    Oh, and I'm having a giveaway, in case you're interested. :)


  28. can't wait for favorite things!? Woo hoo!

    ....and yes we are listening to Christmas music around here already...and our tree will go up thanksgiving day:)


  29. Anthro gives me the same reaction. Maybe they pump a special air in there.

    Either way, let's just be super rich, give to the poor and buy everything at Anthro. Yikes that sounds so hedonistic.

    The best of both worlds, maybe?


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