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Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello all and Happy Weekend to you.  I am Rachael from It's Simple Love and I have the lovely honor of guest posting for Bridget today.  Bridget and I share the love of travel.  So for this reason, I decided to share with you some photos of Koblenz, Germany.  Though this isn't the typical side shown.  The photos above are a series of artistic portraits grouped together called Passers-by photographed by the talented Ivo Mayr's.

Ivo Mayr wanted to capture the city's character by photographing individuals, which he approached on the street.  He picked people who drew his attention by their clothes, vibrancy, and posture.  How fascinating is that?  If you were walking in your city and approached by a photographer would you let him take your picture? He used historical places and placed the people like "lost and found items".

I hope this helps you get to know the city of Koblenz, Germany a little more.  What can you infer from these photos about the city?  


  1. That is so cool! I love the people he chose and their way unique poses. And that city is so colorful and full of interesting people.

  2. I love these images! Maybe I am very boring but I think if I were approached on the street I probably wouldn't go for it...depends how it was spun to me I think. Cool to see you guest posting here!

  3. I love it! So funky. I would totally let someone snap my pic. BUT, how in the world are they posed like that? I just love them...especially YOUR grandma! Ha.

  4. great guest post!

    love to you both!!

  5. What a unique and interesting post...I love it and Rachel is lovely!

    Thanks for sharing this new photographer and bit of Germany with us!

    Liesl :)

  6. how funny! i especially like the shots of the older tiny ladies, so happy to do something daring.

  7. these are so RAD. love them. a lot.

  8. First of all- What an Awesome Blog!!!! This is my first visit.
    From the pics I would say the city is Very OLD from the Architecture- to the Narrow, cobblestone streets.

    And that GRAVITY doesn't play fair there!!! LOL.

    Great stuff. Do you mind if I follow along?


  9. loved this guest post - these photos are great! amazing.

  10. These pictures are so fun! Love them!


  11. Hi there!
    cool pictures and interesting poses. I would probably say yes to the photographer.

    on another note, I'm reading your love story. I'm on chapter 2. beautiful love story.

  12. Waaaauw these are amazing :)



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