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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lindsey with her friends Talia and Lydia (our lovely Minnesotan guests!)
Lindsey is asking questions lately.  She's interested in all things woman... including vajayjays... oh, who am I kidding?  Vaginas!  (I determined long ago that I was allowed to say that on my blog).  She's asking about bras and when she'll need one.  Even hair.  Down there.  Some of this went down while at Target yesterday:
"Well, you'll get to puberty and then your breasts will start growing, and you'll get something called your period."
"Oh, I can't wait to wear a bra."
"Yeah, but it's better to have it start later because having your period is a real pain.  Every month blood comes out your....(trail off)....We'll talk about that later."
She wants shirts with peace signs and only peace signs.  She wants "cool" clothes, then it changed to "cute" clothes and now, I think, it's back at "cool" (particularly ones from Justice... have you seen Justice?  Let's just say that she and I don't see eye-to-eye on fashion these days.  She did, however, agreeably choose some other back-to-school items from my normal hotspot, Old Navy).  She likes embellishments on her jeans and sparkly nails and basically, she's becoming a little woman (I wrote "a little whore" thinking that was hilarious and I'll do anything for a cheap laugh but then I thought maybe it would be taken the wrong way and after all, little woman is what I really meant.  But now you know.).  It's an interesting age, a fun one over all, but an interesting one to say the least.  She's full of surprises.  Last night I left the house for a girls' night just before her bed time.  She ran outside quick as can be to say goodnight to me.
"Oh, isn't that sweet?" I thought to myself.
"Mom... are you wearing a bra?"
She just wanted to know, at 7:15 pm on a perfectly fine summer evening, if her Mom was indeed wearing a bra.  She's caring.  She wanted to ensure that her Mom's ta-ta's had the appropriate coverage.  What a girl.


  1. what an adventure that little woman is!!

  2. How funny! I was waaaay too embarrassed to bring any of that up with my mom at that age! I think little girls are different nowadays!

  3. How funny!!!She is something special:) hahaha

    Kisses and have a great day

  4. Oh my gosh. I died at "little whore". Haha. I think my brain and your brain should be friends.

    When I was young, I decided I wanted to have my legs. So I hid a razor in my desk and would secretly smuggle it into the bathroom every time I showered. My mom knew all along.

    Also, when I got my period I was so embarrassed to tell my mom so I hid it from her for six months! I eventually got sick of spending my allowance on pads, so I staged the whole "mom, something's happening!!!!!" scream from the bathroom. I'll never forget it.

  5. Bridget - I have not yet heard of Justice, but thank you for enlightening me about what I will soon face. Luckily, she's still at an 'I'll go anywhere that you want to spend money on me' age.

    But can I give you a little glimpse of what I am going through?? K, I will...

    [w/ my 12 year old son]- let's call it "visible excitement" at random intervals throughout the day and girls (who are truly "whores":) making obscene comments to him at school and playing the "who-can-touch-Jacob-1st-game."

  6. reagan, that is hilarious- knowing lindsey she'll be parading around with her underwear on her head... there'll be no hiding it.

    torrie- i feel for you! those girls are such whores!

  7. This is a great post... I have a 10 year old half-sister and she exactly like this... also obsessed with Justice and my mom Does Not Like It hehehe
    She managed to get someone to give her a gift card to Justice for her last bday, went to the mall with my stepdad, and came back with tshirts and sweatshirts that had sparkles and skulls all over them... my mom made her return them!

  8. whew! is it wrong that i am a little relieved to only have a little boy right now?

  9. This is so funny! What a fun age she's at. If she only knew how good things are now, before she has to wear a bra and have a period. I died laughing over the "little whore" comment.


  10. oooh. have fun with that! i remember being completely sad that a period would one day come to haunt me. maybe she's excited.

  11. Soo sweet, what an adventure having a little lady this age!

    Good thing you were wearing your bra ;)

  12. TOO funny!

    I remember that age vividly - wearing a bra was actually exciting rather than vaguely uncomfortable. Ha.


    All this is Grace and Charm


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