and my hat-twin will be...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

mj!  congrats!

and to answer your question...
for a brief moment in time i felt a little like j.lo
with my 138 comments
until i remembered that i gave everyone 10 possible entries
and then i went back to being bridget-who-visits-the-loo-right-after-coffee
(but, secrets out... most of you do too!)

mj, send me your address!


  1. OMG. The visiting the loo comment is so hilarous.

  2. sheesh. wish I had been paying more attention to the blog world last week. anyway, its awesome that you are so popular to recieve so many comments!!! wow weee.

    ps. favourite song: I think hallelujah by leonard cohen. xox

    pps. what is trader joes? sorry is that lame?

  3. Ha! Congrats to the winner! Love the J. Lo reference!

  4. Yay!! Today was the worst day ever and then I found out I won your hat and it was remedied. Nothin' a cute hat can't cure, right?
    btw, I showed my husband the photo of you in the hat and he said you look just like his sister...who looks just like Uma I guess you look just like Uma Thurman. I was gonna try to make a joke about U.Thur (like J.Lo) but Uthur just isn't funny. HA!


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