a relaxing morning.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

right now I am making a breakfast of hash browns, eggs, bacon, coffee, and o.j. for my husband and i.  he came home sans books and his computer last night and said that he was giving himself the night off.  this was such good news because he has worked and worked and worked... pretty much not stopping until 11 pm for the last month.  i told him if he keeps this up i would leave him (i wouldn't really; in fact, i am so very proud of him.  he has more work ethic in his pinky finger than i have in my entire body.).  we watched the back-up plan in bed on the laptop (cute movie and i loved j.lo's hair in it) and now we're listening to george winston on the stereo (love him), gracie is trotting around happily with her ball in her mouth, the kids are safely in school, i am in a cozy bathrobe, i am spending part of the morning with the man i love, and the house is mostly clean.

today is going to be a good day. 

you want some george winston to softly usher you through the day?  click play!

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful morning.

    I love "Gracie is trotting around happily with her ball in her mouth." MY Gracie has had a terrible tummy ache ALL week because SOMEONE (hint: NOT me) left the trash out on the porch last Saturday and she got into it and ate God knows what. Last night was the first night all week she didn't wake me up multiple times because she had to potty. Yay!!! I think she's feeling better!! ;)

    Just had to share that with you... people with Gracies understand. :)

  2. get it! have a good one. sounds nice!

  3. Your morning sounds similar to mine, except better. While I'm in a housecoat with a coffee in hand and a cute dog beside me, I don't have an awesome breakfast like you (I've got a crumpet, which is a breakfast staple for me) and I've got to study.

    Enjoy your morning! (and the rest of your day of course!)

  4. That sounds like a great morning. My Balazs is very busy lately too and those little free of work moments are always the best! Enjoy it:)

  5. perfect! i know you'll enjoy it.

    can't wait to be in the US so i can listen to all of your playlists.


  6. sounds lovely!

    just so know, i've been telling all of my friends about your blog. it has become mi favorito.

    i was like 'yea, last week bridget did this & it was really funny.'

    and then i realized i sound like a big stalker loser.. but i think it is ok. we are BLOG friends, afterall!

    ok that's all. have a lovely day!

  7. That is such an incredible photo. Wow!

    And my husband and I gave ourselves the night off also and it was incredible! By 9 pm we were together and enjoyed some relaxation time. Glad you had some also.

  8. i love everything about this post! and that breakfast sounds delicious. im jealous.

    and the back-up plan was so cute! i loved her dress and hair for her grandma's wedding. so gorgeous :)

  9. That picture is the best image that I have seen in the blog world in quite a while. Perfect.

  10. Your husband deserves a break and I love that you both got to spend that time together and what a yummy breakfast you made...loving the music too!

    Liesl :)

  11. Hey girl I've been reading your blog for the past couple months, thought I'd fiinally leave a comment haha. just wanted to say what a sweetheart you are! every time I read your blog I feel cheered up (not that I'm a depressed person...) lighthearted and encouraged. thanks! God's blessings to you =)


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