really shallow and/or unimportant thoughts.

this has nothing to do with this post though i must admit that i am so pleased that i am getting way more air than the basketball, dunk-obsessed teenagers who made me super mad last night.  and if the air i speak of is mostly attributed to my bending the knees, i don't care.  it still looks like i am jumping higher.  and i may just have jumped too early since i'm really the only one with any air... i'm not sure.

i'm not ready for oprah to be in her final season.  i've always wanted to get on her show and now its going to be extra hard.  dang.  AND i already missed out on australia.

glad elizabeth went back to her dark hair for the bach pad finale.  and i kind of wish tenley's apology to crazy michelle wasn't so sincere... michelle is cah-razy and doesn't deserve that major of an apology--get over it.  "what goes around comes around" is not what you say when someone sincerely apologizes!

i hope the asian carp don't make it up to the great lakes and wipe out all the other fish there because that would just be a real shame.  for real.

i'm pretty sure the teenagers were trying to kill me with their insanity yesterday.  i actually said i feel like you're all insane and you're trying to make me cry.  wait, don't forget the 10-year old with his whining.  it was not a pretty afternoon/evening here at the hunt house.  yes, we have some of those sometimes.

i got dismissed from jury duty yesterday... it still took about 3 hours of my day but it's better than a 3-day trial!

my husband seriously vacuumed out all three cars yesterday really, really well.  i love him for that.

i made black bean soup and it was good.  want the recipe?

sometimes husband and i watch the kardashians.  and i love it.

my little buddy quinn gets to leave the hospital on wednesday, less than a week after he was born... such a champ!

all done... over and out.


  1. Such nice hubby for vacuuming all the cars and that top photo is fantastic:)

  2. I totally agree on your Bachelor Pad comments. Elizabeth looked awful the whole season with that hair color and Michelle is NUTS!

  3. yes please, i would love the black bean soup recipe!!

    i love you fam photo.

    yipppee for clean cars! hehe

    <3 gina

  4. Yes, I would love the black bean soup recipe! I was thinking of making a black bean soup just yesterday...

  5. I totally love this post. And seriously, husbands who vacuum cars are amazing!

  6. I agree about the sadness of Oprah's last season. I am DVRing all of it. Too much? Probably. Especially if it tries to interfere with any Jersey Shore recordings. :)

    Black bean soup? Yes, please!

  7. I agree about the sadness of Oprah's last season. I am DVRing all of it. Too much? Probably. Especially if it tries to interfere with any Jersey Shore recordings. :)

    Black bean soup? Yes, please!

  8. bridget, you are my idol. looove the photo. you are the queen of the fam! (rightfully so) i am amazed at your ability to raise teenage boys and get up the next day. bravo! i am also sad about oprah -- but you never know, i could see you on the show this season -- or maybe you're the next oprah!? i would totally watch! the mr. watches the kardashians with me too, such a guilty pleasure. by the way, i love this post and think that these are all important things. :)

  9. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks (!) for checking out my blog :) You and your husband & kiddos are adorble--I read your love story, and it was great!
    I will definitely be back to see what you are up to from time to time!

  10. what are we going to without Oprah! Yesterday she had me crying with joy.....who else can do that?

  11. ha! my blog post is not much better...I just listed the reasons I can't bear to let summer end...because it is NOT OVER. :-)

  12. k i have so much to say.

    i love posts like these.

    i thought last night's finale was a let down (bach pad) and yes elizabeth looks better wtih brown hair and michelle is a nut job. i'd have liked to see tenley punch her in the face.

    nice job getting dismissed from jury duty!

    can your husband vacuum my car?

    yes i want the recipe. BADLY.

    i watch the kardashians all the time.

    and i think we'd be really good "lounge on the couch with an inappropriate amount of food in front of us and watch trashy tv friends", don't you?

    k thats all.

  13. i would actually love the black bean soup recipe.
    And i love that picture!

  14. Love the Kardashians. And I'm not ashamed.

  15. Nice jump! Did you ever see those Toyota ads in the 80's? You could have landed a gig, with them, by putting this photo on your CV.

  16. I thought the exact same thing when I saw Elizabeth's hair... that blonde was awful. And yes too about crazy Michelle. Doesn't she realize that she's STILL coming off as the B, not Tenley?
    I kind of wished that Natalie would have chosen Keep though, that would've been such good tv!!

    And again with you on the Kardashians... love them!

  17. you are magical. i don't have any other friend that could do this as well as you are. love you bridge.

  18. I want the black bean soup recipe! Really hard I want it. Maybe just bring me some, actually.

  19. who says white girls can't jump!
    yes please on the black bean recipe - yummmm

  20. Yay! for the jumping photo.
    Booo for kids trying to make you cry
    and yay for black bean soup recipes.

  21. i love this post, bach pad and the kardashians.

    congrats on your new nephew :) so exciting.

  22. loooove the Kardashians.

    BUT on the bright side, apparently her last show is SPECTACULAR!!

  23. I LOVE your family photo -- you all are adorable! And bravo to the husband for vacuuming out the cars -- not my favorite task!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is fab; I can't wait for more!
    xo Josie

  24. We watch the Kardashians too. Funny thing is, husband's way into it!

  25. sometimes me and my hubs watch the kardashians too.

    wow, i feel better.


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