have a good weekend.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

i made this for company the other night.  
it is always delicious, never ceases to delight the tastebuds.
advice: don't flip the chicken too soon 
or the coating will stick to the pan instead of the chicken.
it's barefoot contessa's parmesan chicken with arugula and lemon vinaigerette.
i looooove all her recipes.

i also got this.  for $14.99.  i bet you wanna know where.

and finally, did you know you can customize a bike at urban outfiitters now?
i think this is the one i'd get.
{found via here}

that's it.  have a good weekend.


  1. Yummmm! I love the Barefoot Contessa! :) And that watch ( I do wan to know where) AND no I had no idea you could customize a bike at Urban. How fun!


  2. i third that I love Ina Garten (how ironic) too. :)

  3. i'm a fan of the customized bikes. i think i'll be trying out a new recipe this week!

  4. delish. the food, the watch, the bike. everything. and yes, please, the watch. do tell.

  5. Love that bike too! The flamingo frame is so fun! Enjoy

  6. goodness i have to try that recipe. sunday dinner. yes its a plan!

  7. target gals, target (the watch).

  8. I know! I almost go my bike at Urban's but chickened out from the price- and the overwhelming amazingness of all I could choose from. Have an awesome weekend!

    ps... that food looks mighty good.

  9. yes, the contessa makes everything well...and with much butter.

  10. I already saved my dream bike at UO. It's going to be my housewarming present to me when I move to Los Angeles!

    Love Grace.

  11. I love that chicken! It is standard fare around my house. I owe you all an email and you must come visit :)


  12. Made the chicken tonight... De-lish-us.

    Thank you, thank you!


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