Friday, June 11, 2010

decals, decals, decals!   they are everywhere.  along with bunting, bunting, bunting!

and, me loves it.

and i love you.

have a fabulouso friday and a even snazzier weekend and i'll see ya back here monday mornin'!


  1. have a glorious weekend, love. <3

  2. Okay I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and I have to say that I just read all 4 chapters of your love story and loved every minute of it. I felt like I was reading a love novel it was so sweet honestly! I think I will be back to this lovely blog of yours thank you for stopping by mine so I could find it!!

    Again happy weekend :)

  3. loving it, too :)

    beautiful blog, so happy to have found it through another


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