She's growing up too fast.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

They all are.  I think I just notice it most with this one.  When her two front teeth fell out and her big teeth came in, suddenly, she was a girl.  Any semblance of toddler was up and gone.  Now, she's even more girl.  She's dancing around the kitchen, mostly to Taylor Swift and she's pouring her heart out to me when I go up to kiss her goodnight.
"Mom, I'm in love," was the confession two nights ago.
"My heart tells me I should tell him."
I kid you not.  I told her she should just keep it to herself, that sometimes boys get funny when you tell them you like them.  That they can be kind of mean just to show off.  She assures me not this boy.  He is not mean.  The following night she asked me to write him a letter, in my handwriting.  She began telling me what to write.  Imagine this boy bringing home a love letter written in an adult's handwriting.  I declined.  So, I told her instead to journal.  That journaling helps with feelings.  So, that is what she's doing.
All of that to say that she's just growing up and lately it seems to be so fast.  The year I became her Mom she was in diapers (at night).  I don't think I really enjoyed each of the kids then.  I was too busy figuring out life and I was just plain in-over-my-head.  Now that the dust has settled, I'm having so much more fun and, to sound like a broken record, noticing the speed at which they grow.

Slow down, guys.
(Unless, however, you're in a sort of rotten phase of whining/arguing, in which case, quicken your speed.  Then, stop when you are nice again.)


  1. This was precious, my friend. Your blog always makes me love Lindsey -- maybe it's that I can most relate to having a little girl. I want mine to speed through all the bad phases and draw out the sweet phases, too!! Right now she's sitting in front of me on the table and saying, "I hear a siren!" in her sweet little voice and I swear I could listen to it foooorrreeeevvverrr. <3

  2. That is such a sweet story. It seems so long ago when I wrote letters on small pieces of paper for a curly-haired boy I liked and put them in the pocket of his jacket, when I was eight. He never responded.
    Enjoy these moments and keep writing down these things, because otherwise in ten years' time she'll have forgotten them.

  3. This is so sweet! Good advice you gave her :)

    I love your blog! I was reading through your love story last night - just marvelous!

  4. Aww!
    Bridget, you're a wise mommy. I'm glad she is so sweet and wants to be grown-up, and I'm glad that you tell her it's best not to go around chasing boys. You girls are too cute!

  5. I love the speed up/down based on niceness. ;) Ah, to have a remote control for life.

    LOVE the nails!!!

  6. I love Lindsay! Keep enjoying all those precious moment. Side note: no I haven't gotten your package - do you forget I am in South Africa now and not Uganda? Just wait. Send me a good e-mail. I need an update:)

  7. oh for heavens sake, i just spent an hour going through your blog. im thoroughly addicted to your story!

  8. Awww... so sweet! You gave her great boy advice and I think it's awesome that she opened up to you like that. An obvious sign of what an awesome mother you are.

  9. aw you gave her good advice! and that is a hilarious vision of him going home with a love letter written by an adult :)

  10. aw how sweet! She is so lucky to have you and it seems like you have such a close relationship. And I totally agree with journaling. I did it throughout elementary to college and I wish I had more time for it now. But it really helped me sort out my feelings

  11. she is so, so precious. i'm glad she has you in her life! :) journaling is such a fantastic thing for her to do - i started keeping one at a REALLY young age, and i still have them!

  12. Yes...I really have to slow down...She is such a sweet girl...ahhh you sounds like a prefect mom...:)
    Btw: I've read your love story...Its amazing!!!
    Kisses darling and enjoy your day

  13. she is so so lucky to have you. we all grow up too quickly at times, but no matter how old i get, i'll never think that painting my nails sea foam isn't totally rad. xo, h

  14. Journaling kept Ahnika from confessing her love to many-a-boy. I know this because I would read hers from time to time.

  15. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog:). I always enjoy reading your funny comments on Jora's blog and now that I'm here, I am remembering that I've been here before and read about you and your husband's love story (or part of it)...a while back. Then I got busy starting my own blog (which took much longer than I thought it would!) and- well, here I am.
    That said, I could not agree more with your words about your daughter, and children in general. I was so busy figuring life (and out, that my 12 yr. old's childhood flew by- in a blur. A lot of bloggers (that I read) seem to have young children or none at all, so it's nice to read about someone in a similar 'state'!


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