Part I: Orvieto

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

{view from Old Orvieto: a city on a cliff}
{sunset on Lake Bolsena}
{sipping our share of cappucinos in Orvieto}

{husband's first caprese salad of many}
{view from the clock tower in Orvieto}

{Orvieto's market: Italy knows their way around good tomatoes}

{Orvieto's duomo}
{Orvieto from afar}
{on the way to the next place... saving that for Part 2}
Looking back on these pictures, it seems in some ways like forever ago when we were there.  What is it about travel that does that?  Have you ever experienced that?  Anyway, we flew into Rome then went straight on up to Orvieto.  Orvieto was a good place to relax and get accustomed to the Italian siesta, small alleyways, pizza, and yes, gelato.  There, we stayed in a monastery, got on Italy's sleep schedule, walked almost every little street, pet lots of stray cats, went to mass in the Duomo, drank an early afternoon crodino, learned more about the long-ago Etruscans, discovered that Thomas Aquinas lived in Orvieto for a time, and drank white wine.  Orvieto was a nice place to start our Italian holiday.


  1. what lovely photos! And you are just too cute.

    My vacation to London back in May seems like ages ago. :[

  2. Awww those pictures are making me want to pack up and go to Italy again:)

    I think its normal...Because it was so special and different....then our usual everyday life:)


  3. jealous! plus why are you so tall and sexy?

    (in a non lesbian way)

  4. i am loving it all already. what a lovely town. i am super excited to be in italy this summer (through your posts). so, thank you.
    p.s. what did you think of crodino? i thought it was an acquired taste...

  5. reagan, why is your hair so glorious?
    emily, i did like the crodino but steve wasn't a fan. definitely an acquired taste... but yes, not to worry, the gelato was delicious. my favorite being a peach gelato in positano. it stands above the rest but even the others, still scrumdiddlyumptious.

  6. you two are so cute! looks like a fabulous time. can't wait to hear/see more. and midnight mass at the duomo? sounds so romantic.

  7. beautiful pictures & you two are so cute! :)

  8. beautiful pictures & you two are so cute! :)

  9. Makes me want to go there, so bad. It looks like you guys had an amazing time. :)

  10. oh my- orvieto is the best place, isn't it? my boyfriend in college lived in florence and we would go stay in orvieto during the summers. it's such a great tuscan town- without being too touristy.

    love these pictures & so glad to have found your blog. :)

  11. Thank you so much for your sweet comments:) I have enjoyed your blog as well. Your sense of design and style is great!

  12. this seems like HEAVEN. and now i want some wine. ;) i can't wait to see more photos!

  13. You look fantastic, girl! LOVE the photos of you, the two of you, ITALY! Gah! I wanna go!

    Also, thank you for featuring my "Be Still..." print weeks ago! I FINALLY am back on the blog train after the big Cali to VA move, and FINALLY have (semi) reliable internet! :)

  14. those streets are lovely!! and i've been living on caprece salad this summer :)

  15. Those tomatoes and eggplant look so lush and juicy - and that salad has given me snack ideas. Lovely scene and street shots too :)

  16. looks so beautiful!! & like such a nice relaxing time. im dieing for the buffalo mozzerella salad yumm

    stop by sometime <3

  17. I think I belong there. Maybe in my next life?? Or when I retire??

    ...okay, that's dreaming.

  18. I'm telling ya...these pictures are just - in a word - {breathtaking}. Such beautiful country - and I love Italian food. TRUE Italian food. :) mmm...getting hungry just looking at some of these pictures. ha ha.

  19. I love all your photos... Italy looks amazing, its the next place I want to go.

    Maybe you will make it back when the kids get a big older.


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