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Friday, August 20, 2010

hello dear readers! :) this is kelly ann from the flowerchild dwelling, and the totally awesome and always fabulous bridget asked me to guest post today. how could i say no to her? never. today i wanted to share one of my VERY favourite music albums of the year with you all!

this is sarah jaffe. she. is. amazing. i heard her song clementine on a random playlist earlier this year and i got so excited! not only because i adore the name clementine (is that weird? probably), but because the song was so. so. so. good. i was stoked and listened to the song four times in a row, immediately went and downloaded her album suburban nature, and did a little happy dance - all in the span of about ten minutes. (i get really giddy about finding new music, if you couldn't tell. it's ridiculous) she definitely has a folk vibe, but with an edge. and isn't it awesome when there isn't one song on an album that you dislike, they're all just so phenomenal? that's this album, for sure. it's without a doubt one of my favourite albums this year. and i'm the worst at picking favourites. but i love this album so dang much. it's great to listen to when you're sad, quiet, content, on a road trip, on a rainy day, while lying in a grassy field, or drinking coffee, or journaling.... i also love listening to this when i'm painting or doing something else creative. i'm totally going to stop now and just let you listen. :)

here's a peek into suburban nature:
(there is one other song on the album, but i couldn't find it on grooveshark)

she also has a previously released EP that is quite fabulous. basically anything she does is great!
sarah's myspace

thanks for having me, bridget! :)
you rock.

(photo credit: kirtland records)


  1. kelly ann, i'm listening and LOVING it!!! she has an awesome voice. thank you! for the post and the introduction to some new music.

    also, is it weird that im the first commenter on my own blog post? i am going to say no.

  2. her voice is so beautiful! you always have the best recommendations :)

  3. Oh hey this is good! Never heard of her before but I like it :)

  4. sounds great. thanks so much for sharing about her!

  5. thanks for the hookup- i'd never heard of her before.

  6. Thank Kelly Ann! It is always so fun to discover new musicians. A great way to start the day!

    Art by Karena

  7. I love hearing about new musicians!

  8. Hooray Kelly Ann for always recommending good music! I love the album a lot, will def. keep listening :]

  9. bridget, thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. what a lovely blog you have here, i'll be back to say hello for sure and yes I finally found another dunkin donuts fan! x


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